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  1. QuickDraw

    Skydive Arizona

    Having been to SDA only once before, it felt like going 'home' the second time. Obviously there are small (and sometimes large) changes, but the feeling and people remain a constant, which is why I'll be going there again this year (Christmas Boogie 2005). I've spent about 8 weeks there and jumped around 160 times (only in December btw), but what a place. I've never spent a night alone, always found the staff approachable & friendly, and prepared to go out on a limb for you, more aircraft than you can shake a stick at, great packers, load organisers, AZTC and some really, really cool people. As I write this, I've got 254 jumps to my name, so I've pretty much gone to SDA wide-eyed & just off student status, well, relax.. there are plenty of outs, a simple landing pattern on two large landing areas (one specifically for students) and plenty of staff that will look after you and give you the heads-up on all you need to know. The weather in December is pretty good, cold evenings & mornings but warms up pretty quick, and is mostly sunny, however, it can rain too, but isn't that like anywhere ? Besides, Square-2 have pretty much all the clothing you could want, and sometimes have sleeping-bags in too (saves you having to bring one) for around $20, although I would phone first to make sure. The Bent Prop will satisfy all your food/alcohol needs along with videos (even your own if they're suitable) or the Crimson Sky Cafe, where you can buy most of the things you forgot (soap powder to hangover remedies) Kyle runs the internet cafe next door and there are massages, a heated swimming pool, showers & laundry area, camping (which is free) the bunkhouse now has bigger lockers (rig & equipment size), microwave & video player and much improved sleeping areas (with privacy curtains & light) power-points. There is a Walmart in Casa Grande for anything else you need (try and get a lift rather than a taxi) you'll find someone going there almost every day at some point. If there is anything you need to know, just pm me and I'll try my best to help. Have fun.
  2. QuickDraw

    That Valley in Switzerland

    When was this e-mail sent Tom ? 1968 ? Is there a phone# ? or will people who go know this already ? or at least be aware of it ?
  3. QuickDraw

    Congrats 850

    Congratulations Faber.
  4. QuickDraw

    ethical question

    As someone who's trying to go by the book, I would have thought a simple phone call and/or maybe staying in the car until you arrived might have been considered more courteous in someone else's manor. Was there any unique circumstances that prevented that from happening to your knowledge ? Sorry for replying without any experience myself, but I'm as interested as you to see co-operation & communication being the first port of call.
  5. QuickDraw

    Travel insurance

    There is a recent post on the UK board about one particular company. But i think it relies on the site being legal(ish).
  6. QuickDraw

    Skydive EmpuriaBrava

    Well done Ian & thanks for the Beer too. You can also write a review if you follow the 'Dropzones' menu at the top ^. Good luck with the consols dude.
  7. QuickDraw

    base kids..!?

    At least they're not playing in the roads.
  8. QuickDraw

    Gecko Fly (UK Made)

    Chrome Pair of PDF 'wings' stickers on top right of helmet. Dropzone.com/sunpath/sonic fly-wear stickers.
  9. QuickDraw


    Had a Pro-Track attached to the strap.
  10. QuickDraw


    Was Mounted On A Silver FT50 Altimeter (on the strap)
  11. QuickDraw

    Skydive Empuriabrava

    I finished my AFF at CPCB & stopped in the bunkhouse for the first few days, although it was cold, (December) the price's are excellent (about 6 euros a night). I was there for the Christmas boogie, which was my first boogie anywhere, so I was a little apprehensive to start with, but was filled with confidence by the staff and friendly atmosphere there. Language is not a problem here either, English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French and Italian are all spoken and everyone is made to feel right at home. Speaking as an ex AFF student, I can't praise this place enough, the rental gear is good, as well as the club shop, and not forgetting the bar too. Anyone from the UK looking at going here, need not worry, the nightlife rocks, good places to go are the captains cabin, the orange kiwi, and of course the surf inn. I eventually got accommodation at the Nimbin (http://www.nimbin2000.com/) which is owned by Paul & Tanya and run at the moment by Sophia (00(34) 972 45 09 75) its run exclusively for skydivers by skydivers and of course the price's are right. Any questions ? Feel free to pm me for any details, and I will do my best to help.