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  1. I appreciate all the feedback. Hard openings with a sabre aren't a concern to me. Long story short, never been an issue, even with small suits and slick jumps. I guess where I'm at now, is technora just a fancy word for hma, a hma hybrid etc etc? Because it's sounding like technora vs vectran at this point.
  2. This is my 5th sabre 1 120 (WS canopy) and first time relining one since they are harder and harder to find. Any reason to not go with vectran instead of spectra? Our lz is mostly desert style bullshit, so not considering hma.
  3. if anyone exited 2 in front and 2 behind, that was by choice, not a rule. you think squirrel had the only prototype there? there were lots of scorpions with a lot more mylar than you receive on your doorstep! that said, my production c2 feels much more powerful than the aces c2. if you can't fly before you buy, just know you can't really go wrong now a days. choose a suit and stick with it, because it is all pilot with a little bit of luck. just be sure the suit your buying is designed in the realm of the things you wanna do with it.
  4. that didn't answer wasatchriders question at all...he was asking if you personally would put the p2/3 above a swift in performance.
  5. so I've put quite a few more jumps on the canopy and my initial impressions haven't really changed. i've noticed (at 1 .4-5 loading) I'm enjoying the faster deployments. when i flare near stall, with the c2 and funk, i get a very soft snivel out of the canopy. i don't like that...just my preference. I have been getting consistent base like openings, with the epicene, while pitching in sustained max glide or a simple relaxed, neutral position. i no longer feel like i have to set my self up for a huge flare for a good deployment. just don't pitch in the middle of a top speed run, which isn't a good idea with any canopy.
  6. in short, the finesse needed to make up for the lack of power will make you a much better pilot than power making up for lack of finesse.
  7. every big suit has its nuances to find out, however the aura and c2 were the easiest suits I've ever adapted to and the only reason i never owned a c1 was because i had an apache x, that i didn't feel the need to sell and lose money, to get a colugo with slightly better performance. i put about 10 jumps give or take on a c1 before i made the decision to keep the apache BUT the c1 was a better suit. does the c2 have more performance than a c1? without a doubt. will a new to big wings pilot be able to "be there" in 100 jumps? BIG MAYBE, but what you're missing out on is not an extra 1000 dollars in performance. theres A LOT more to take in than that extra .5% of glide ratio or a slightly better turn. starting in a wing suit that all the best used before what they are jumping now, the update is more powerful and quicker to handle, will (well should ;) ) create a more knowledgeable pilot. just like doing 200 jumps in a p2 before a havok will more than likely make you a much better wing suit pilot than going to havok after 50 p2 jumps + 150 havok jumps, even though a lot of people are wanting to go that route these days. if you know motorcycle racing, valentino rossi didn't go from 125's to 500. he dominated every class first. same with casey stoner and marc marquez. (tho the latter different engines, similar bullshit)
  8. well what are the stipulations? if it was a c1 for 800 and a c2 for 1000 id buy the c2. if it s a c1 for 800 (I've seen em for cheaper,) and this is your introduction to big suits, why not a c1. save some money, put 100 or so jumps on it and by then the c3 or a2 might be out. if you bought a c1 for 750 and sold it for 500 after 100 jumps, id say thats a good deal. people are still buying up vampire 3's for 500 with 1000 jumps on the suit...
  9. bridle is 10' from pin to PC, 28" PC. container is a odyssey NJK with standard square tray, no dynamic corners. standard 3 grommet bag with standard rubber band stows...nothing ever double stowed. i do coil about the last 2 feet into the tray and i don't rotate the bag, bridle side is facing towards the sky. cheers
  10. 1000 wing suit jumps, give or take, on a sabre 1 120 packed into a NJK. the 150 fits PERFECT and i load it at 1.5. i packed the same way for every jump, also same pack job as the sabre 1. packed with a careless flake and a dressed center cell and 2 outer cells presented, slider even with the center cell, and about 3 twist of the tail. every opening was on heading, every opening was very comfortable, and i was very happy with every landing, toggle response, riser response, harness response (better harness response than my sabre 1 120 at 1.8ish) and distance on landing when "swooped." noticeably less glide than the sabre 1 I'm used to BUT much better than a 120 or even 150 spectre. planing out on rear risers was predictable and easy. recovery arc is predictable but quick. jump 1 in a funk, i took to a complete stall. the opening was super buttery and on heading. sniveled just as much as my sabre would at such low air speeds. jumps 2-10 were in either funk or c2, i continued to increase air speed and had the exact same opening every jump. i always experienced a very comfortable sabre 1 like snivel. not a sabre 2, safire 2 or spectre etc snivel where you can look at the canopy and go wtf when are you going to open, but a gentle "stand up" followed by a couple shakes of the canopy and then a very comfortable inflation. feet never went above my head or anything like that. i don't miss my sabre 1 at all.
  11. place rig on floor pins down unzip the back zips of wing suit place over rig put leg straps through the back zips and zip up bring top and bottom zips together with the provided bungees open front zips bring the suit under the main lift web and zip back together. make sure handles are outside zips. tie upper and lower zips together to make sure proper fitting: put on rig and wingsuit, tighten everything down, zip everything up, except the arm wings. once everything is tight pull the suit down from the bottom of the zippers front and back and everything should move into place.
  12. i never said its not true with 5 cell...i said its uncommon with square canopies (okay rectangles if you want to be anal,) and the 5 cell that they are working on is very "squared off." and thats the point, is the design. without getting into a page long post, square is docile, elliptical is high performance and xbrace just makes a more rigid wing that can be loaded higher. and yes a higher wing loading is going to require more skill from the pilot for good openings. however unskilled pilots won't be flying those wing loadings, or shouldn't. people are flying semi elliptical (sabre 2) all day long with good track records. having jumped both, id put my money on the new 5 cell xbraced over a sabre 1 or 2 any day.
  13. Most xbrace canopies (jvx, jfx, velo, xaos, etc) are a high performance design and the cross bracing makes a more rigid wing so it can be loaded higher. This 5 cell xbrace is very square (think sabre 1 square) so it won't have the tendency to take off like an elliptical but can be loaded higher and still fun to fly!
  14. The 2 prototypes that are out floating around northern California might take some cues from the matrix but all I can say is that they are very much considering further development of those prototypes if enough interest is generated.