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  1. In regards to the flipped D-Bag, I don't see an issue with it if your closing loop is mounted to your bottom flat as theres no snag hazards, and you're probably fine if you have a floor mounted closing loop but it could present a snag hazard (one reason they don't recommend flipping the bag that way). I have my bag normally oriented and have never had any issues though. One hazard that someone might be dumb enough to miss (like I did) is that you you can only flip the bag with bottomless corners! After having a few funky openings (probably poor technique) I was looking to make my older (J2 from '92) a bit more wingsuit friendly. I hadn't gotten around to cutting the corners but someone recommend I flip the bag. I figured why not, let's see if it helps anything, it made logical sense. First few jumps went fine but then I did a big flare before deploying so I was pitching at a lower airspeed and after a few seconds of nothing happening, I started to shake back and forth and it finally came out. looking at rear footage, the pin was popped before the PC even inflated (so no pinlock) but the bag was held in by the corners. Usually with the horizontal openings in a wingsuit, the bag gets rolled up and over the corners but since I had lower airspeed and the bridle was pulling straight back, it was pulling the bag deeper into the corners rather than rolling it out. It would be a non issue with bottomless corers as there would be nothing to trap it.
  2. I thought I'd crosspost this if anyone was interested. I will post more on the original thread once I fly it. http://www.basejumper.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2998292#2998292
  3. Knowing not much on the technical sides of these things besides how to turn on my FlySight and how to check how many satellites are connected for each point it records, I get that this records more points but can anyone confirm if the points are as accurate as a FlySight? I’ve seen different speeds and glide come out of a GoPro than a FlySight on the same jump. Obviously if the GoPro is more accurate or the same then it’s better with more points but if it’s just more points and less accurate then it will become dangerous with analyzing BASE exits.
  4. Stickied it for you. Ant that opening looked funky. And why would you need airlocks on a low performance 7 cell? Doesn't seem worth the extra pack volume which seems to be a good selling point on a wingsuit canopy, lowest pack volume to fit a larger canopy in a tiny container. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  5. You should try a Hayduke. And the Ibex had a strong flare. The Outlaw (like the OSP) is designed more around slow speeds and super stable in deep brakes and stalls than around a nice flare. The flare on both my Outlaws and my OSP was minimal compared to the flare on the Hayduke. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  6. Stablility and more consistent pull because it stays inflated evenly due to the 3D shape. I’ve got plenty of rear footage of VENTED Adrenaline and Apex PC’s that are hooked up symmetrically and oscillate like crazy and inflate and deflate as they pull. And to settle up your point I’ll post a quote off the Squirrel website: ***The SkySNATCH is not necessarily more or less powerful than other PCs of similar size. The main difference is stability. For example, if you find that your 30" PC is functioning well for wingsuit use currently, then a 30" SkySNATCH will work similarly depending on the design factors specific to your current PC. If you are using an older 0-3fcm (F-111) PC for skydiving currently and are happy with the extraction force it is providing, then you may need to choose a smaller size of SkySNATCH. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  7. Well in that case all your points made zero sense as the advantage of the SkySnatch (and Snatch compared to other BASE PCs) is its stability due to its 3D shape, nothing to do with pulling way harder that others of the same size. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  8. Weird. I’ve got a couple hundred BASE jumps with a Snatch and never had an issue pulling. I don’t have a SkySnatch on my skyrig but I find the FF handle with tucktab a bit harder to find than the Snatch on my BASE rig. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  9. I think you're confusing the "Snatch" with the "SkySnatch" because the SkySnatch is either 26" or 30" which is well in line with most "Wingsuit extended bridle and PC" kits. The SkySnatch's selling point is it's stability because of it's 3D shape, not stronger snatch force. Using a "Snatch" (sized 32"-48" with no kill-line) would not be recommended for skydiving as it would "deploy too quickly" and pack too large stretching out your BOC. I don't see the problem with the handle as that type of handle is nice for wingsuiting and the system is set up as wingsuit specific to of course it isn't catering to FF with a tuck tab. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  10. I can crab my toggles in my Aura3 without touching a zipper. My friend who just got his Swift3 is nearly grabbing his toggles on skydives without trying (didn't realize he was doing it until looking at video) and could probably grab his toggles easy. Not sure on the rest of their line but considering the similar arm sweep and same leading edge material the Aura3 shares with the rest of the suit I would be surprised (except with skydive C-Race) if you couldn't force your hand to the toggles is really needed. And definitely in the base environment i wouldn't jump a suit i cant land without touching a zipper. It's all good till something goes wrong and when something goes wrong, I want my toggles before my sliders down. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  11. I've had the zippers jam a handful of times on my old P2 when i had it. Usually on the fabric strip thats supposed to prevent jamming or on my jacket. Now I jump suits I can punch out of. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  12. Well clearly it’s not a skyhook as the makn didn’t pull the freebag out. You can see her go into freefall and the PC launch out and deploy the reserve. It was obviously an RSL or SOS handle but definitely not a skyhook. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  13. But the campfires are at least half the fun.... Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  14. Some next level shit going on.... https://www.redbull.com/int-en/soul-flyers-fly-into-a-plane-a-door-in-the-sky Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?
  15. First a post about wanting to fly a freak with way under the recommended jumps (sub 100 in a swift) and now as long about how to use a death pole? Why? It's not that cool of a shot when skydiving. And besides the safety risk, I've seen plenty of them get stuck behind a slider or slapped by a riser and then you loose your GoPro. Whats the point of living if you aren't doing what you love?