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  1. Crystal's List...it used to be here: crystalslist.org
  2. Hmm, wonder if the alternative meaning of BS was considered when renaming BPA to British Skydiving..."I need to renew my BS membership"..."We're going to the BS Nationals"..."This is BS"...lol...knowing British humour, this was intentional...
  3. Does Sun Path approve? If not, I wouldn't do it.
  4. Is the Carve ‘21 a significant enough performance and feature improvement over the original Carve to consider it? I’ve been jumping a Carve since 2015. Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. Anyone know what happened with Blue Skies Mag? No new online issues since early last year. Website mostly dormant. Haven’t been able to reach anyone.
  6. I've been told by RW that they feel there isn't a real benefit and that the harness is designed such that the MLW is somewhat contoured to approximate articulation.
  7. SSK is the US repair center for L&B products. Give Eric a shout - 513-934-3201 http://www.sskinc.com Batteries: https://www.mouser.com/ Renata is the brand you want.
  8. Looks like the Curv in the pictures above is a ver 1.0, which has rounded corners on the end tabs of the side flaps. The ver 2.0 Curv has sharper lower corners, which I think is what you're referring to. That, in conjunction with the vertical end of the metal loop that's sewn inside of the end tab can create a scenario where there's tension which could inhibit the bridle sliding around it to pull the pin. A solution is to leave some slack in the bridle when tucking it under that corner so that it can freely move around it.
  9. What's the deadline for pre-registration? I was there in 2017 and had a great time!
  10. Because his view was he was certifying the rig is airworthy for 120 days. He took the conservative approach on things, which I can't fault. No need to debate this. As well, from my view, there's no guarantee a person is going to come back for the AAD maintenance. See above on conservative approach. No need to debate this. It's just a lot easier to not make deviations for sake of jumper convenience. Marking the data card with a special notation that the AAD is out of date prior to the repack cycle means little. Is a DZ going to notice that? Which date are they going to put on the waiver, the pack date, the date the AAD expires or both? DZ jumper mgmt software calculates rig service time based on repack date. It could make things confusing. Simpler to just do things one way. Rig comes in for repack. Will the AAD expire within the repack cycle? If yes, then AAD is serviced accordingly. Upon completion of service, repack rig and give back to customer. Easy peasy. I would allow for one deviation, though. If the AAD service will take an inordinate amount of time, etc, offer the option to repack the rig without it, then install it when it comes back. If you do everything you can to put yourself beyond reproach, even if you would <technically> be in the clear, then you can sleep easier, not just because of fear of lawsuits. As well, you earn the respect of others that you do things by the book, like my rigger did of me. “I will be sure – always.” http://www.fortcampbellcourier.com/news/article_ca747ab4-665b-11e2-989c-0019bb2963f4.html
  11. You're putting yourself at risk... I recall asking my rigger about this before I became a rigger, and he said he wouldn't pack a rig if the battery or unit was going to go out of date (4-yr check) during a repack cycle, at that time 120 days. I wouldn't either. It's not worth it. You can try and justify it to yourself all day long. It makes no difference. All it will take is for an incident to happen, an attorney to do some digging and a sympathetic jury to convict...
  12. Any update on this? I have another free ad that just expired, but I can't renew it without paying...?
  13. I agree...I've witnessed and heard about hard landings and one that blew up on deployment. There was a service bulletin in the 2000ish timeframe concerning bar tack failures. There was also a lawsuit with another incident. I had two MR150s many years ago. Glad I never had to use them. I replaced them with PD-143Rs. Don't go cheap on your last chance. Get a PDR or Optimum...you'll be ecstatic if you have to use it...
  14. I just found the same thing and asked the same question...
  15. Ok...so I went to renew it, and see the following...we have to pay for ads now...?? Renewal: 30 days more Renewal price: $6.00