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  1. Hi all, I am new to this sport, just completed my AFF. I want to start getting my own gear on a bit of shoe string. Got helmet, alti goggles etc. However I want to get a black jumpsuit and i'm not bothered if second hand. Does anyone know a good outlet, or do most people go out and buy new? Cheers p.s i'm based in the UK by the way. Thanks Freefallphil.
  2. Cheers Dan, Let you know how it goes tomoz. Think i'm going to just get out and do some turns on first jump. Should be nice not having a long list of things to do. Cheers for the advice. Thanks Freefallphil.
  3. Cheers Daniel, I was on such a high after my Hop n Pop but then ever since we have weddings, stag dos etc etc. If we haven't had anything on then the weather has been poor. Last weekend it was good weather and I just wasn't up for it? Tomoz i'm just going to get up there, name on the board and get the first jump done. Just need to arch right?! Thanks Freefallphil.
  4. Hi, Its 2 months since I finished my AFF at Level 8. I was full of confidence after completing AFF however given this gap i'm now a bit nervous. In fact more than a bit! Any advice? Jumping tomoz. Thanks Freefallphil.
  5. I'm with you there. Those t shirts are more liekly to be worn by a lover of "funny" car stickers. Don't want anything like that. Even just a plain t shirt with the name of a manufacturer on would do? Thanks Freefallphil.
  6. Hi, I need some t-shirts etc to wear around the DZ. Anyone know of a uk stockist thats good for skydiving designs? Cheers Thanks Freefallphil.
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  8. If I only do 10 jumps a month, I don't feel current. If I only do 20 jumps a month I feel kind of current. Wow, that is current! In the UK with your own rig and packing thats over £400 per month! Is that normal or is it cheaper the US? Thanks for the replies. I didn't listen to my AFF instructor at first due to family pressures, however I completely agree with him now. 4 or 5 jumps in a day really pay dividends. So going to try to do as many as I can on each visit. Thanks again. Thanks Freefallphil.
  9. Hi, I've just completed my eight AFF Levels! Well chuffed and can't wait to get on with my consoles. However...much as I would love to jump every weekend, kids dictate this isn't going to happen. So that makes me ask...how current does a jumper need to be to be current? Thanks for any clarity. www.freefallphil.blogspot.com Thanks Freefallphil.
  10. Hi, I dive exit from a PAC. Its a great wide plane, plenty of space. The only issue I have is the ride up and then to the door. Its not held me back at all. However, I always get this nagging voice which says " what are you doing?" Is this normal? Once out of the plane I love it,a dn all these thoughts have not really been noticeable. Thanks Freefallphil.
  11. Hi, I've just completed my Level 6 AFF. Previously I had also done ten RAPS jumps. After Level 6 I went home thinking, got it, its all in the arch. Arch well and there is nothing to worry about. This weekend I went to try to get my 7 & 8 done. I was confident on the way to the airfield. However on the plane assent I was more nervous than ever? In the end we had to come back down as the clouds were too thick. This was disappointing however, given how nervous I felt inside, no bad thing. Do the nerves ever give way? Also does anyone have any good tactics for getting control of them? Does this mean i've not really got what it takes? Thanks. Thanks Freefallphil.
  12. Grimmie, That post couldn't have come at a better time, as about to go to sleep. Thanks very much for the clarity. I was starting to think these guys are immortal. Cheers a top post and completley agree. At the end of the day I am going to quailify and the freefall feeling was too good to forget so stuck for life! Thanks again. Thanks Freefallphil.
  13. Hi, Replies are great and are calming me down significantly. I know that after coming down from Level 2 I could have literally gone straight back up that minute. I loved it and imagine I will get well and truly hooked. However i've just got to keep prespective. The people down at my DZ have really given all to the sport and are literally 'living the dream'. However my wife isn't about to jump out of a plane (silly her!) and my boys are too young to leave at the DZ while I jump. So i'm reliant on my wife's patience. I had a full weekend to go at it this weekend and the winds were way to high! So got zero levels in!Just want to get qualified to take the pressure off, and enjoy what its about! Thanks Freefallphil.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the replies. Yes i'm based in the Uk. As I stated my instructors are very skilled. It is a differant mentality but we all have to be open minded. For me I want to qualify and then get back to my day job (teacher) knowing that I have the best hobby in the world. It just gets on my nerves when they question my dedication to the sport when I am just paying them to show me what I need to know. I've not joined a fraternity, I just want to learn how to jump. At the end of the day, my kids, wife and job come first. This is my bit of fun. An example being they even tried to make me feel guily for going away for my sons birthday last weekend. Thanks. Thanks Freefallphil.
  15. I don't know if this is controversial. Maybe. However, i'm just starting on my skydiving journey. I've done ten RAPS jumps and now i've done my first two levels of AFF. I've been down every weekend for the last 6 weeks to progress, however i've missed two days when the weather has been good. This has been due to the fact ive got two young boys and on one weekend it was my eldest sons birthday. This weekend I went and was told (un-offically) that I am gathering a reputation for not being down when I get the chance to jump. On one occasion one of my AFF instructors didn't turn up as he was hungover, i've not even mentioned this since. My instructors are very skilled, however it is clear they question my dedication. I want to skydive for the rest of my life, however I didn't pay for a hobby that would lead to me neglecting my kids! The two will be in tandem (pardon the pun!). Whats wroing with me getting qualified and then jumping for fun in my own time? Isn't this sport about free will and having that 50 secs complete free time. I'm not binning off my family for a group of strangers to give me the thumbs up. Thanks Freefallphil.