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  1. woodpecker

    What type of BOC pouch do you have?

  2. Arent these the same dates as the UKS boogie? Regardless, put me down for Friday and Saturday for sure and I'll probably stay through Sunday as well, just have to look at what all is going on.
  3. woodpecker

    BABYLON Team playing with Wingsuits

    Was just there this weekend with shropshire. It was interesting watching them in wingsuits. I'd have to say most of my joy came from seeing one of them completely out of his comfort zone (especially after having two coached jumps that day and them making me look that bad )
  4. woodpecker

    Sitfly Body Position???

    I just got back from a skydiving trip and had two coached jumped for my sit and told the same thing.
  5. woodpecker

    larkshead vs. rapide link for d-bag attachment

    I would think the rapid link would be the fastest way. Even better/faster way would be to just set up each canopy with its own D-bag, risers, bridle/PC. Just an idea!
  6. woodpecker

    2 Stage Flare

    How do you flare your canopy now? What canopy were you flying before you bought this one? First stage is to your shoulders, when you lose your foward speed and start decending again you finish your flare. I didnt know this was specific to a canopy though.
  7. woodpecker

    Phsico Packing

    Hell thats it. Jump a pilot Are you rolling/tucking the nose?
  8. woodpecker

    South Korea

    Try north korea....thats where all the action is. lol
  9. woodpecker

    Netheravon, UK for next 3 weekends

    Do you have any wingsuits for newbies? If so, I'll make it up there for some help/experience.
  10. woodpecker

    I am back!!!

    Welcome back and good on you for not letting your jump numbers go to your head with your recurrency. So after such a loooonnnngggg break, how do you like the new geat/technology?
  11. woodpecker

    I got that slider down, all right..

    Thats where the slider is supposed to be when you collapse it. You did everything correct unless I'm missing something.
  12. woodpecker

    Empuriabrava Easter Boogie...

    What are the dates?
  13. woodpecker

    FreeFly Suit Q's.....

    Buy what you like. Lots of different companies out there and everyone has their favorite. I jump Matter and Sonic and love them both. Price, depends on what company you buy through. Sonic cost me 220 euros, Matter a little more.
  14. woodpecker

    Under Armor?

    Yes, Its warm
  15. I dont have an answer but rather another question on this. Doesnt a smaller wing have certain characteristics about them other than wing loading? ie.. A 190 will still fly different than a 210 with the same wingloading. Please correct me if I'm wrong and sorry for semi-hijacking this thread.