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  1. yeah, if you dont mix it with the cutaway pillow. It can happen with a student. Safe landings
  2. I had a broken ankle at #87. I had funny feelings before the next jump. I didnt have any problem to jump out, but I fear every landing. Anyway, no way to give up! Safe landings
  3. Silly question: what is the difference between the soft and hard ripcord? Ive used several different equipment, all but one had a metal handle and metalic cord. The excetional system was Talka, it has a red reserve cut-away pillow and a yellow reserve pillow with metalic cord. phoenix
  4. Dont let yourself scared by others. Fisrt of all get your canopy open and check it! Chck your position for landing and check surrounding traffic. If you everything is fine you can play. Basicly you can try everything you want over 400m. You can stall by breaking. You can stall by full left turn and pull right toggle too. You can me a full stall and release breaks fast. You cant harm yourself. phoenix
  5. Why do you force 8way RW-FS if you have tracking problem??? Safe landings Cats should start skydiving if they have more than one life left.
  6. First of all I had radio guideance. I was told what to do. Flare of full break? What kindda canopy have you used? No turns under 300feet? Why were you swinging? phoenix
  7. Ive followed the recipe above. Ive misscounted the recovery time of my canopy by 1-2meters. It cost me a sourgery and 2+ month rehabilitation. Front risers and breaked approach for A license???? Consider his level of experience. Dont play with breaks under 50m. I payed the price for that, check my previous posting.
  8. Its based on some experience. You know landing is a bit different if you have one screew in purse and you know that you have 4 more in your left ankle...... Safe landings
  9. Hey! He is a rookie, but those pages for accuracy jumpsers and not for the beginner`s "accuracy" tasks. Safe landings
  10. 1.375 is not high for a ZP canopy, but not for an F111!!!! They wont fly better with higher load. PD is recommending max 190lbs exit weight. safe langings
  11. Make a plan about the traffic pattarn and stick to it. In the final try to find a fixed point(not moving) on the ground, thats the point that you are going to arrive if you not doing anything special. If you see that you are a bit long, you may do some slite Ss beetween 100-50m. Do very light turns! One more inportant things: accuracy should be just the second things! Safety is the first. Safe landings!
  12. Hiall, Here`s the story about my first one. I had about 32 jumps. I went to the DZ with some missing sleeping time. I had less than 4 hours sleep 2 consequent nights before. Ive jumped out @ 2000m. Ive thought that I had problem with the slider after opening. Ive cut away and opened reserve - PZ-81. PZ-81 is a triangular, stearable reserve without free-bag.The problems had just started. I couldnt find stearing!! Some line of tries were in land way of landing. Ive tried to use mind control, swing, control through harmness. I got a surpizly soft landing. Ive found the stearing on the ground. It was grey on grey harmess. I havent ever seen that reerve not packed. My instructor has asked me why did I cut away etc. I was told I was flying more than 1 min with a perfect canopy. Lessons learnt: dont go zombifly! Know your equipmnt. You can see a PZ-81 on this page. Im sorry this page is in Hungarian. blue skyz