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  1. I truly doubt it. If you think Robi is the only one designing suits than you need to get your head out of your ass tony has blatantly copied, so has matt, not even mentioning the others, never seen a copy of robi's; funny how that is, isnt it? Do you say all cars are copies of Benz or some Ford model? Bird-man, Phoenix-fly suits more like a suit with wings build around your limbs. Tony, Inturdair like a suit built in a wing profile. Copying? Somehow all the wheels are round...
  2. Come on, Max! They can handle it. Lighter than most camcorder setup used to be.
  3. I absolutely agree with this 110%!!! Unfortunately, you still need to wait until (under USPA rules) 200 jumps. Yes! There is an upside to small format cameras. Just wait till you have the experience to wear one. The attached graph is from years of studying safety data... Time is working against you. The day when students starts skydiving with helmet or goggle integrated camera is getting closer.
  4. Like THESE guys recently did? - This was happening before even the POV cameras. I saw a 3 way speed star which ended in low openings and one guy got a two-out with a cypress fire. That guy was even an SL instructor. POV cameras bring us lots of fun.
  5. 190 is quite small compared to a 300-400 sqft tandem. Back in the days suggested WL was lower, than these days.
  6. You are probably right. But probably it is still a bad idea Based on what? Have you only heard that? Great advice!
  7. Try to find a combination which stands out. I got hard time to spot and find an all black Firebird in the earth background. All black with yellow, red or orange wings?
  8. "7/21 cell" cross braced flies like a 9 cell, but less drag from lines. I guess "5/15 cell" would fly like a 7 cell. Someone also stated that would be a low aspect ratio platform which also could be better for openings.
  9. I wonder how can you get experience videoing tandems without doing it.
  10. Collapsed, what I call classic opening position is the recommended way to pull with a wing suit. It is stable although it might do some potato chipping. This is what I teach on FFCs.
  11. Your ram-air canopy is flying as long as it is pressurized. If it was designed for higher WL, means higher higher speed needed ,it would not be as stable as designed at lower speed.
  12. Great 1st post, well done Thank you for your great contribution to this topic!
  13. Sure he did. It was out around 700m. I folded his PC back in no time. We all jumped from 4000m.
  14. You should lift your knees up and punch forward with your arms to "release" the sleeves. Otherwise the wing will keep your hands inside the sleeves. I'm doing that and have absolutely no problem reaching above toggles on my 24'' risers. Is there a reason the suit doesn't have cutaway cables? No need for that.
  15. I got about 800 jumps on my Cobalt, most of those with wing suit and pulling from flight. Somehow I did not get your joke.
  16. or a cobalt if you're, you know, serious about wanting to experience a hard opening in it's purest form.... What is your post has anything to do with the topic or subject?
  17. The plane we use got benches and we were sitting in front of each other. We were ridding up the plane to 4000m. The guy sitting in front of me has managed to drop/push his PC into one of my inlet on the leg wing, than moved 20-30 forward and his PC was out before I could even tell him anything.
  18. How would that help? A rushing slider would not free that brake handle secured with velcro.
  19. Switching to other risers where velcro is used for securing toggles?
  20. I jump Cobalt 135, X-Wing with 24” ZP kill-line PC on regular bridle. I pitch from full, but relaxed flight. That yealds smaller burble than pulling from classic opening position. Do you math and calculate your relative wind speed. Let me give you a hint, it's subterminal.
  21. There was some comic strip about skydiving and a life of a dropzone. It was lots of fun. Does anyone know where that could be found? Thanks!
  22. You might call it like that. That can be also a warning that flying and landing characteristics of your canopy might not be as designed. I would not exceed the maximum deployment speed indicated on the very same card.