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  1. QuickDraw

    John Willsey

    Fantastic upbeat fun guy who went out of his way to mop up newbies and solo jumpers (I was both) and if anything, he introduced me to others at my skill level and always with that insane smile and total fun attitude. Flail!! Condolences to his family & friends. BSBD John - It was always a pleasure to see you.
  2. Awesome guy with no shoes and a great sense of humour. He was one of those people who you're glad you met along the way, a hippy at heart, but I won't hold that against him. ;) Catch-up later Sky.
  3. QuickDraw

    Canopy loading in metric countries

    11 years ago, Google was a second-rate search engine, and a mobile phone could only be used as a phone. Downsize until it hurts... then go up one. No 'magical' equation needed. -- Hope you don't die. -- I'm fucking winning
  4. QuickDraw

    Ashley White - "Ash"

    One of the people who made Eloy the best dropzone in the world - Always grinning about something. A great guy with a big heart, I only ever did a few tracking jumps with him, but a huge loss for any dz. Blue Skies Ash & condolences to F&F.
  5. QuickDraw

    "R Square" Gone 5 yrs now. . . .

    I´m proud to say that I knew R2. Not as well as most people, but I had the good fortune to do my first balloon jump with him & laugh with him. Tales of Shangrala & King Shmoor - and a million other great stories - all of which you knew were true. I used to see Jack at the xmas boogie in Eloy, and often spoke about him. "Inproper greeting of the day - drop and give me twenty" - Robert Robertson 2004 -- Hope you don't die. -- I'm fucking winning
  6. Good bye Eric, glad I got to meet you if only once, my sympathies to Taya (Taz) & family & friends. BSBD.
  7. QuickDraw

    Blue Skies Tommy D

    The guy on the right (Micheal?) wanted this picture. Can someone point him this way or pm me his e-mail if he wants the full sized one ?
  8. QuickDraw

    Blue Skies Tommy D

    I met Tom in the showers here, nice guy & a hard worker on the mat. My condolences to Tom & Cliff's family & friends, it must be very difficult for you NorCal folks right now. BSBD.
  9. QuickDraw

    It's the little things that add up

    I think you made the right call under difficult circumstances, and possibly broke a different chain of events. A nice post & bravo.
  10. QuickDraw

    USPA Nationals Link

    I know its the wrong place, but I noticed Cheryl Stearns name there in the medals. Is she still considering the strato quest thing ? -- Hope you don't die. -- I'm fucking winning
  11. So you prefer the longthorn, mesquite & cotton ? -- Hope you don't die. -- I'm fucking winning
  12. Just go. First load (about 9am) is almost always half empty, so a high pull (let manifest know what your doing) shouldn't be a problem. New years eve will have a cross-country (I assume & weather permitting) if you like landing in near dark. There are outs everywhere, and there are always people looking for and looking out for students. Team Flail have been to the boogie for the last 3 years (that I know of), they're always after people who need a bit of confidence (think free RW advice & someone to organize it). See you there (look me up). -- Hope you don't die. -- I'm fucking winning
  13. Don't people go to prison for doing things like that ? Whether its in Eloy or the other end of the state, I don't really care. Eloy itself isn't really much of a 'resort' anyway.. I really wouldn't like to see what would happen to it without the money SDA brings in. But whatever happens, I'll go where I have to, to spend my money.. it doesn't bother me. I'll give you a hand to dismantle the tunnel too. Who is the number one business for the record by the way ? (if SDA is the second). -- Hope you don't die. -- I'm fucking winning
  14. QuickDraw

    Re: [scaryshari] JumperConway...RIP :(

    Blue skies Conway, condolences to his friends & family too. BSBD
  15. QuickDraw


    Two memories I have are HH introducing me to Shannon at Eloy & her booting me out of the pub for teasing her. My condolences to her family, friends & loved ones. Sorry Shannon, cya later.