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  1. This has pretty much been my thought process on the subject. Although I finally decided to pull the trigger on a brand new Vigil this year and look what happens. Oi! B.A.S.E. #1734
  2. Because winds have NOTHING to do with the sun heating the surface of our planet unevenly. Has to be a bearded wizard conjuring this stuff up somewhere... B.A.S.E. #1734
  3. Never tried the SMH10R but the distance is only half a mile as opposed to the 20s which is 1.2 miles. B.A.S.E. #1734
  4. I was thinking the opposite, even AFF could benefit from the use of these. From exit to landing... Yeah I could see the benefits of having a one way communication from instructor to student for AFF jumps, it could make a world of difference if used properly. The bigger issue which I was referring to would be the 50 jump wonders that want to strap these on go have a field day in the sky. B.A.S.E. #1734
  5. Do you have anymore information on what this is going to be all about? B.A.S.E. #1734
  6. Unlike most overpriced skydiving equipment this device actually pretty accurately priced. The clarity on the 20s is more crisp than any phone conversation I've had and you can stream music via bluetooth with the push of a button. Plus the mile long distance is pretty impressive. I wonder how long it is before they have a BSR on units like this similar to cameras that requires at least 200 jumps to operate. B.A.S.E. #1734
  7. Are you meaning to tell me I can't get my masters in 'Creation Science' anymore?? This is an outrage. B.A.S.E. #1734
  8. It's truly mind blowing to see how every conversation about guns seems to get pushed and pulled into this ridiculous partisan debate about political ideology. B.A.S.E. #1734
  9. I thought these folks get their facts from Facebook news posts, Conservative tribune just isn't cutting it these days. B.A.S.E. #1734
  10. They are too busy supporting ISIS to bother.. B.A.S.E. #1734
  11. You almost have to put effort into being irresponsible enough to allow your firearms AND/OR chemicals to reach the hands of your children. B.A.S.E. #1734
  12. You're much better off jumping that Sabre if you're comfortable with the extra wingloading for sure. Getting an extended bridle wont change your openings when you are doing a FF jump but will most certainly help your PC to clear your burble when doing WS jumps. Towing your PC with a standard length bridle is not hard to do especially in a Colugo. I also jump an anti twist D bag, not sure it is making much of a difference or not but I'd like to think so. I'm thinking of doing a bottomless corners mod as well soon. B.A.S.E. #1734
  13. I know some people that go so far as to put dacron on their skyrig when wingsuiting to soften the openings up. I personally wouldn't go this route but it's just a matter of preference. B.A.S.E. #1734
  14. It's not really about being "harder" or "faster" with your movements really per say, also because I simply just don't know exactly what kind of movements you were already trying without video to watch. I noticed when flying bigger suits like the Colugo and others that are "comfortable" in a controlled dive it doesn't really take much to slow your vertical decent to virtually 0 with a solid flare. There are a lot of factors in play here so every individual is going to be different. I have a buddy that just got back from the valley and he reports his best and most reliable base openings for his Aura were achieved when diving the suit shortly before flaring and deploying. Being that you are flying a Havok your results are going to be quite different so as I said before the sink out technique may be your best option. Everyone will have different results. B.A.S.E. #1734
  15. What kind/size canopy are you jumping? The video you posted you can achieve a similar opening by putting the suit into a controlled dive to build up speed before flaring. You actually end up gaining a bit up altitude so you can pitch at the top of your flare to take advantage of the low vertical decent. You did mention minus the line twists but while you're working on this technique you can be assured that will be part of the equation starting out, so I would take your deployment a bit higher initially. When talking smaller suits though I agree with the above sink out technique as the preferred option. B.A.S.E. #1734