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  1. IMHO that is not the very first thing to demonstrate on the first jump on a new wing.
  2. My most common case was zipper jam on Stealth, second case was line twist.
  3. Or let me try other way: over 540 fathom.
  4. I prefer to pull over 1460 Flemish ell.
  5. Until a canopy collision proves otherwise. My friends got one: 2 cut-away and a wrecked suit from line burns.
  6. Long live for the turtle! I've heard about lightly loaded Katanas collapsing. The best thing can be avoid place where you can expect turbulence and keep your lines loaded and don't let your canopy surge forward.
  7. Do you blame the plane and its pilot? Lets blame the moon because it was in a wrong phase.
  8. I think that was coming from your open leg wing. How about trying like on FFC? Open Arm-Wing first, than open leg wing.... It could also help to look forward to the plane on exit.
  9. Quite boring. Flying only take-off, jump-run and landing. I saw the pilot trim for climb and play only with setting heading on auto...
  10. I know one plane, which has one and it's in use.
  11. Turn by break line is about inducing drag anyway.
  12. Drive by fear? Let me try this: I can destroy this planet with my wildly spinning elliptical canopy.
  13. I jump a Cobalt with WL 1.6-1.8. I've jumping it with WS since my last reline. I had about 400-500 jumps with that and 2 cut-aways with WS. One of that was my own stupid fault, the other just happened. Depending the slider placement my canopy opens fast or slow with closed end cell even on WL 1.8. The real fun is coming having a line-twist with closed end cells combined. I plan my opening 1000-1300m range to deal with whatever I'm going to have. Plan B: I did have and used a different canopy(canopy+PC+d-bag,risers) and a switch bag. I could change my main in 5 minutes about the cost of closing the H/C. Plan C: There was a time I had an older gear with Triathlon used for WS mostly. If you can accept how your elleptical canopy opens go ahead. If have a faint heart go for Plan B or C. Swooping with WS on? You can't find more expensive swooping pants. EMT would uses scissors to get you out if you break a leg.
  14. Bluetooth Tracker & Finder Bluetooth Server This could be fit to the main d-bag. Range of 30-50m is better than nothing.
  15. Jason Brody (born December 30, 1987) is the main protagonist of Far Cry 3. Jason came to the Rook Islands while on a skydiving trip with a group of friends and was captured by Pirates. You receive a wing suit later on the game. "This design is top secret. Do not, under any form of torture, no matter what is done to you, tell Hollywood I stole it from a prop warehouse." — Survival Guide Fly. Jason. Fly. The simulation flies quite slow and you can deploy your canopy in no time appox 2 sec in about 15-20 in-game-meters. You can jump from a plane once, but you can find lots of suitable place for jumping B.A.S.E in this open-world game. There are lots of cliffs, antenna, some bridges and at least one light tower. Some WS B.A.S.E proxy flying
  16. I see some advantage using old school type VIII risers with velcro for stowing the line excess. You can stick back you toggles and they stay there, there is no need for slider lock either, the wide riser does not let the slider fly up from the bottom.
  17. I'd say jump with camera and you can find out the freefall you had from the video.
  18. Which is why if i'm harvesting that sort of data i fly 2 crosswind stages with a 180 turn in the middle. Not perfect but close enough. Air density is not the same than....
  19. A 24" ZP kill-line PC is big enough for a Sabre 150. I jump a 24" ZP kill-line PC with TonySuit X-Wing.
  20. Thanks! You made my day. I've though my canopy is opening bad/funny.
  21. I doubt that. There is no information/statistics collected about people getting permanent health issues or disabled in BASE. Dying is the easy part, so you don't have to live together with the consequences of the bad decisions you made.
  22. It does not really matter as long as it would not be on the wing area.
  23. I take my part of blame. 2 things really scared me. All I saw was a yellow something rushing from left to right when I was on final and the other party did not even noticed or understand the weight of this situation. That qualifies this positive outcome as a matter of luck. I've brought it here that some people might learn someting out of this. Imagine there is significant wind and 2 canopies are flying their base leg, what is the most likely direction they would turn? I would not cross the center-line if that would cause conflict with others.