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  1. cjdskydiver

    classified ads

    I just found the same thing and asked the same question...
  2. cjdskydiver

    ad renewal...how to do it??

    Ok...so I went to renew it, and see the following...we have to pay for ads now...?? Renewal: 30 days more Renewal price: $6.00
  3. cjdskydiver

    ad renewal...how to do it??

    According to what shows up on my ad, it will expire on the 19th. How do I renew it? My Renewals still shows nothing. Time Left 6 days and 6 hours - February 19, 2019
  4. cjdskydiver

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    +1 on the WinX-170...that's what I jump and I love it!
  5. How do you renew an ad now? I looked all around on my ad page, but didn't find anything. This link is broken: To renew your ad, go to http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/modify.cgi I also went under 'My Renewals', but it says "There's nothing here yet." I received an email that an ad will expire soon, which is also shown on the ad.
  6. cjdskydiver

    Who's going to PIA?

    What he said... :o)
  7. cjdskydiver

    PIA Symposium

    Here's the event schedule: http://piasymposium.com/Schedule of Events.pdf
  8. cjdskydiver

    Who's going to PIA?

    I'll be there for the week...
  9. cjdskydiver

    PIA Symposium

    Very informative and very handy! I downloaded it yesterday. Glad to see PIA is keeping up with technology. http://piasymposium.com/Hello Crowd.pdf The seminar schedule is on the website now. I like to print it out and mark it up ahead of time so I can plan my week. http://piasymposium.com/Speaker Schedule.pdf
  10. cjdskydiver

    OLD SCHOOL HELP! Sony PC100 to PC via USB

    While on the topic of MiniDV tapes...I Firewired all mine to my PC a while back, and don't have a need for the camera any longer. If anyone has tapes lying around but nothing to play them on, I'm looking to sell the camera. It's a Sony PC1. Great condition. All the original accessories included, plus a bunch of batteries and tapes. PM me if interested. I also still have a Hawkeye camera helmet with a side-mount box, listed in the classifieds.
  11. cjdskydiver

    OLD SCHOOL HELP! Sony PC100 to PC via USB

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago and have been digitizing all my old VHS tapes...works great...creates .mp4 video... https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/625264-REG/Elgato_Systems_10020840_Video_Capture_USB_Analog.html Now I have Couch Freaks 2001, WFFC 1998, among others, on my iPhone...those were the days... ;o) If you want different formats, use AVC to choose from a plethora of options: https://www.any-video-converter.com/
  12. cjdskydiver

    PIA Symposium

    Suggest checking the website daily. Usually by the end of the week prior they have a PDF doc of the seminar schedule posted. Looking forward to it. I'll be there for the week. Who else from here is heading down??
  13. cjdskydiver

    Feedback on new forum functionality

    LOL...I just spewed water all over my screen...
  14. cjdskydiver

    DZs in Europe

    Skydive Balaton in Siofok, Hungary. Mi-8 helos!! Fly out over the lake. Fun times!
  15. cjdskydiver

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Nothing, but some DZ's may require a "C" for certain jumps. I knew one DZ that required a "C" for balloon jumps and another that required it for beach jumps (The only reason I got a "C", I skipped A and B). Jumping at Moab, for example, requires a B, C or even a D license for some of the off-site jumps...for reasons other than formation jump numbers...namely, the expectation that you can land in a tight/rough area in potentially sketchy wind conditions...oh, and without killing others on the load or non-jumpers on the ground...