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  1. I have to agree that this is very simple. Keep your wing closed. Its the same as when you do a RW jump you don't jump up. This should be taught to all jumpers. I have ask for for details on the 11 tail strikes last year a few times now and have yet to see anything. I wish USPA would share. If we can identify a commonality then we may be able to find a solution. Either way the solution should come in part form the WS community. I personal believe in self regulation at the DZ level. I have seen it work very well at a few drop zones. When the wingsuiters and the DZO are on the same page it works. Its sad to hear that a DZO is just going to say no to wingsuits. With the right culture wingsuits can operate safely at almost any dropzones. (maybe even at ocenside some day Rich)
  2. Best LP ever. Shit tons of jumps Records. Lake jumps. Nightly party. Free beer. And so much more. If you missed out this year don't make the same mistake and come join us.
  3. This may be off topic but I think a lot more important that some political back and forth. Why is it that there is a tail strike every 27 days from a wing suit and there is nothing out there about them. I would say USPA and Wing Suit flyers are failing community as a whole. SHAME on both groups. Which I am a member of both groups. As for a DZO not reporting it is another story but at least that one I can understand. They are driven by protecting their own interests more than others (which is sad). Without the details about each strike. How can WE as a group educate and make informed decisions. Knowledge is power. As for the coach rating in my view it doesn't matter unless the DZs are going to stop people who should not be jumping a suit. (i.e. no training and not enough jumps). The same goes for people who should not be swooping. I am not advocating for either of these. This can also be enforced for our community. I just was at a boogie and a number of people who had planned to WS had not completed a course yet. There was someone at the bogie who is well known for being a great coach and is identified as such by one of the manufacturers. He was offering coaching and FFC. In the group I was with we told the new jumper (with 5 WS jumps) that he would not be flying with us unless he did the FFC. He did it and learned a lot. In another group this did not happen and the jumper did a jump for the first time without a FFC. He did okay and in the end many of the other wingsuiters went up and talked to him and his group about it. For those who say self-policing does not work go visit a DZ in central California and see it in action.
  4. Will the Nic tickets be valid for this boogie?
  5. I wanted to get a feel for how many birdies are going to be flying in the sky for the Boogie. I know Monkey is going to be there.
  6. Vadar Other ways to stay warm: Option1 Find a warm person to "sleep" next to Option2 Drink more (leads to Option1)
  7. Temperatures in the 70 to 80 during the day and as low as the mid 40 this week. Sounds like a normal NW summer but August will be wonderful as usual.
  8. In case anyone has not seen this yet. "8-40 way sequential dives and probably 4-8 way scrambles" "Arizona Arsenal freefly team" "Kimbo Godwin and "Texas" Tom Webber will be doing a POPS record attempt and qualification jumps" and as always the famous Mad John! Plus TOPLESS Tuesday. This is going to be a good year.
  9. Beer for whoever crisen the new shower building first.
  10. We are just four months away and I wanted to see who all is going to go to the best boogie of the year? If you need info
  11. How exactly did the LP fatality result from a GoPro? Do you know for sure it was a low time jumper?
  12. Vadar: Almost sober loads are my favorite. I think the sounds of banjo music paying still wake me up from a drunk sleep and make me look around for manifest. Hopefully the Music will be there this year over the load speaker.
  13. My vote would be for at least 100 jumps and I would want to feel very comfortable with the person.