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  1. hey steve and all who had a bad time this past weekend. sorry if i tore you a new asshole. i should have slept on it before i posted. i stand by my defense of the whole dangerous method stuff but im also sorry you and dusty or jason got off to a bad start. for what its worth dusty had good things to say about you. caryn brought your name up one evning and we were telling steve stories laughing our asses off. thats why i said you took it the wrong way. he didnt mean to piss anyone off. he's alot like me hes not to p/c and kind of ruogh around the edges but i tell you dusty and jason are some of the most solid people ive met in this sport. i hope this at least takes the sting ouit of any comments made. my point being he didnt have intentions of offending you, but you definitly had intentions of getting them in hot water with their sponsors with what you said as well as making them look like a bunch of assholes in front of the whole skydiving community. thats why i got so pissed. ill say this to everyone then im out. team evolution are a great group of people. there not all fluffy and bunny like, but they're some of the realist people ive met in this sport. i also feel they're very proffesional and take what they do more serious than most. peace bro
  2. hey kirk, i apologize for saying cry baby. i was pretty hot when i read all this. you definitly have a right to your opinion. i tried to delete it but its too late. anyway things said by steve and yourself are totaly exegerated. especialy the bullshit about giving high performance canopys to unqualified jumpers. the person steve refers to already has many jumps under a saph 1 135, not to mention he does NOT have problems with landings!!! so your definitly making it out to be more than it is. i cant believe you guys are making this big a deal out of the past weekend. o well to each his own but at least be fucking honest about what happened. and trust me ther will be others backing up what im saying.
  3. steve and kirk this is total bullshit. first off steve i was packing next to dave the icarus rep all weekend and i heard him tell multiple people he would not let them demo canopys they wanted due to low jump numbers and past canopy expierience!!! i cant believe your trying to make them out to be passing out high performance canopys to toddlers! thats very untrue! you of all people are judging the reps about looking out for peoples saftey, its not like they let someone do there first wing suit jump with a highgly loaded stilletto. not to mention the canopy your refering to was a saphire 135. not a huge step from square 150. and whats this shit about people being outcasted if they werent demo,ing icarus canopys. these guys spent more time with the jumpers than anyother supposed load organizers this whole fucking season! they jumped with any and everyone who showed interest.i even asked one member to go and get lunch with me off dz and his response was no. he didnt feel right about leaving while people were jumping. i also jump a pd and i never heard shit about it from anyone.and your pathetic attempt to not name names is a fucking joke, theres only 4 people on the godamn team so why dont you have some balls and say the other 2 names. they are good friends of mine and yes i thinkits fucked up that your pissed cuz they teased you about your katana but you feel its ok to bash them in front of the whole world including ther sponsors!!! first off he was only joking, he spoke highly of you later sat night. he thoughgt you guys were on the same page about giving you shit. he didnt know you were getting pissed about it. you of all people should know he was just fucking around. how many times have you offended the masses steve when you thought it was in good fun. they offered free canopy coaching all weekend a saftey seminar on sat. night while most l/o would be 1/2 drunk by then. not to mention putting together a canopy competitiuon that everyone can be part of not just swoopers on sun, that doesnt sound like a group of people being clicky or being outcasted. and kirk you were throwing drouges all weekend you said it yourself you didnt attend any of the events they organized. compared to past organizers who spent the whole time at the river and only put together 1 shitty hybrid with no effort to make it succesful, team evolution did an outstanding job. sorry if they hurt your feelings guy's but i think your totaly exxagerating and being malicious. brett the majority of us had a blast and learned a ton. thanks so much. sorry some people at my dz feel the need to slander your team. were not all a bunch of exaggerating cry babys. jeff
  4. well said ted. if your going to protest you better know what your talking about. jumpers dont normaly yell hurry up for no reason. if this guy is getting yelled out alot it sounds like he just takes too long in the door as a whole.
  6. how does she plan on cramming a spect 170 in a contaner fit for a 120? doesnt sound like a good idea to me. ever hear of container lock?
  7. dont be so hard on yourself. the fact that your this upset tell me your a good sti. you care, and thats a big part of being a good sti. every one lived and you learned.
  8. hey acro please wear video when you get your new canopy. that way your death wont be in vain.... we'll enter it in the worlds stupidest ass contest as well as show other potential idiots what can happen when you downsize so insanley. hey man im the last person to get in the way of hard headed know it all's. have at it bro. go big and get it over with. im dead serious. id wish you luck but you wont need it.
  9. theres good and bad coaches at all dz's. im sure coolidge is just as good as sdaz. once you have you a lisc. you should get coaching from aztc for more advanced stuff.
  10. every 6 months but raise the price so were not putting skydivers out of work. ie riggers.
  11. fortunatly i didnt have any freinds, or loved ones in my life when i started jumping. so i had a clean slate. i totaly understand where you family jumpers are coming from. if i had a family they would have to come first, thats why i choose not to have a family or anyone that would get in the way of my goals, man that sounds really fucked up huh? lmao owell im happier than ive ever been.
  12. my biggest pet peeve is 50 jump wonders trying to flyhead down flocking all over the damn sky and then telling everyone how stable they were and how they can tell there falling straight down on solos. there damn ego and ignorance puts others in danger. #2 freeflyers who claim there so dialed in there sit, so you agree to jump with them and they do one of 2 things... either almost kill us both with a big stupid smile on there face, (cuz to them the skydive is going great), or lock into this catatonic sit position and just sit there and blink while you fly your foot into their damn hand repeatidly until you finaly break off waking them out of there terrified state so they can pull, land and tell people how they got 3 docks on you!!!! lmao!!! p.s i did all these things myself when i was green. ahhh ignorance is bliss eh folks. good thread that felt wonerful!!! [email protected]!
  13. yes but not all skydivers are the same. for me and a few of my close friends its not enough to just go on with life as normal and skydive when its appropriate. i cant do that nor do i want to. basicly skydiving makes me happier than anything on this earth, so for me skydiving comes first. that doesnt mean i blow off work it means i plan my life around jumping and make it work . actually i work harder when im there to make more money to jump more. i dont need a life outside of skydiving because it is my LIFE. and its the most amazing life ive ever known. so par, never feel bad if your on the toilet reading the manual to your main because youve already read all the issues of parachitist 10 times. in fact feel proud you found something this adventurous and fun!!!! do what you have to do to stay in the air. this includes paying your bills, going to work and working hard to fund your passion, and of coarse make your loved feel important so they wont give you shit when your at the dz. good luck grasshopper peace
  14. man, thats an exelent point you brought up. i found myself in that situation last week. a person on my skydive chopped right in front of me. awsome visual. anyway, the main was going opposite directions as the free bag. there was a feeding frenzy around the main so i followed the free bag for a while until it was headed twords the worst off landing area around my dz. at 1000 feet i made the decision to abort and not land with the gear but tried to memorize where it was headed how fast ext... strangley enough in 800 jumps ive never landed off. it just didnt feel safe, the terrain is uneven jagged rocky and lots of baby pine trees. the jumper never found his freebag and i felt bad for him as well as a little guilty. even though i feel i made the right decision for me. i apologized later that day and explained my reasons. he wasnt to stoked but he's not mad at me. what would you have done?