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  1. Somewhere on YouTube is a video of a two way, both of them lose alti awareness and both of them have audibles. Both of them have AAD fires. Both survive, but do you really, truly want to trust others with your life? What, for examle, if everyone decides they're having a great time and ignore a deck, and someone has an AAD fire, putting them into you or someone else on the group? Use the eyes that evolution gave you. Maybe train yourself to see that alti on your wrist, even in FS formation jumping? You can always use a forearm mount to make it easier to see. Either way, depending on an audible is short-sighted. They fail from time to time. Same logic: depending on your AAD is stupid, because they can fail time 2 time...
  3. Cobalt is not in the same category with Crossfire2. Cobalt is an open cell elleptical, Crossfire2 is a semi closed cell elliptical. CompetitionCobalt is somewhat comparable to Crossfire2. I did own a CompetitionCobalt, I do have a Cobalt and jumping Crossfire2 these days.
  4. I was on the other end. If you poop your handle in my leg inlet, you PC is out or half way out. I'd rather put my hand on my PC handle if I move back and there is someone behind you close inside a wing suit.
  5. Sorry I can't spell. I graduated high school in Georgia. That is exactly what I needed. I saved the information. Thanks.. Let me help you. It is written on the top of your device.
  6. All cessnas (182's and 206's) I know over here dont have seatbelts... and considering the fact most dropzones here operate on small cessnas, yeah, not seatbelts seens around here... Well, it is not required to have seatbelts on a small jump plane, under 11 jumpers. Seatbelts are used on Cessna Caravans. Once we had a light load on a Caravan. Someone told than we hadn't have to use seat belts, because of the size old our load. I think our reaction was telling him to shut up and buckle up.
  7. There are discussion in some other thread why a more than 20 years old reserve should not grounded. So what modern fabrics?
  8. AFAIK the sum of distance between measurement points in the competition range, not the distance between entry and exit.
  9. I'd rather call it classic. "Student" has a strong stigma in this sport.
  10. I'm really comfortable staying in the deployment position. I pull from flight.
  11. I have tried that. I did not worked too well.
  12. It takes several step to get into a tight corner. You can avoid the first step by flying reasonable and responsible.
  13. It's not about the suit. You are on the heavy side a fairly competent person can fly with you if he or she wish so. If a flock set a speed out of your envelope you are history.
  14. How come with 700 jumps you not able to choose what canopy you want to jump? How is that anyone on the Internet with a help of 2 magic number can make the right decision for you?
  15. No. You rather skip that. That is not a good helmet in cold weather. You can not open the visor, just rip it off. I had steam and frozen lens issues with Factory Diver. I have been using my without visor for long. Z1 could be a good choice. I like to use mine. Try to try before you buy or order.
  16. So what are the differences between phantom3 and phantom edge? What are the differences between shadow2 and shadow edge? Thanks!
  17. An extraordinary pilot is one who never has to resort to extraordinary skills to get out of an extraordinary situation.
  18. So what are you afraid of? Witchcraft of something?
  19. You're joking right? I know people who can flat pack a canopy faster than most people PRO pack. Knowing how to flat pack is as essential as knowing emergency procedures or how your equpment functions. For some people flat packing is easier to do than a PRO pack, especially for those with large mains. Regardless, one should become proficient at flat packing before moving to PRO packing. it all goes with the crawl, walk, run theory of learning. +1 I personally refuse to PRO pack any canopy I cannot lift off the ground at my waist (that normally means 120 square feet). PRO packing tandems is dumb and causes so many line-overs at some dropzones that the instructors just laugh about it like it's not a big deal. The "it takes too much space to flat-pack" argument is BS as it normally takes about one minute to get from side layout to stack. Ultimately, it should be about what makes sense, not what others tell you is "how everyone else does it". I work at a place where every one of our students jumps his own packjob on his first jump. Guess what we teach/test them on? Chuck AFF/SL/TM-I, PRO, S&TA, FAA Senior Rigger Students learn quite fast (Pro)packing here. I used to learn flat-pack as a student, but I don't pack that way anymore. I can do it if I really want to. I prefer to have a hook for packing tandems. I did pack over the shoulder, but I don't like that.
  20. Not a bad idea. No elliptical on the first 15 WS jumps is reasonable.