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  1. A small turn is completely acceptable and is the standard approach for all the small canopies that typically land at the front of the pack in flawless sequence. Moreover, at many smaller DZs after small way free flying and getting down first in clear air space we will all swoop, I'm sure you do too. It would be nice to utilize the audible for the free flying portion and not have it blasting off during routine landings. Thank you to those who responded. With the explosive growth of free flying and swooping (which often go hand in hand) I'm sure a future model will meet our needs. Enjoy the rest of summer guys. I'm done with this thread. Cheers.
  2. In response to the Optima statement above, if the low speed alarms are activated, will the high speed alarms be deactivated during that period? I think tiny canopies still hit the "high" speeds during the swoop and still go off. Serious question though people i would really like to know. Thanks.
  3. You're missing the humour in the post bud. It's 2016 can we not make an audible that doesn't let out any ear blasting siren when we land our sub one hundred canopies?!? If you are a toggle pumping long spotting belly flyer with a sabre 170 i dont want to hear from you on the topic. This is a real problem for the god damn boys.
  4. Boys, I'm forced to use an audible for big ways. The alarm is raping my ear every single f#%*ing time I land. Tell me there is a model that will not activate alarms below the selected break off altitudes?!? I'm trying to be a better person here but lately i've been pulling the battery and just pretending to push buttons in the dirt dive discussions, its only a matter of time before my cover is blown. Blue Skies, Scott Stevens.
  5. 3:00am on a Saturday night, the boys pleading with you not to go. Your head pops out the taxi window as it departs and yells "Any hole is a goal boys"! (The girls hangs her head)
  6. If Nicholas Cage and Tom Cruise had to throw down, who do you think would win? Survey says ...
  7. hands down Sabre2 120, you will love it.
  8. Hey man, glad to hear you are interested in pursuing some new disciplines! I just got my first wingsuit a month ago and have done about 10 jumps with it so I figured I would share my experiences with you. First of all, it's not as easy as i thought it might be. Small movements from your body will make a big difference in the way you fly. Its hard to find the sweet spot and hold it. Jumping from a Cessna demands your full attention on exit. You need to be aware in freefall of your surroundings, location and altitude. The deployement process takes some getting used to, and it's pretty difficult to stay stable when trying to pick up more vertical speed before you dump. Additionally, emergency procedures are more complex and more steps are required to land safely when compared to a normal skydive. A wingsuit flight is not an ordinary skydive. Keep jumping, ask questions, read books, pull.
  9. Wow man, those things are super gay.........
  10. Skate Shoes are the choice of champions. If youre cool, you wear skate shoes. I even got my DZO a pair and converted him! He likes the flat soles for sliding in landings, as do I! DC SHOE CO.
  11. Once you are off student status and jumping on your own, you will start to build up a level of comfort and confidence in your equipment. Around my 15th jump I started to really relax. Having said that, every once in awhile i'll still be sitting in the plane and get a cold chill down my spine, just go with it, take a deep breath and try to relax. This feeling always disappears when the door gets cracked! You can always scream out "EXTREEEEEEEEEEME"
  12. Down in front, ya manta lovin belly flyer!
  13. I second this, freaks do infact rule the sky. I'm developing a small army of freaks as you read this.