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  1. I have heard a story that russians made some similar tests. They found out that if you drop a soldier from an aircraft (without anykind of chute) to deep snow, 80 percent of the soldiers will survive in a condition that they can still continue..
  2. It must be hard to live in the states. Im sorry 8(
  3. Sorry gal.. Job means no time for jumping... 8(
  4. Nice shit... Reminds me of a student who just a few days ago rotated a backflip when opening her chute. (5 second freefall spring PC ) She actually went between her risers so she had one twist in both sides.. (i wonder if she even noticed them in the air )
  5. Well.. I have done it and I must say I dont regret at all. It was fun. Ofcourse it was not a hurricane or anything but , there was real lightnings close to us. And the air in the Freefall was so warm !!
  6. How about this one ? I think not more than 30 meters... there is a person holding the PC though... (download "tack för kaffet") (its Swedish and means "Thanks for the coffey")
  7. Isnt it awsome to see a lightning flash really close to you ?
  8. Ever seen sucha trick ? See the movie "good stuff" Trailer at
  9. What do you think ? Wich one of these packing methods is more reliable ? PRO pack or Psycho pack ? Is there any statistics on this matter ? Wich do you use your self ? Why ?
  10. I was also pretty calm before the 1st jump... (not long time ago) .. But if u r still calm at 4000m (13000ft.) I would say not too good... Its always healthy to be a little bit afraid. ( even if its yer 10.000th jump..) Respect for the sport at least if not afraid.. 8)
  11. So how old do u have to be in US to jump ? Does it go by the DZ rules or by the state ? I just saw some film including a 11 year old boy who had 78 jumps.. (shit) Is that legal ?