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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for info on the sony a6300. Are any of you using this camera for video? And if so, what are your thought on the a6300? Thanks
  2. I'm sorry but this just isn't true. If you're on a proper big way there isn't going to be a dedicated swoop lane and not everybody is doing it! A crossbraced canopy just isn't the right tool to bring to big way's.
  3. I decided not to wait for the option cookie had brewing last year, but instead asked somebody to help my out by building a custom mount as a platform for the camera's. I can now mount both my camera's side by side for photo/video jumps. If need be I can remove them and mount a GoPro in a rollermount for AFF-jumps. I think it turned out great!
  4. I'm not sure if this is the case. I think a lot of what you said here is perception and assumption. What we see a lot of is that when people think something will cause a specific outcome, people tend to only see that outcome. For instance when a we see a student as being disruptive, we only see the disruptive side of his behavior because we focus on it. Our opinions are colored by our own beliefs. I don't think there has ever been a fair and good comparison between pro-packing vs. phyco packing. I'm not aware of research into packing and the resulting opening characteristics. To claim either one is better then the other is a matter of opinion and not fact. Also to claim one causes better on-heading is, in my opinion, not fair. I would hypothesize that on-heading openings are more a characteristic of the canopies design and body position on opening then that it has to do with pro or phyco-pack. Having said that, if people prefer phyco-pack over pro-pack they should use that method. I for one prefer pro-pack and have always had good result.
  5. I just pull right out of the door, within a second. I've done so with my Velocity and continue to do so now that I have a Leia. No problems so far.
  6. I recently bought a Cookie Fuel helmet and am considering turning it into my main camera helmet. I'm looking into options for topmounting cameras. I would like to topmount my cameras on the helmet. I'm well aware of the new flatlock adaptor that Cookie has brought out for the Fuel, but I don't think that is give me enough space to mount my cameras. I would like to topmount either a GoPro and a CX or a GoPro and a Sony NEX camera. I've seen the topmount plate for the G2/G3 (https://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/g2-g3-dual-camera-mounting-platform) and am wondering if that would fit on top of the Fuel. Anybody know? Any other advise is welcome.
  7. I've got a Tonfly 3x camera helmet. I'm using a RCB-LAB Zkulls Overkill bracket to mount the camera's to the helmet. I'm topmounting a Sony CX camera. I've mounted a GoPro on the front of the bracket. The helmet is equipped with a ringsight. I've tried to eliminate snags as best I could, but there are some points on the helmet where things can snag.
  8. Alright guys and girls I need some input. I recently obtained a Vector 3 equipped with a skyhook. I've been jumping camera for a couple of years now, and on a previous rigs never jumped with a RSL (these were not skyhook equipped rigs, and the rigs didn't have an RSL to begin with). A few years ago the general thought was to not jump with a RSL for fear of an entanglement. Has this changed over the last couple of years after the skyhook came onto the market? And if so, how and why has this changed, what is behind the change in thought. Would you recommend leaving the RSL shackle attached while jumping camera's on a skyhook equipped rig? I thought I read somewhere that canopy choice also played a part in whether to leave the RSL shackle attached on a skyhook rig.
  9. By the time you get it there'll be a new version available! That may be, but I think this canopy is worth the wait.
  10. I got quoted 50 weeks. I will indeed be a nice present about a year from now
  11. Didn't UPT release a bulletin saying you could also close the rig the way it is shown in the photo?
  12. I sure hope you learned this the other way around. Work to get out of the twist first and then deal with end-cell closure.
  13. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2624812#2624812 A previous thread about the Radical.
  14. Great suit, great build quality. Good customer service. I've bought my suit about 5 years ago and it's still looking great.
  15. Saskia, I know who you're talking about. Where do you think she got the idea from ;-). Here are some AFF jumps with the belly mount. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRtk_dRhGxM How does she mount the gopro for belly flying? I saw gopro makes a chest mount, but it looks like their's would just video the earth for belly flying. Well, it's not really a belly mount. I use the chest mount, but it almost sits on my belly. I think she uses the same system as I do. The chest mount comes with an adjustable mount so you can point the camera to the student.