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  1. Need recommendations for the best all around jumpsuits for 4 and 8 way, big way skydiving. I'm particularly interested in fit, durability, and powerful booties. Recommendations?
  2. Need recommendations for the best all around jumpsuit for 4 and 8 way, and big way skydiving. I'm particularly interested in fit, durability, and powerful booties. Recommendations?
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the great recommendations for FF coaches in Florida a couple months ago. Now I am looking for someone good near Perris. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  4. Looking for a ff coach in FL for a couple days of one on one. Please pm me if you have recommendations
  5. Simon's Life Philosophy from Parachutist: I try to jump more and philosophize less, but Bill and Ted said it best: “Be excellent to each other; and party on, dudes!” Wow.
  6. To anyone using a replay XD, what is the lowest profile mount you found? And on what helmet?
  7. Great suit no doubt, but base price is $400 USD, not what I'm looking for. I seem to recall some manufacterers in eastern europe or south america that produced very simple suits for well under $200 USD. Anyone know about these?
  8. Recommendations? Don't want to spend over 300-800 USD for something that will be outgorwn in ayear!
  9. Does anyone make a full face helmet for kids? Or which manufacturer makes an extra small size?
  10. I am a novice freeflyer, looking to get a new suit. What manufacterers make the best suit. What features should one look for ?
  11. How does “angle of view” when expressed “ X x Y” translate to the other methods that I’ve seen of describing a lens angle? For example, if a lens is described as having a “71 x 93 angle of view” what does that make it? For instance, would that make it a .42 or .5 lens? Thanks! Malcolm
  12. Anyone have suggestions on who will custum make a helmet. I'm looking to have one made for a Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1, side-mounted & encased.
  13. For under 500 US$ I am willing to try it, irrespective of your opinion of the camera. So the question remains: whom might I contact to have a custom helmet made for it?
  14. Anyone know who will make a custom camera helmet? I need one built around the tiny Sanyo CG6