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  1. He was talking loudly over an actual interview and I told my buddy, "This guy is way too's affecting the audio big time." Then I figured, why not throw it in...haha. Agreed, this video needed more Larry.
  2. A brief look inside the California Regional Canopy Piloting League. Footage taken from last comp, September 2012
  3. Video from the comp...
  4. On average, with no tunnel. To fly an efficient sit/hd position. Take docks and fly slots consistently. With a 300 jump per year average.
  5. I should be out that weekend.
  6. Agreed. But nothing worse than someone always giving "pointers" to people, has all the answers, yet never applies it to their own flying. I've had jumps where someone would critique my exit, letting me know what I could have done better, then they went on to fly shitty the whole jump.:) This is more what I'm getting at. Or the guy who tells you, "You were pulling on that sit round." Meanwhile, he's leaning completely forward. Stuff like this. My usual response. "Oh really, thanks for helping me." I'm all about progression and open to any critique on flying, but from people who are realistic with their own flying first.
  7. Usually true, but not always.
  8. Anyone have a guy on the dz who happens to know so much about freeflying, yet gets in the air and can barely fly? haha, Love these guys.
  9. :) Forum wars!!! I haven't said anything bad about the freefly hd video or others in the series, other than I wouldn't buy them. I know Jaoal somewhat and he obviously knows his stuff, with 10000 tunnel hours, etc. I was talking about a different type of dvd. I'm not trying to sell anything, but get some feedback. Do you have any?
  10. Agreed. I know basic videos are out there, one series. I never considered buying it, with 100 jumps under my belt. As most freefliers with over 500 jumps, certainly wouldn't purchase. Feel free to note anything else down everyone.
  11. If you were to buy a coaching video, aside from basic position HD, Sit, Back.... What would be something you'd want to learn from that dvd? Ex: Exits, Importance of Levels, etc
  12. True to a degree Surfbum. The basics are somewhat know when it comes to body position in sitflying/HD. For veterans like yourself with 600 jumps though, wouldn't it be useful to have a video describing how to fly certain exits/docks/ways to work up to productive 3 ways, etc? For example, flying a totem or getting into one. There are many ways of doing it, but which is the most effective, what level of basic sitflying is really necessary to fly this point. Or take a few basic real freefly exits, how many people with 500 jumps even know how to fly a proper sit/sit exit? The next question is, how many care? haha I've viewed some of Niklas Daniel's videos and they are informative, without question, but there are many things I think that aren't covered in current material out today. I personally, don't have the answers or a wealth of knowledge, when it comes to this subject...again, I'd purchase a video that told me these thing...Mr. Bum:)
  13. Would people in this thread like a video that covered ALL HD, Sit, Transitions...and more so, very common questions in 2 and 3 way FF points, such as Double Spocks, Mixed Rounds, Totems. -Exits -Dive Flow People with @500 jumps who have basic knowledge, but want to get to that next level quicker. For $60, same price as just one of the other 4 videos in that Freefly series. A modern video by one of the top freefliers today and in HD. Sound good?