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  1. any riggers out there with opinions on this? I'm sure there's some technical spec for pounds of pull force required to open a rig...
  2. Here's a video of what's occurring. Maybe i'm wrong and this is normal required opening force? It has opened without hesitation on the 30 jumps i've put on this new container. Just seemed to me that I shouldn't be able to lift it off the ground by the bridle? It's definitely not a tight closing loop- the pin moves freely and easily as it should. GH010115.MP4
  3. Thanks all. I will post a video/pics tomorrow (at work now). For the record, it's opened without hesitation on the 30 or so jumps I've put on it. But the corners of the flap on mine seem sharper than on the ones posted above.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, I've read that portion of the manual and tested it out both ways/routed it as they suggest. I was just surprised that I can lift the rig off the floor by the bridle before it pulls the pin and noticed that it's because it's catching that sharp corner.
  5. Hello all, I have a new Curv. When practicing packing it and then opening it again, it seems that it takes a great deal of force to pull the pin when bridle is routed traditionally from top right to bottom. Not because of a tight closing loop, but it seems that the bridle gets hung up on the very angular/sharp lower corner of the right flap, just below the pin. I can even lift the rig off the ground by the bridle before there's enough force for it to open. Is this normal? It's clear to me that it's sort of hung up and loading that sharp corner of the flap. It takes somewhat less force to open when the bridle is routed from the bottom of the container. Am i overanalyzing? Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Get a PD pulse. Super docile, flat glide, easy to fly and packs a size smaller, so you can easily downsize later in the same container
  7. Hello all. Any riggers out there yet have a chance to check out/watch video about RI's new mard (the mojo). Just curious on expert opinions of it's design and how it compares to other mards, as well as possible drawbacks. Any/all opinions appreciated!!!