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  1. For those interested, following is a link to the article about our previous 36 way record: and the official website is at:
  2. TVPB

    National Bigway Records

    Pasi is the CRW history man: CRW history at: Records at: Australia is equal 4th - the 3 bigger formations above us were all World Multinational records. I have some historical info at: With World Meet and national record results at: These are out of date.
  3. Organizers contact details: List of participants: Registration information: Equipment Specifications: News & Event Information:
  4. TVPB

    Knives. Big F*** Off shiny ones!

    Jack the ripper are ok. Make sure you have a lanyard system and ready access. The little pouch jobs (plastic) are generally shit. Check the blades by cutting lines (not on your parachute ). You will know then what is OK. Total wraps are rare, but they can happen. Attached is a picture on my most recent wrap. I did not ave to use a knife but I had some luck too. Good Luck Tom
  5. TVPB

    Non-contact CRW for the uninitiated.

    Some informatinon to start with: Wendy has more info on her site. Have fun. Tom
  6. TVPB

    Valentine's day CRW

    Bags not being one of the two people at the top without the parachutes. Build the diamond and break from the top???
  7. TVPB


    FS?? F$%ing Stupid. For Softcocks. Freefall Stability False Sense of Security Formation Skydiving Flimsy Sport Fantastically Sensational Fat Sluts Funny Sayings - - - RW or FS off ITW is OK. Cool. Attached screen grab is a 4 way diamond exit off LP7 @ Kjerag. Greg, Pete, Adam, Sean. Camera Tom & Marko. 1999 Vintage I believe.
  8. TVPB

    Rotation rules? - select part 1 of comp manual and see section 4 - links to latest rules in FAI and some notes on technique - FAI page
  9. TVPB

    Bridge Day 2006 Fatality

    Condolences to all concerned.
  10. TVPB

    Sabre 170,collapsible PC,2sec FF at ITW

    Roberto Heidolloni was the guy jumping the Sabre!!!!!! That's Robin's 14th generation cousin. Robin comes from a family of spice sailors and pirates who landed at Perris (tidal wave pushed their boat inland).
  11. TVPB

    Thinking about BASE

    That will make it harder to get mentors!! Sorry. Bad joke. I'll leave now.
  12. TVPB

    MO Plane Crash

    Sad news. I trained their in 2003, they were ALL really nice people. Link to thread below.;post=2356575;page=2;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=50;
  13. TVPB

    CF2 drawings and scores

    Comp rules and dive pool at:
  14. When to give you up? That is a tough one. It is very personal too. Here are a list of possible clues as to when you might consider alternative passions in your life: - you feel no fear / nervousness / respect / passion / etc on for any of your jumps. - your standards and attention to deal are diminshing. - you are losing touch with technology and modern techniques. - you happily accept that you could die participating but are not proactive about reducing the likelihood that it happens. i.e you let "shit happen" instead of making shit happen. - you are in the death spiral of increasing complexity for stagnating or reducing reward. - you become more scared than you have ever been and the fear is consuming you to the point where your control over the situation is no longer evident. - your currency level (frequency & quality of jumps) is diminshing. - you start to make more errors (have more incidents and accidents). - you got into the sport for the "wrong reasons' in the first place and you are not getting what you want out of it. - you have been personally involved in too many accidetns / deaths in the sport and it is having an adverse affect on your psyche. - you are getting older and logic tells you that you should reduce complexity but it does not give you the satisfaction that you desire. - etc. It is a personal choice.
  15. TVPB


    Try Lake Wales - Florida. Or contact the USPA. There should be plenty of PD Lightnings around there too. Better to jump compatable CRW specific gear. Good Luck.