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  1. I got clocked doing 87 just as I rolled out of my turn at The Farm. I would love to break triple digits someday.
  2. I use Naylors Instruments for the repair of most indicators including all pitot static instruments. They do good work, they do it quickly and they are very reasonably priced. They may have an outright exchange for the airspeed indicator (just beware that the airspeed markings need to be matched). Id pass the info along to the operators. Derek (Avionics tech)
  3. You are going to be buying a lot of beer, you should just hook it up and set me up with a 3gs.
  4. Rich, I wont be back in Seb for a bit, you can buy me beer when I come pick up my new Iphone.
  5. I was watching this video about Rich Luttrell. During a portion of it, noticed he was wearing a Mid America Sport Parachute Club shirt. He is one of our own. Found the link via Thought Id share, I dont know the man, but Id like to shake his hand.
  6. Yea - I remember your advice. I think you told me to slow down my speed runs and shorten my distance. Or vert more. Im all over it Shane.
  7. Yea, flare in the middle of the pond. I did that once. It was right before I went swimming. I read on that you are supposed to end a swoop w a flair, not begin a swoop with a flair. Dig it baby dig it deep out of that corner. xoxo
  8. But why are you on toggles? You digging aren't you?
  9. If only I could find a way to eat junk food and poop pond liner Id be rich.
  10. im 3.0 on a 96. ;( when swoop seaon is over im going on a diet.
  11. I can teach you to eat like a man. ;)
  12. That isn't what the peanut butter is for - I swear.