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  1. That was a close call. Below are two of my favorite wannabe Darwin awards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsNKua3vG1k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uHBQq5N0jE Enjoy!
  2. Hello, Just moved to Hannover PA, and have started looking for DZs. Anybody live around this area? Where do you jump? Thanks, Damir
  3. I would contact PD and see what they say. I have over 300+ jumps on Spectres and never had a crappy opening. I have packed some pretty sketchy mains and it still opens softly. Maybe your lines are out of trim. Either way see what they say. PD is awesome and they have great costumer service.
  4. I jumped a Bunny for the longest time and now jump the Phantom XV. I truly love the Phantom. It is very well designed, and functional. The only con that I have is that it is difficult to talk to people while you wear it, however who wants to talk to people anyway? Thats way overrated :)
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your Viso. I love L&B products and now I only use their products. I just need one of their cool hats for my collection :) I did not like the N3. The battery sucked, it would not charge, after 24 hours of charging it would still give me one bar on the battery. The altimeter would die half way through a jump. The computer software that came with it was horrible. Nothing worked. Lastly, the costumer service was pathetic. Now, this is only my opinion. Things might have changed since I last owned a N3. I know a few people who love them and had no issues so far. Good luck.
  6. Yes, you can to the S fold instead of the roll. I don't do it my self, but I have seen it done.
  7. Hello peeps! Any of you use a front mount for either a Cookie or a Phantom full face helmet? Pros, cons? I usually just place an adhesive mount on top, however, with me being clumsy things tend to hit my head/GoPro. I have lots of cool videos of my helmet :)
  8. Did you get a Michigan suite? If so, do you like it?
  9. Hello, I liked both Mint.com and Quicken budgeting software. For both the set up was long and you spend a lot of time adjusting/adding categories, however once set up they work like a charm. Now, that I'm older, I use my banks bill pay. Its much easier and it works well.
  10. Do you have a Merlin suit? If so can you post some pictures please?
  11. It looks awesome, however, I would be worried about getting it dirty with grass stains, or dirt. Not sure if you could completely get it off the neon green.
  12. I'm just gonna echo what has already been said. If you want reliability, head on openings, and comfort Spectre is the way to go. I bet my back will thank me later on in life as I do enjoy those 800-1000 feet openings. Its not a speed demon nor will you be able to swoop it per say, but it will get you to the ground safely every time. I have over 300 jumps on one, and I like its flexibility. I can fun jump or wingsuit on the same canopy.
  13. Anybody know of any big way camps for beginners to intermediate jumpers? I am looking around Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and maybe Tennessee vicinity. I am driving so it has to be reasonable. I can always message the organizers if you know of any. Let me know!
  14. I jumped a stiletto for awhile and while I loved the canopy the opening were super fast. I did not enjoy those. I even roll packed it, and tucked the crap out of the nose. Nothing helped. You can consider a pocket slider to slow it down. I don't think that its something that you are doing per say but rather that Stilleto's just open fast. Hope this helps. On the other hand, you can always get a Spectre :) Those are some fluffy openings.