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  1. I jumped X-Wing with 24" ZP kill-line PC on std long bridle. I also jumped WS with 32" F111 kill line PC with short bridle(150cm), Bird-Man 28" ZP kill-line PC with long bridle. All above gave me a good opening. One of my 24" PC started to give some hesitation due to its age/mileage, so I have replaced that. I would try skySnatch some day. That could help against some unexplained line twist. I'm on the fast and heavy side: 90-100Km/h vertical on start of the opening. I also pull from flight, so my canopy would be deployed through a smaller burble.
  2. Alti-2's protocol for comunicating with N2 or N3 is not open. There used to be some reverse engineering project for N2 around. I have paralog and it is working fine.
  3. Some says if you jump something which is newer than 5 years you are a test jumper.
  4. That seems to be a gear hanging rack, not a canopy hanging rack....
  5. Exit: rider should be as close as possible, grabbing the yoke from inside, so he/she can be closer. Keep your leg wing closed and arm wing fully extended as long as you get stable Flying: I prefer that the rider having knees outside of mine and ankles inside of mine, keep away from pushing the wing and try to be in the center of fore/aft. Separation: slide off or open from my back. It is easier with a lighter, shorter rider, more challenging with a taller or heavier one. I had 5 rodeos on a single day at a WS performance even, WS rodeo category. All were nice and from a Let410.
  6. How is one canopy better than some other? You should know if a canopy is fits your goal or not. What are your goals and expectation for your canopy?
  7. Just remember you have a device intended for slowing down your openings, you it wisely.
  8. First of all is nice to know speed and velocity and the relationship between them . The magnitude of the velocity of your example is about 172 mph,~149 kts. 150 mph is a quite usual number on the labels of canopies as Maximum Deployment Speed.
  9. Negative. I've landed with the plane 3-5 times in the recent years with Cypress2 active. No problem so far.
  10. [replyI'm not a fan of the magnet closure for that same reason too, and the extremely unlikely but possible "what if my altimeter (digital) finds itself right next to the magnet in my gear bag?" Some people does not beleive in electricity. You are welcome to join thier club. I have magnets on my wing suit. Those seem to collect all kind of tiny iron/steel waste.
  11. A non-Russian friend of mine who has a lot of skydiving experience (18,000+ jumps), who has spent several summers working as a coach at a DZ in Russia and has looked at some of the rigs in detail is fine with jumping with them. TSO is an issue. Quality did not seem to be. We spent time looking at a couple of the rigs and he was of the view that they were really pretty good. He also mentioned that he had been on the DZ where there must have been hundreds of thousands of jumps (more than 100 loads some days, each with 18 jumpers) and had never heard of an issue arising from the quality of a rig. Not the same but the Ukranian Skylark jumps suits I bought a few years ago are fantastic, but I have heard the quality may have gone downhill in the last couple of years. Have you noticed that I posted that more than 12 years ago?
  12. That is how it should work if you are sold a $5 gadget at $200-$300.
  13. Cool! I see you are a test jumper jumping a prototype canopy.
  14. Optima has only a single set of canopy alarms OptimaII has 4 set of canopy alarms. Optima has a drawer type battery holder, Optima II's battery is secured with a Philips screw. Thanks for that. One set of canopy alarms should be fine , only ever used one set on my lost Optima2. Got it for 1/3 the price of a new Optima2 or quattro, so can't complain too much. I have also bought an Optima as used. I have received a replacement OptimaII after I sent it back with a broken case.
  15. Optima has only a single set of canopy alarms OptimaII has 4 set of canopy alarms. Optima has a drawer type battery holder, Optima II's battery is secured with a Philips screw.
  16. Phantom. All heil to the King! The first reasonable and easy to use suit. When performance matters.....
  17. I had couple hundred jumps with Cobalt 135, WL 1.6-1.8, than about 100 jumps on Crossfire2 129, WL 2.0+. I prefer to pull from 1100-1300m so I can deal with whatever comes. I had 2 cut-away from line-twist on my Cobalt. One of them my own stupid fault, deployment position, my other is still unexplained. I pull from flight and pack bridle to pin. I jump big suits: X-Wing and Barracuda. There was a time I had line twist quite frequently. I have noticed that the very same caopy opens more clear, less linetwist per jump if the container fit is on the loose side. I have changed couple things since than. I got WS mod: open/dynamic corners and I leave at least 75-100cm lines free packed on the bottom of the container. I don't have too often line twists anymore: 1 out of 20 or more jumps.
  18. Some says you are a test jumper if it's newer than 5 years.
  19. Yes, it is quite usual. Flare point suppose to be between elbow and shoulder level and you suppose to use the toggles all the way down. Although it is not clear how your break settings would be. A sign of a good settings are you can not stall the canopy with toggles unless you loop it around your fist, but you should be close to the stall point. Other limit could be that you would not pull breaks along the front risers together.
  20. Than you got your rest of life for shooting skydiving videos. You should not use a camera if you are not current anyway.
  21. Bigger planes, bigger crowd jumping together. We don't know each other. These could be the reason for canopy collisions over the landing area. Lazy tracking, bad separation can be the reason for canopy collisions after opening.