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  1. ladydyver

    Washington state

    We are happy to have you here! Thx for tracking me down so I could get you into the loop. We will get together once you get home.
  2. disappointed....where in the hell is the list????? here we go! Dr. Dive Kdub Ladydyver Lucky Markus (Little Spoon) Sheepfucker Skootz Let the games begin. BTW all, the hookers will be there for initiations!
  3. ladydyver

    Bitterroot Boogie, Sept 3-6

    unfortunately this is my weekend with the kids and the ex isn't really willing to trade so doc and i are out....but i do expect a drunk dial or two....just as long as i am not telling people how to repair your shin -
  4. ladydyver

    New jumpers at your DZ

    Student retention is definitely down..... I don't know if it is the economy or if there are other issues that are there. For the students Doc and I try to talk with them and get them excited about jumping....doc can do coach jumps but I don't have my rating as of yet. Once they get their A I jump with everybody. I try to include everyone in drill dives that I have learned so that they can increase their skill set. For jumpers coming to visit or who are new to our dz we try to bring them into the fold. we are a pretty small dz so we all kind of hang out together anyway. lots of bonfires to hang around and chat and drink lots of beverages of choice.
  5. ladydyver

    Las Vegas Dropzones for July!?

    Skydive mesquite takes fun jumpers. I think skydive las vegas just takes tandems.
  6. ladydyver

    LP 2009

    well....doc and i will be there again and hopefully back into full jump mode. i have 40 jumps on my new knee since my surgery - got back in the air in october. sooooo....we will be there to torture you. may we kidnap you one night and wine you and dine you....I am making a request way in advance in hopes you won't be too busy! eta: I did accomodate you for topless tuesday
  7. ladydyver

    Is ours the only sport ...

    alot of scuba divers wear jewelry that reflects the sport but it is usually not just "one" symbol in itself. alot of guys wear a pieces of eight that was found on a wreck.....some chicks wear a charm of their favorite underwater animal....some don't wear anything at just varies.
  8. ladydyver

    Lake Elsinore, here I come!

    Perris is so close you should go over there as well. Especially if you want to do some tunnel time. Both are great Dz's although Elsinore is my favorite. Sorry we won't be down there at that time.....but have a blast.
  9. ladydyver

    Drop Zones near Las Vegas, NV ??

    i have done one jump in mesquite....beautiful, may go back over the winter to bring our bird back as that is where she is going for the winter
  10. ladydyver

    Lost Prairie 08

    I am always up for show and tell....... as well as for wine tasting which never happened last year due to schedule conflicts. Don't forget about red nightie night because it will be more important than ever! Trips to the lake, hike up to the tower....warm beer, the lang brewery jump, red nighties, show and tell, and lets not forget about poker - grimmie I have been practicing and you will not kick my ass as bad this year Lets start the list: Dr. Dive Ladydyver
  11. ladydyver

    Accommodations near Z-hills and Sebastian

    Just got back from Sebastian and I don't have enough positives to say about it, although I loved Z-hills last year as well. Hirams is fairly close to Sebastian - maybe about 3 miles and they generally have a skydiver rate - at least they did while we were there. Nice facility - close to the DZ. Have a good time - We did!
  12. ladydyver

    180 cycle decision has NOT been made!

    any idea of if or when it will change?
  13. ladydyver

    Is Richland Skysports open?

    i jump in davenport but know alot of people from that area that jump down there. I think that it is open but the days are really variable. I will pm you when I find out for sure.
  14. ladydyver

    From lurker to poster

    Hope you enjoy the jumping...I sure do! We are closed for the season so am having my withdrawls now. Good luck on your adventure.
  15. ladydyver

    Hello Everyone!

    I went down to florida and jumped at deland and z-hills. weathered out for some of it, but it was nice to get away from the snow. Tunnel time is great if you have a tunnel close to you - i don't but did some time last year before i started jumping. I hate winters here as well - interfers with my jumping too much