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  1. Wondering what people's opinions are on the suitability of a low profile ski helmet and ski goggles for jumping. Specifically this one And some goggles with good peripherals. So much cheaper (and better looking) than skydive specific helmets.
  2. It was Swansea who I called. Thanks I'll check it out
  3. Hi guys:) Me and a mate are looking to do an AFF course as soon as possible. We've saved up enough money and are both desperate to get started. However we rang up our nearest DZ and they're fully booked until September. I even asked if we could just turn up to hang around and maybe do a packing course or something but apparently they're only done in conjunction with the AFF or something. The weather's pretty shit here anyway, so an AFF would take a while. So we want to do it abroad, I first thought Empuria since I used to hang around on that dropzone when I was really young in the late 90's. But they're prices are pretty steep I'm now thinking somewhere in the South of France, so any recommendations on dropzones that do AFF with good prices in France? Or any recommendations on any European dropzones at all that cater well for AFF students? Also, maybe a silly question but would we be getting BPA licenses or the european equivalent if we do the course on the continent? Thanks