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  1. Thanks Everyone, for your comments. I was supposed to go for surgery (for a second time) in October (last month) I refused it, again. I've been able to walk regularly. Swimming has been sporadic. My weight fluctuates but generally stays the same. But, I need to lose, though. Ive been "running" approx one mile a few times a week. It's not my old routine but, I still see my chiropractor (GOOD ONE) he adjusts me as necessary...I hide the fact that I run. I KNOW its not good for my spine but, its great for my mind. I've learned to take the running SLOW. I stop at the very first sign of discomfort though, I haven't felt any more than normal during the run. I have to go for a hernia surgery on wednesday. I will be home bound for two weeks. It's just about diet, during that time. Once I get healed up, I intend to continue ab work. My "fountain of youth" is stretching. I've let myself get away from that for a while due to pain...which only made life more painful... I started my routine again. So, I THINK, I'm on a good track to get back to life...without surgery. With any luck at all, I'll be 28 again in a few years... My photos My Videos
  2. Do you have a rough idea about how much each 8x10/8x12 costs to print? I.E. how many full sized prints do you get out of an ink cartridge. I'm back to using my R260. It empties like it sprung a leak. It's not even worth the print. LIterally, I got 3 prints (8x10) and the full cartridge is already giving me a low ink warning (on ALL colors) My photos My Videos
  3. Thanks Laszlo I appreciate the info. I'll be diggin into the specs. When you say its got good quality I assume you mean- Frameable, Sellable. I'd assume there a good enough quality to hang around the house and office? ...I.E. Comparable to my "demanding standards" of the R200? My photos My Videos
  4. I've been tempted to buy another R200. I really dont think any of these are "NEW." the used ones are always very reliable. I've been trying to get my brain moist again. I don't rememebr if Windows 10 Works with the drivers... If I Knew...I'd jump on this little sucker My photos My Videos
  5. Hello all.. Its been a LONG time since I posted here... I searched and didn't find anything useful. I had to ditch my last printer: Epson R200 (that's how long those suckers last) It was a GREAT on-the-spot photo printer for tandems and the like. it was compact, light, relatively cheap and uses a fair amount of ink for each photo. I bought an R260 to replace it and I get about 3 photos per ink cartridge...DONE with that one. (it doesn't print as beautifully as the R200, anyway. Do you have any suggestions on printers? My wants are ... 1- QUALITY prints 2- Less than $500 ( I bought my Epson R200 for $80 on sale. it lasted YEARS!!!) 3- Light weight (portable, IF possible but not necessary) 4- used for 8.5X11 paper so I can use it for documents, too. A lot of printers nowadays seem to be specifically for 5x7 or 8x10 etc...UGH!!! Any advice is appreciated. BLUES!!! My photos My Videos
  6. Thanks, grimmie! I'll check him out! My photos My Videos
  7. Does anyone have any leads on skydiving in the Bahamas? I checked out the locations on dropzone directory but the info was not current. I'll be there around 3&4 August 2016. Any help? My photos My Videos
  8. Thats Very interesting. What type of fusion did you have? Cage, screws, AXLE clamp? My photos My Videos
  9. EXCELLENT! -L5/S1 (missing disk) CHECK! -Willing to run at a slower pace (as long as I can run) CHECK! -YOGA (used to do it until it caused more tingling in my legs) CHECK! - Dogs CHECK! One important question: are you allowed to skydive? I was supposed to be in rocevery right now. But, my Primary care phys had concerns about my blood not clotting properly...that is, until the day after I was supposed to lock in the surgery date. Now, I have to wait until my co worker returns from his surgery.... KEEP THE GOOD STORIES COMING. I keep hearing bad stories. I need to hear from people who ACTUALLY live their lives! My photos My Videos
  10. AGREED!. I wish I wouldn't have been so stubborn about it. I disc would make an excellent addition the my lumbar region of my spine. Instead, I'll get a master link. AGREED! But, Nowadays, there a fine line between too much and not enough activity. GREAT INFO! I literally just ordered it and a book from John Sarno MD. "Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection" How limited was your movement? My photos My Videos
  11. I HAVE heard what you all said: NO RUNNING! NO IMPACT! I have been walking, as much as I can . I MUST. My dogs need it more than I do. I'm going to the Dr. (Neurosurgeon) today to discuss surgery. He can put in what I refer to as a "master link." He said: - 1.5 hr surgery. - 4-6 week recovery. - I'll be able to run and skydive again. The BEST news is that he is NOT concerned about my T7/8 impingement. I've had 2 Dr.s (spine and pain management/chiro) tell me that the T7/8 could paralyze me and shut my organs down. I had 2 NEUROSURGEONS tell me they are not concerned with it. Attached are photos of the master link. Does anyone have experience with these? - A Physician Assistant/skydive friend even told my its removable. I just hope it works smoothly. I have a lot of skydiving goals to continue achieving. My photos My Videos
