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  1. jtval

    The Horizontal Flight Problem

    I love you, Bryan. Not in a way that most states still consider illegal. But, in a way that a skydiver should when he knows that you go way above and beyond what most people do, in order to keep us safe from each other. Thanks for taking the time to spread the knowledge.
  2. I've filmed a lot of tandems. (not a TM) We joke with the students but my favorite is just after the student is strapped up I get the look on my face and say "OH MAN. WE ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU ONE LAST THING!!!" Student: what's that? Me/TM: HAVE FUN! (hi five, knuckles/handshake) I only do stuff like this with Tm's that are solid and students that understand we are joking.
  3. jtval

    Felix Baumgartner Sets Skydiving Record

    Awesome Job. Lucky bastard. watching it live had my adrenalin pumping. I could only imagine what it would have been like.
  4. jtval

    Wingsuit Event at Mile Hi, CO April 20-22

    ..and here I was wondering what to do for my birthday. I have to get a small repair on my suit but ,I'd love to join ya.
  5. jtval

    Blue Skies Boogie @ Skydive Mesquite

    I'm driving out on wednesday evening. I'll leave sunday night.
  6. Yes. Because you can review the video without having to use a laptop.
  7. jtval

    Skydive near Vegas in Feb 12

    Alex, Check out [url https://www.facebook.com/SkydiveMesquiteDZ]SKYDIVE MESQUITE'S FACEBOOK PAGE.[/url] Make a post. I'd bet you'd find someone willing to drive you up there. Most of the jumpers in Vegas know that it can be a bit rough for travelers. Many of the regulars, drive there 2ce each weekend. If I still lived in Vegas I'd give you a ride.
  8. jtval

    Coming to Skydive Arizona

    Well, the DZ is a full service dz. You could live there for 3 weeks However, I would stay on the DZ AND get a car. You're sure to have the urge to check a few things out. The bent prop is a good place to hang out...but I wouldnt want to do it EVERY DAY for 3 weeks. There is a holiday inn is casa grande and if You cotact Betsy barnhouse (on dz.com) or SD arizona she may be able to tell you if they have any local hotel deals. you can rent a car from the airport. search rental cars at skyharbor/phoenix az... Most "nearby" establishments are about 15-30miles away.
  9. jtval

    Kiting and running a 5k

    Well, the smaller the canopy the less drag. You'd have to be sure you weren't interfering with the other runners, though. Although, I would guess running with the rig on would be more of an issue than kiting. Do you really want to get your rig sweaty ( I know a hot day does that at the DZ anyway) and I would really worry about chaffing...
  10. jtval

    Check out this skydiving video

    Such a horribly mundane life you lead. Did you make this for a school project? Cool video but If Im going to be honest I stopped watching at 4 minutes...there was a shiny object i had to stare at for a while.
  11. jtval

    Hats off to Robibird and PF

    So the suit fits too tight and makes you feel nothing? That's weird. I love my suit. Though, unlike a condom sometimes I get the a really good feeling when Im in the suit.
  12. jtval

    Phantom 1 manual

    Please expand on your question. Manual for ordering? Manual for wearing? Manual for flying? As far as I know there are no "Manuals" I'm not sure about the Australian rules but The numbers game here in the US suggests that you should wait a little longer. Either way I wouldn't suggest a manual to help you. Hopefully, if you must fly this suit with 126 jumps PLEASE get some formal training by an experienced wing suit pilot. Assuming you have 126 jumps, I would hope that before anyone throws you in a suit that they at least fly with you (without the suit) to ensure you are ready. However, In the US you would have to wait at until you had 200 jumps to don a wing suit. Please search the this forum and incident forum to educate yourself thoroughly. This may prevent you from getting hurt or killed. Wing suit piloting is not like any other skydiving discipline. While Skydiving can be dangerous wing suiting can be dangerous faster. BE SAFE. Educate yourself, get some coaching....and please, BE PATIENT. BSR in the US states a minimum of 200 jump with the coaching of an experienced pilot OR 500 jumps without.
  13. I'm in Moab right now, Spoke about Mesquite to quite a few people. I am going to try to get there for this boogie but I just put an order in for my Phantom 2. I may have to recover for a month and make it to the Nov boogie. Either way I'll BE THERE at one of the boogies this season.
  14. jtval

    Michael Fournier Attempt

    I'm fairly sure that if he jumped there'd be 100 threads talking about it.
  15. jtval

    Biggest Person to Fly in a Tunnel?

    Guess this guy tops it but didn't you have a huge K1 kickboxer in the tunnel a few yeas ago? I thought he was 7'5".