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  1. I've been out of the sport due to injury since 2003. I learned of Gary's death from his obituary in my local paper and am deeply saddened. Jumptown was my home DZ for a brief time. I took AFF there. Gary was instrumental in my instruction. He was my teacher in the classroom and the next day when I did my first AFF jump, he was my ground instructor. My first AFF jump is the only one I have video of and he is prominent in it. I gave him quite the scare on that jump. He was operating the radio from the ground. My radio failed. It was either off or the volume was down. Under canopy I could not hear him. To his credit, I remembered what he taught me in the classroom the night before and successfully landed without assistance. I landed about 100 yards from him. It was a PLF and I just layed on the ground for a bit thinking to myself 'What the hell just happened?'. Gary, not knowing if I had bounced ran his ass off toward me. I heard him yelling to me to please give him a signal that I was OK. At that time, I gave him a thumbs up. In a very nice way, he reemed my ass for not immediately letting him know all was well. Just seeing him at the DZ gave me confidence. He was truly the best of the best! BSBD Gary! Thank you so much for being such a great instructor. If it was not for your skills, I do not know if I would have been able to make that landing without harm. To Dianne, You probably don't remember me but I do remember you. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Gary was a good man. Chris Muenkel
  2. Roy, What an incredible tribute to your father and proof that being a dad is not just biology. I cannot imagine your pain as I have not experienced it. Reading all the things your dad did with and for you makes me confident that his strength is in you. He sounds like an incredible man and someone you are blessed to look up to. I cannot take your pain from you but I will most definitely pray for you and all his loved ones. Hang in there bro and keep his memory alive. My condolences, Chris
  3. Mike, Like so many others, words completely fail me right now. Please, please know that I mourn with you. I am praying from the depths of my heart for you and all who loved your baby girl so deeply. I also include her friends in those prayers. May God welcome Shannon into His Heavenly Kingdom and grant you and all her loved ones His Grace to endure this most difficult time. Mike, If there's anything I can do for you; you know you just have to ask. In the meantime, many prayers will be said. Please hang in there my good friend, Chris
  4. My deepest sympathies to all who were close to Bryan. _________________________________________ Chris
  5. To all those close to Richard, my deepest condolences. _________________________________________ Chris
  6. I too am sorry for your loss. _________________________________________ Chris
  7. Russ, I'm saddened by your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you during this most difficult time. Hang in there, Chris
  8. Lee, Thank you for all the laughs you shared with us all here on I especially want to thank you for helping out my good friend micro when he needed it. Brandy, you're in my prayers as is the rest of Lee's loved ones. Rest in peace buddy, Chris
  9. My prayers and condolences to your entire family, Mrs. Flynn. _________________________________________ Chris
  10. Like so many here, I only knew Tonto online. He was truly one of the most classiest, nicest guy from day one. This hurts. To all his family and friends, I offer my prayers and condolences. _________________________________________ Chris
  11. My condolences to all of you that were Gabe's friends. I will say a prayer for all of you. Blue skies, Chris
  12. On 6/28/07 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Seizure Disorder. My neuro said it was Epilepsy. The cause was multiple head trauma with scarring on the brain. My condition was confirmed by a 2nd neuro about a week later. My most recent seizure was a staring episode on 4/29/07. I also have Complex Partial seizure. I am currently on 800mg of Tegretol. So far I have not had a seizure since 4/29. I am not allowed to drive until I am 6 months seizure free. I am also dealing with Complex migraines that are very difficult to control. I am in some level of pain from mild to severe 24/7. I have lost consciousness well over 100 times due to severe head pain. My prognosis is that both conditions are permanent. I'm crossing my fingers that my seizures do not break through my medication. If all medication fails, I will have to undergo surgery to remove the area where the seizures are occuring. At this point, I cannot see myself ever skydiving again mostly due to the chronic pain and the medication I have to take to control it. My diagnosis is so new that I have yet to really educate myself. Psychologically, I have not been able to process any of it yet. I am encouraged though to read the posts here and how you folks have been able to manage your seizures. For the first time, I'm imagining getting back in the sky somehow. The chronic head pain is a problem though. Thanks for your posts on this topic. They actually have given me a sliver of encouragement. Blues, Chris _________________________________________ Chris
  13. Hi Bob, Glad to hear you are doing well considering. While you may be experiencing an earthly seperation, it seems to me Shannon is working through you and with you. Best of luck on your endeavor. Please keep us posted. Thanks, Chris _________________________________________ Chris
  14. My prayers and condolences go out to all of Michael's loved ones. BSBD Chris _________________________________________ Chris
  15. My deepest sympathy goes out to Reed's loved ones. It is that first tandem (or other type of jump) that we get our first taste of freefall and flying under canopy. We've all experienced that first. Yes, he is a skydiver. I'm saddened it was only for a short time. R.I.P. our brother. Chris _________________________________________ Chris