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  1. phoenixlpr

    Basejumping into a plane?

    I'm not sure if I recall it right the whole audience broke out in laughter on that scene.
  2. phoenixlpr

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    I have pinched my skin once, so follow is divers: Slow is smooth....smooth is fast. I had released my arm wing on countless times on a Stealth, that suit was prone to jam with itself, there was some zp material along the zipper. I'm really happy with Tony Suit X-Wing and the escape sleeve, I can reach my risers at once, without any hassle.
  3. phoenixlpr

    World's first inclined wingsuit tunnel

    Think about the history of vertical wind tunnels! Those were small and quite impractical at the beginning. Let's see in 5 years is this idea living or dead.
  4. phoenixlpr

    Proof that wingsuit can go up?

    You can get 6m easily in a wind tunnel
  5. phoenixlpr

    Lost leg zipper slider on PF P2z

    That is not magic just a high quality YKK zipper there.
  6. phoenixlpr

    Pd Optimum as a main, longevity

    Have you paid for that?
  7. phoenixlpr

    Pd Optimum as a main, longevity

    No wonder we refer this place as .
  8. phoenixlpr

    Pd Optimum as a main, longevity

    Here is my story: I have jumped the very same canopy in the gears alternately: VectorII: loose fit, original corners Javelin: ok/tight fit, original corners I had about 50-70cm excess line in the bottom of the container before the first(last) stow. I had lot more line twist on Javelin. Step 1: I started to leave even more line free: 1.5-2m I pack bridle to pin. I got line twist less frequently, than before. Step 2: I got my Javelin's convers opened up. Line twist became rare. I have a SFS Fire now with semi stowless bag. I still leave about 1.5-2m lines free on the bottom of the container. I don't have regular line twists anymore. I jump a Crossfire2, WL ~ 2.0.
  9. phoenixlpr

    Pd Optimum as a main, longevity

    What kind of D-bag you have? How much lines do you leave out of stows?
  10. phoenixlpr

    Audible Altimeter Poll

    Quattro/OptimaII depending on the price.
  11. What size? This thread has been started with Hornet 170. You can expect a fairly short recovery from canopies that big. This was in reference to the OP's Hornet 170. Right you are that size has a big impact on the recovery arc. In my (admittedly rather limited) experience canopy type characteristics still have a significant impact though. Compared to the Sabre2's I've jumped the Silhouette damn near stalled itself from auto-flare after a hard turn... Let's have a thought experiment. You have managed to put your canopy into dive somehow. Why is your fairly big canopy is coming out of dive? That system fly/falling consist of your canopy, lines and your body. If the air resistance of your canopy is significantly greater than the air resistance of your body you canopy is getting out from the dive by itself.
  12. What size? This thread has been started with Hornet 170. You can expect a fairly short recovery from canopies that big.
  13. phoenixlpr

    PAC 750XL + WS = ?

    Thanks for the video! It was a great boogie! The rest of the jump were made from King Air. The door is the Pac is quite low, I remember 3-4 guys were hanging outside on exit.
  14. phoenixlpr

    Does this look OK?

    Hook-up of the right front group of lines is incorrect, you can see the right front riser has a 180 degree twist. I ou can see the tip of the riser faces backward. It is a rigging fault.