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  1. phoenixlpr

    Basejumping into a plane?

    I'm not sure if I recall it right the whole audience broke out in laughter on that scene.
  2. phoenixlpr

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    I have pinched my skin once, so follow is divers: Slow is smooth....smooth is fast. I had released my arm wing on countless times on a Stealth, that suit was prone to jam with itself, there was some zp material along the zipper. I'm really happy with Tony Suit X-Wing and the escape sleeve, I can reach my risers at once, without any hassle.
  3. phoenixlpr

    Audible Altimeter Poll

    Quattro/OptimaII depending on the price.
  4. phoenixlpr

    RDS slider on storm 135

    What is the slider for? You can kill yourself in worst case.... You are welcome to be a test jumper, just be sure you have a good video of your show.
  5. phoenixlpr

    PC Size, Bridle length and Main Question

    I jumped X-Wing with 24" ZP kill-line PC on std long bridle. I also jumped WS with 32" F111 kill line PC with short bridle(150cm), Bird-Man 28" ZP kill-line PC with long bridle. All above gave me a good opening. One of my 24" PC started to give some hesitation due to its age/mileage, so I have replaced that. I would try skySnatch some day. That could help against some unexplained line twist. I'm on the fast and heavy side: 90-100Km/h vertical on start of the opening. I also pull from flight, so my canopy would be deployed through a smaller burble.
  6. phoenixlpr

    N3 Log Data Alternatives?

    Alti-2's protocol for comunicating with N2 or N3 is not open. There used to be some reverse engineering project for N2 around. I have paralog and it is working fine.
  7. phoenixlpr

    Vigil 2 logging higher vertical speeds

    Is it a TAS/SAS issue?
  8. phoenixlpr

    Can you make this washing machine Fly?

    It's not about the suit. You are on the heavy side a fairly competent person can fly with you if he or she wish so. If a flock set a speed out of your envelope you are history.
  9. phoenixlpr

    Which size Main Canopy for WS (72 kgs/158 lbs)

    How come with 700 jumps you not able to choose what canopy you want to jump? How is that anyone on the Internet with a help of 2 magic number can make the right decision for you?
  10. phoenixlpr

    Blurred vision - Go for a full face helmet?

    No. You rather skip that. That is not a good helmet in cold weather. You can not open the visor, just rip it off. I had steam and frozen lens issues with Factory Diver. I have been using my without visor for long. Z1 could be a good choice. I like to use mine. Try to try before you buy or order.
  11. phoenixlpr

    Wingsuit colors recommendations

    Try to find a combination which stands out. I got hard time to spot and find an all black Firebird in the earth background. All black with yellow, red or orange wings?
  12. I think that was coming from your open leg wing. How about trying like on FFC? Open Arm-Wing first, than open leg wing.... It could also help to look forward to the plane on exit.
  13. phoenixlpr

    Maximum descent rate

    I have max 96 Km/h vertical logged.
  14. phoenixlpr

    Need new risers - any recommendations?

    Not longer you can reach
  15. phoenixlpr

    Stretching lineset back to trim

    I have seen seen this kung-foo once done. I can't remember any difference in flight. There is a better trick out there: get a new Dacron or Vectran line-set instead.
  16. phoenixlpr

    Begginer doubt while flying

    Sounds like stall. Let the suite fly! Close your arm wing a bit smaller 1/2 or 2/3 and pick up speed and fly.
  17. phoenixlpr

    GoPro Hero HD2

    No, no, no and no. Ask your instructor!
  18. phoenixlpr

    Questions about a Diablo

    Why a Diablo? This is not a really smart move. Diablo said to be only one merit: the fastest turn rate with toggles. Is that the only your are looking for? I'd buy a smaller Sable 2 if I were you and looking into swooping...
  19. phoenixlpr

    Shark by intrudair

    You can check the result of the Results of the Hungarian competition [url""]here.[/url]. There were sharks the at least last year.
  20. phoenixlpr

    Wingsuits and round parachutes

    That is a really strange idea. I don't think there would be a round system with BOC opening system. Is there any benefit? I can't see any. I did 9 round jumps, I'm not planing to have more.
  21. phoenixlpr

    New MARD idea

    Great! RAX is out, free to use and TSO'd for some H/C system already.
  22. phoenixlpr

    Neptune 2 Power down?

    It turns the display off after some time. It turns it back if it detects "take off".
  23. phoenixlpr

    First rig questions

    You can check this.
  24. phoenixlpr

    Rubber bands

    'Sky Bands', or 'Tube Stows' are not plain rubber band, so do do not double wrap them. Difference of what?
  25. phoenixlpr

    Alternate Altimiters

    Popular may be, but suitable This is not analog vs digital, rather than instrument vs gadget,