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  1. Damn, I'm so sorry to hear this! Blue skies, Cody, I'll miss you at the Prairie.... No regrets.....
  2. See ya there for my DPH initiation!!! No regrets.....
  3. I figure as long as I can run faster than you Monkey, I'll be safe.... No regrets.....
  4. Newbie here too. 30 tandems from Aug 8, 2009 to Nov 1, 2009. AFF Nov 2-3, 2009. Jump 500 coming up this weekend. 2 weeks at the most without a jump and only because we were weathered....
  5. They got bent back on the exit. Couldn't have possibly been from the weight of 2 men on my back, rolling me out of the plane... Felt 'em snap, quite the experience....
  6. Haha, I was one of the 4 women on that jump. Totally worth the 2 broken toes.....
  7. One year ago tomorrow, my new life began when I passed AFF at age 42. A year later I have lost 70lbs, made over 350 jumps, earned my C license, discovered a family I never knew exhisted and have never been healthier or happier. Many people have been instrumental in my skydiving developement, but there are a couple in particular who have really changed my life with their encouragement and coaching. Ed Pawlowski is now not only my coach, but one of my dearest friends. He has amazing talent, a huge heart and knows how to pick out a great wine.
  8. Congrats and welcome to the sport. Lodi is my DZ and I know most everyone there. Look me up next time you're out, I would be happy to introduce you around....
  9. Sure Craig, I'll get right on that.......
  10. Banned??? Hmmmm, weren't you witness to my pieing in February for my 100th? I have pics and you are in them....... No regrets.....
  11. I had my first cutaway on my 6th AFF jump. Tension knot, slow speed spinning mal. As I went for my cutaway handle the only thought going through my head was "If I burn in, I'm going to make my instructor look really bad". Still makes me laugh when I think about it....
  12. I am on both sides of the fence. I am adopted and also gave my only child up for adoption so I have experience from both vantage points. I have met both my biomom and my daughter. PM me if you want to talk.....
  13. I can sympathize completely. I was sick on my first tandem, in the car on the way home and for 2 days afterward. I went back the following weekend armed with Dramamine (the non-drowsy formula) and it worked like a charm. I did a "few" more tandems and weaned myself off of the meds. 163 jumps later, it's never been an issue again.....Don't give up!