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  1. flipwithit

    would you buy a colugo 1 used today

    well what are the stipulations? if it was a c1 for 800 and a c2 for 1000 id buy the c2. if it s a c1 for 800 (I've seen em for cheaper,) and this is your introduction to big suits, why not a c1. save some money, put 100 or so jumps on it and by then the c3 or a2 might be out. if you bought a c1 for 750 and sold it for 500 after 100 jumps, id say thats a good deal. people are still buying up vampire 3's for 500 with 1000 jumps on the suit...
  2. flipwithit

    Aura X Apache/ X glide performance

    send me the suits...ill do the experiment :) in my apache x, 3 GR is easy and 3.5 sustained in favorable weather conditions with out much thought into the body position. x3/rebel will carry those glide ratios at a slower speed (my experience.) from what i have heard from close friends about the aura and seen in videos, it is the fastest starting suit i have ever seen/heard from friends first hand or eyeball experience and 3.5 GR achieved pretty easy. even after putting a few flights on a colugo, im holding out from jumping on the squirrel band wagon. i invested in a viper. im getting glide ratios im stoked on but just posted a thread about the rest of that...got myself into something crazy here.
  3. flipwithit

    Recon Fly HUD opinions

    i ordered a pair and a set of demos showed up at our dz. i put 2 jumps on them and cancelled my order. ...fly sight.
  4. i think it would be awesome to have a good WS game to kill time with. being able to explore any line possible rather than the go "through the rings" style would be much cooler IMO. earn points to catch a heli lift to explore more bigger cooler lines, etc :)