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  1. phoenixlpr

    Basejumping into a plane?

    I'm not sure if I recall it right the whole audience broke out in laughter on that scene.
  2. phoenixlpr

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    I have pinched my skin once, so follow is divers: Slow is smooth....smooth is fast. I had released my arm wing on countless times on a Stealth, that suit was prone to jam with itself, there was some zp material along the zipper. I'm really happy with Tony Suit X-Wing and the escape sleeve, I can reach my risers at once, without any hassle.
  3. phoenixlpr

    Audible Altimeter Poll

    Quattro/OptimaII depending on the price.
  4. phoenixlpr

    RDS slider on storm 135

    What is the slider for? You can kill yourself in worst case.... You are welcome to be a test jumper, just be sure you have a good video of your show.
  5. phoenixlpr

    PC Size, Bridle length and Main Question

    I jumped X-Wing with 24" ZP kill-line PC on std long bridle. I also jumped WS with 32" F111 kill line PC with short bridle(150cm), Bird-Man 28" ZP kill-line PC with long bridle. All above gave me a good opening. One of my 24" PC started to give some hesitation due to its age/mileage, so I have replaced that. I would try skySnatch some day. That could help against some unexplained line twist. I'm on the fast and heavy side: 90-100Km/h vertical on start of the opening. I also pull from flight, so my canopy would be deployed through a smaller burble.
  6. phoenixlpr

    N3 Log Data Alternatives?

    Alti-2's protocol for comunicating with N2 or N3 is not open. There used to be some reverse engineering project for N2 around. I have paralog and it is working fine.
  7. phoenixlpr

    Vigil 2 logging higher vertical speeds

    Is it a TAS/SAS issue?
  8. phoenixlpr

    Can you make this washing machine Fly?

    It's not about the suit. You are on the heavy side a fairly competent person can fly with you if he or she wish so. If a flock set a speed out of your envelope you are history.
  9. phoenixlpr

    Which size Main Canopy for WS (72 kgs/158 lbs)

    How come with 700 jumps you not able to choose what canopy you want to jump? How is that anyone on the Internet with a help of 2 magic number can make the right decision for you?
  10. phoenixlpr

    Blurred vision - Go for a full face helmet?

    No. You rather skip that. That is not a good helmet in cold weather. You can not open the visor, just rip it off. I had steam and frozen lens issues with Factory Diver. I have been using my without visor for long. Z1 could be a good choice. I like to use mine. Try to try before you buy or order.
  11. phoenixlpr

    Wingsuit colors recommendations

    Try to find a combination which stands out. I got hard time to spot and find an all black Firebird in the earth background. All black with yellow, red or orange wings?
  12. I think that was coming from your open leg wing. How about trying like on FFC? Open Arm-Wing first, than open leg wing.... It could also help to look forward to the plane on exit.
  13. phoenixlpr

    Maximum descent rate

    I have max 96 Km/h vertical logged.
  14. phoenixlpr

    Need new risers - any recommendations?

    Not longer you can reach
  15. phoenixlpr

    Stretching lineset back to trim

    I have seen seen this kung-foo once done. I can't remember any difference in flight. There is a better trick out there: get a new Dacron or Vectran line-set instead.