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I am a candidate for surgery. got a few consults in the next few weeks... been working as much as I can on core, stretching etc... Can't wait to be able to fully get back to it. My photos My Videos
  13. This is exactly why I've been away from posting for so long. I would say I really need to check in on DZ.com but, I would remember I had to go to work. Then, I would start to get ready fro work and remember. "I really would rather smash my face against the wall until I black out." Then, I wake up and realize in need to get to work and The smash my face /blackout loop continued for ...6.5 yrs. Anyone, remember the website address for DZ.com? I have to check in on it... My photos My Videos
  14. Well, to be fair, there was only a few forums. And they werent so organized. It was more of a bullshit session with jumpers form around the world. Now, that I am no longer allfiliated with professionals, I can talk about tits and beer again. I checked out SC. Those people are still bitching about the same things... Morons. oh.... TIT-EE BAR....(wonder fi that comes up in search. LOL) My photos My Videos
  15. Holy Shit! I take a few years off from posting and I see the same usual faces here. Crazy. Oh, and THE SAME old topics. Hysterical. Good to see DZ.com is still running. My photos My Videos
  16. THANKS FOR ALL THE REPLIES!!! I'm in the "i can out-stobborn this fuckign thing" phase. I tried to do nothing like the doctors suggested. That was the dumbest thing I ever heard but I had to take care of my dying mother so, It was easy to stop exercising. in the mean time, I was trying to walk as pften as I could (dog walks etc) bike, hot yoga, biking when I could. Dr told me I should never do sit ups again. WTF??? I've trying pyh therapy and chiro. Those two paired together worked well. I was doing all that stuff simultaneously. (hotyoga, wlaking, pt, chiro) But I came to a complete stop when I couldnt get out of bed. since my orignal post this is my first day of movement. I was laid up in pain for most of the others days. I'm still in pain today but decided to "out-stoubborn" it. The pain lessened but did not go away. I walked 3 miles on the treadmill (FUCKING BORING) at 3- 3.5 mph My photos My Videos
  17. Long time BV- Thanks for the reply. I have done the facet blocks and even the nerve ablation (burning the nerve out) it helped temporarily. But, due to the lack of activity, I did gain some weight. I'm trying to maintain a better diet now that I am not traveling every weekend. I need to get back to running or exercising as well as skydiving. My photos My Videos
  18. I know a bunch of you have issues with L5/S1. How do you manage? I have an L5/S1 Bulge that is pushing into my nerve bundle, paired with degenerative stenosis blah blah blah. Everyone at my age, 40, has stenosis. I have days when I can't stand and I have days when I feel no pain. Lately, I seem to be having more GOOD days than bad. (I'm loving that.) I let my AFF-rating expire because of this, and other reasons. I used to run a LOT. I USED to do hot yoga, as well. But, eventually that started making my right leg numb, too. The numbness got me nervous so, I went to the doctor. And, of course, the doctor told me to stop every physical activity. I 've tried that and my issue has gotten worse from inactivity. I've been "WALKING" (how fkn boring) on my treadmill and generally, I feel better. I'd love to get back in the air this year. I never went uncurrent, persay. But, I didnt jump this winter. So, I'm asking for personal stories. Were you able to recover and continue living? Did you ignore it and live in pain/ pain eventually stopped? Did you get surgery and get better/worse/no change? I've heard that all of those are possible options. What was your way of dealing? My photos My Videos
  19. Check this out My photos My Videos
  20. I was talking about practical jokes today... Ahhh, memories. My photos My Videos
  21. Damn there are some old posters in this thread! I'm sure there are a few funny conversations but, best post? So many to choose from... My photos My Videos
  22. Ah, Damn! So, Sorry to hear this. I've been away from DZ.com for a while. I'm just starting to check back in on a semi regular basis. Though I had little personal interaction with him, I have some found memories of Sky. We did get to do a few jumps together. Blues My photos My Videos
  23. Excellent. Glad you got there. I miss those people and that dropzone every day. My photos My Videos
  24. WHOA!!! I don't check in fro a few years and look what happens! LOl So, these were back to back (to back) reserve rides? I'm Confused. First was a resereve ride. second and third were on a second jump? Glad j'ain't dead, either. Edited: I dont know why I was confused. But, I re-read. it makes sense the way you typed it. Crazy. glad j'ain't dead. My photos My Videos
  25. You've heard correctly. Check out mesquites website. they have the caravan during the weekends in winter months. It is a about 20 miles further than the other dz's (40 round trip) but it'll be wirth it to go to a fun jumper dz. They have the sweetheart boogie coming up in feb... Check out the fun jumpers facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mesquite-Fun-Jumpers-MFJ/144878748928813 they may be able to help you get a ride My photos My Videos