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  1. SkyPainter

    Chaaaz on Base

  2. GOOD LUCK! and H A V E F U N !!!!! Pay close attention in the FCJ, then just go out and do your jump as planned/trained. The very FIRST time you fly your own canopy back to earth is a VERY special moment, and sears the sport into your soul! Welcome to the Skies!
  3. SkyPainter


    I recently switched to Jumptown to continue with AFF training. The level of instruction, friendliness of the staff, and others - ALL others there - packers, upjumpers, students, office staff, instructors, everyone - is amazing! I felt right at home, and part of the place the first day! The planes are new and clean, the gear is new and clean - and they have a lot of it for students. The instructors are just class jumpers, who become instant friends! Everyone comes up and says hello to a new face ... ask any question you want to, and you get reliable help. This is the way a DZ should be run! BTW - I am 61 going through AFF, and I am not alone there! Lots of POPS and SOS jumpers! MY new home DZ!!!
  4. SkyPainter

    Just finished AFF

    Congratulations!!!! I am started AFF this Thursday ....can't wait! the weather here has delayed a lot of stuff, but now we will be getting a short break so I can get the ground school done, at least, and maybe a couple of jumps in this weekend! Congrats again! I think that once I get my "A" license, I can REALLY begin to learn how to skydive! Blue Skies, and Safe Landings Always - Chaaaz, AKA, SkyPainter
  5. SkyPainter

    First jump - have question

    Hi! Welcome to the sky! I am also a newbie, did my tandem a week or so ago, and waiting for the weather here to clear-up so I can begin the AFF course. I think "post jump depression' is not depression at all, but rather a mental and physiological response to the overwhelming adrenalin rush of that first jump! Our brains and bodies are programmed to seek pleasure, not pain, and in that process we long to experience it at that level again. Certainly, very few things can measure-up to the sensations of flying and freedom, but we need to separate those from other pleasures - seeing my kids born, tasting various single-malt scotches, hearing great jazz, for example. Each is precious in it's own way, and each provides me with a different pleasurable experience. Jumping is SUCH an overwhelming experience, that we yearn to go right back up and do it again! I know I did right after my tandem! I went to the Pro Shop at the DZ, and bought the SIM (Skydiving Information Manual), and have been studying it like it was the SATs .... at least it has afforded me a deeper insight into the sport, and how the progressions are structures, and a LOT of other great information, as well! It has helped to fill-in the time until the next classes/jumps. Depression? Nah..... Craving more? You bet! It is certainly a high point in life to date, and ranks right up there with the others.
  6. SkyPainter

    Hooked for Life

    Just a quick question ...... Dude ...who gave you an "A" license with only twelve jumps???