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  1. hcsvader

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    The search function in the forums? Is this feature still available?
  2. hcsvader

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    We've been doing it in Australia for a while now.... There's some evidence.....
  3. hcsvader

    Container WS friendly

    I got rid of my skysnatch after having a few missed pulls, I just do not like the handle. I much prefer hackey with a tuck tab.
  4. hcsvader

    400 jumps velo 111

    What's typical when people push the limits and ignore the advice of the experienced,? I'm sure you've been around long enough now Iain to understand why I started this thread. I'm sure you've had mates die or been permanently disabled because they thought they were better than everyone else and didn't need to be told what they can or can't do. Yes, you have survived and fucking excelled at what your doing. Consultations mate!!!!! Seriously, your doing some amazing stuff! But not everyone does. Most actually don't. That's why I started this thread in the first place. You were pushing hard. Hard as fuck since your first jump. You know that. You bounced around from country to country, DZ to DZ doing whatever you wanted to, looking for the answeres your wanted to hear. Looking for the gear your wanted to jump, even when others said No. I'll say it again, you've done well my friend. But can you, honestly, as a USPA instructor recommended the same progression for your students?
  5. hcsvader

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    Who cares, can't buy advertising like that! Millions of people are thinking about the topic of skydiving just because of this Muppet
  6. hcsvader

    Follow up on incidents

    Full reports can take up to a year to be completed. Often by the time they are released that incident is long forgotten so the information is not always shared here. The Australian parachute federation is probably one of the best for completing reports and releasing information, we get emails of the preliminary reports and final reports.
  7. hcsvader

    Pitt Meadows dropzone closed?

    ATC issues.
  8. hcsvader

    Australia Skydiving

    If the jump numbers on your profile are correct you will not be able to land on the beaches here. Minimum for most locations is 200 jumps, many more require min 500, and a lot kid them are staff sand tandem only.
  9. hcsvader

    A Packing List For The Boogie-Bound

    and Condoms!
  10. hcsvader

    World Meet

    Yeah it's looking like it could be a good race for the top 3 in 4way. Hopefully the weather cooperates for the rest of the meet.
  11. Try asking here https://www.facebook.com/groups/748411808514696/ I always just camp at York. I would also recommend checking out Skydive jurien bay if you have time :)
  12. hcsvader

    life vest suitable for WS's - any ideas?

    is there any reason why you can't wear one of the pfd's thats in a belt bag and wear it under your suit? If you know your going to land in the water, just unzip the front of the suit and throw the pfd over your head and inflate.
  13. hcsvader

    New Skydiver, going travelling

    where and when exactly?
  14. hcsvader

    USPA Adds 8-way Advanced Class

    Hey Kris
  15. hcsvader

    Skydiving in Phuket Thailand?

    Im sure there will be a few police officers around that will be happy to take your money.