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  1. skybytch

    Downsizing Question

    1.1 on a 210 at 70 jumps is not at all unreasonable if you are landing a 230 well. If you already have a few jumps on a 210 and have landed it well, I'd say definitely go for it. I would suggest that you purchase the main used. You will "probably" want to downsize again in several hundred jumps (although you certainly don't have to). You aren't likely to have any problem selling it when/if you decide to downsize further.
  2. What kind of jump are you doing? Tandem? Not much preparation needed. If you intend to learn to skydive be sure to tell your instructor that you want to learn not just go for a ride. AFF? You can find first jump materials on USPA's website (probably on the APF website as well). Reading that before your first jump course might be helpful. Not a requirement though. Either way, wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. And a smile.
  3. Wow, you bought it from a dealer and they didn't verify it would work for you before selling it to you? That sucks, this isn't a lesson you should have to be learning. Tbh, if I were you, I'd sell it and get something that is right for you.
  4. Not trying to be an ass here, just curious. Why buy a container sized for a reserve that is too small for you and that doesn't have the MARD you want? Back OT. Something that has yet to be mentioned. Cubic inch volume is affected by humidity. What fits ok in Florida might not fit so well in Arizona. Not sure where you are but it is something to think about. My 170 main packed up great, snug but not ridiculously so, in a container built for a 150 when I was in Florida, but it was a tight pregnant looking pack job in southern California.
  5. You can't delete it. Door is open, you can leave anytime. We won't lock it behind you. Nice positive attitude btw. You should probably go jump now.
  6. Sorry, i didn't realize telling someone about a forum rule is a negative thing. As for what Erroll said, he's right. While I often find it to be a useful word, not everyone appreciates the word fuck. Using it on the back cover description might drive away potential buyers. . Pointing out something that could affect your sales is constructive criticism, not negativity. Negative would be telling you that you're an asshole for putting it on there. At least that's how I would take it.
  7. skybytch

    Can You Install a Skyhook Into any Rig? How?

    If you don't already own that Vortex and you gotta have a MARD, buy something that already has one instead of going through the hassle of modifying it.
  8. A magic formula for figuring out what size MLW will fit you. Your height in inches minues your inseam in inches minus 20. Example. I'm 5 feet 8 inches with a 33 inch inseam. 68 minus 33 minus 20 equals 15. So a 15 inch MLW should fit me, and it does. Figure out your MLW, then find out the sellers inseam (you already know the height) and do the same. Compare. Personally I'd pass on any used rig that is longer or shorter in the MLW than what should fit me using the above formula. Leg strap and chest strap lengths can easily be modified. Laterals cant be done as easy or cheaply; they should fit fine if you and the seller are of similar body shapes, Dont buy a used rig if the seller won't allow you time to try it on and have it inspected by your rigger before making the sale final.
  9. Technically this post is advertising, which is not allowed in the forums, but hey, congrats on getting published! Skydiving has helped a lot of people fighting depression and other mental health issues. But that depression comes back with a vengeance should you have to stop due to injury or other circumstances. Especially if you have wrapped your whole life and identity around it, which is easy to do in such an amazing activity. That's what I experienced anyway.
  10. If money were an issue, and I already had an analog altimeter I'd get an audible first - for use in freefall, not for use in the pattern (unless/until you are swooping, where altitude of final turn is very important). Analog altimeters work fine. If you have issues seeing the numbers, don't focus on them. Instead think of it like a clock. If the little hand is pointing straight down, it's 6 oclock, right? Same with the analog alti; a quick glance at it to see where the hand is pointing and you'll have the info you need just like that. As mentioned above, +/- 100 feet isn't a big deal in the pattern (well, as long as you aren't making your turn from base to final at 100 feet ;-)). You'll be able to eyeball turn altitudes soon. Don't get in the habit of relying on technology. It's awesome, but it's also far more likely to fail than your eyes are.
  11. skybytch

    Consistent sneaky off-heading openings

    Have you had the line trim checked? I'd start there.
  12. skybytch

    Container Harness Sizing Importance

    The most important parts of the harness that need to fit correctly are the main lift web (MLW) and the laterals as changing their sizing is a pretty major undertaking that must be done by a rigger. Leg straps and chest straps can be lengthened/shortened much easier, again by a rigger. To get a rough idea of the MLW length that will fit you best, take your height (in inches), subtract your inseam (in inches) then subtract 20. Example - I'm 68" tall and have a 33" inseam. 68-33-20 = 15. So a 15" MLW should fit me well (and it does). Before buying anything, it's a good idea to try on one or two containers that have the MLW you figured out and see how that length fits. Ask around at the dz, someone will have one and let you try it on. AFAIK, there is no handy formula to figure out lateral length. If the owner is of a similar body size/shape as you the laterals will likely fit fine.
  13. skybytch

    Glide Path Nova

    I think we have one of those too. Hmmm.....
  14. skybytch

    Glide Path Nova

    Agree. I can't see anyone jumping it more than once. Kinda like a round; another canopy to add to the "I've jumped that" list. Happens all the time around here. But I'm not the typical wife, so...
  15. skybytch

    Glide Path Nova

    We picked up a Nova 150 for the collection a few years back from an old friend. It's in great shape, probably because it didn't have many jumps on it when they were grounded. I know they were grounded because people died, but I don't remember the exact issues the canopy had. This is a long shot, but any old farts out remember anything about it? Maybe jumped one back in the day (billvon?)? Can someone remind me why this canopy should never be jumped again (other than the whole grounding thing)? If it were jumped today, would a person be breaking any "rules"? How about in an intentional cutaway rig? I'm know it's a stupid idea, but I'd really love to jump it even though it's probably way beyond me even at a 1.0 wingloading. It'd be one for the logbook, for sure! But the husband won't let me (smart man he is)... so I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what I'm missing.