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  1. I was once a squirrel supporter. No one can argue that they have good customer service. I’ve flown just about every suit they’ve made and currently don’t own anything from them after flying other brands. I don’t like squirrels products. Everyone appreciates a different thing in a wingsuit. Everyone should form their own opinion from experience. Try them all and buy what you enjoy flying the most. Or just blindly follow the marketing like a sheep. Your choice.
  2. BryanCampau


    I flew an epicene 150 and 170 for around 400 jumps. Worst canopies I’ve ever flown but they do open nice like a reserve. Zero flare and very little get back from a long spot. I did demo the Horizon and it’s like an Epicene but it at least has a flare. My recommendation is correct body position to have a good opening and get a ZP canopy. But there will be tons of opinions on the topic. I would ignore the marketing and demo a few things if you are in the market for a new canopy.
  3. BryanCampau

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Really? When you can accurately control wind speed and pitch with the suit in flight, you truly believe they could not accurately measure the performance of a suit and compare to other models? I feel like there is no better way to compare. Please do tell what way to measure beats a flyable wingsuit tunnel? By your previous comment it sounds like you may be unaware that there is a tunnel that is more than just a research tunnel.
  4. BryanCampau

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    It won’t be very long before the wingsuit tunnel is changing pitch as well as speed. I think that will be eye opening to see the true performance amongst various models and manufacturers in there.
  5. BryanCampau

    Swift 3?

    My recommendation is try before you buy. You can rent Tony, Phoenix Fly, and Squirrel suits. You may even be able to find someone with similar measurements that lets you try theirs. If there is a few similar size models within the brand then try those too. Then buy what feels best to you. :) We all want and like different things out of our suits.
  6. BryanCampau

    World's first inclined wingsuit tunnel

    Completely agree. The tunnel they have built is incredibly fun and beneficial to quickly progress in a wingsuit. It is comparible to a vertical tunnel for a slick jumper. There will be a definitive difference between those that train there and those that train in the sky only. I look forward to seeing more of these inclined tunnels pop up around the world. Until then - i will keep Stockholm as a regular destination in my yearly travels.
  7. BryanCampau

    Wingsuits are for people that dont know how to fly

    We all have to start somewhere. Being an expert at flying your body in the tunnel or sky isn’t required to learn how to wingsuit. I’m happy to welcome anyone to wingsuiting as long as they progress safely.
  8. BryanCampau

    R Bird Pro 2 vs. Freak 2

  9. BryanCampau

    Freak 2 - any feedback?

    Biting my tongue so hard....
  10. BryanCampau

    Freak - Strix

    I've got around 50 jumps on a Freak and I have to say it was the largest let downs of all the suits i've purchased. I know i'm gonna catch shit for voicing that opinion but it's the truth. I love back flying but that thing was terrible on it's back. The tail flapped like crazy unless you were flying it maxed out. You basically couldn't play with the range of the suit if you wanted the tail to inflate. I emailed Squirrel with my concerns and they assured me nothing was wrong with the suit and that it was simply not being flown right. Basically just boasting that it requires a lot of skill to back fly that suit. It was quite annoying at the time but now it is laughable. It would appear the Freak 2 release was rushed in response to both Tony Suits and Phoenix Fly releasing their big acro suits that actually can back fly! And of course now they are owning up and saying they fixed the back inlet vents on the tail so it actually inflates instead of flaps. I switched to Phoenix Fly suits after owning 8 Squirrel suits and accumulating over 500 jumps on them. In my opinion their wings are extremely rigid and don't fit the style of flight I like. I enjoy the smoothness of transitions, carving, and just smooth flying overall. The smooth acro flight characteristics are in my opinion what Phoenix Fly does best. Every manufacturer has something they tend to do exceptionally well over the competition. I don't think any manufacturer out there is complete garbage. In this case - I do think Squirrel let their customers down with the Freak and their response to the complaints. My Strix should be here within a month. :) I can compare the two once I get some jumps on the Strix. But with the suit fitting the style Phoenix Fly is known for - I don't think I will be disappointed.
  11. BryanCampau

    Can anyone in raeford teach me???

    My home dz is Skydive Carolina. If you are willing to make a short drive down sometime i'd be happy to help. Or if you can find two other people up there I can make the drive up and do the course there. Shoot me a PM on here and we can work something out.
  12. BryanCampau

    Funk 2

    Completely amazing suit. It is exactly as described in the advertisements. Massive range in the internal pressure. Super easy to transition and fly steep. Deployments are amazingly easy and you don't fall out of the sky. It feels natural to fly and is a ton of fun. I highly recommend this suit. (i've flown only Tony suits before this one)
  13. BryanCampau


    I got this canopy a few weeks ago and have put about 15 jumps on it. I was expecting to get hard openings but it didn't happen. The openings are brisk but far from painful. The flight characteristics are great. Fantastic landings. Really fun to fly. And you can get them at great prices!