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  1. Hey there @shafty, Thanks for pointing out this error. There was a permissions error on the category. We've resolved it now and you should be able to post ads to the BASE category now.
  2. Just wanted to give an update on this thread, as unfortunately we do seem to need to come in here and clean house quite often. RobertMBlevins was timed out in the past and asked to keep the content topical. He agreed to these rules, but has clearly not abided by them. In turn we have banned this user permanently. This forum IS supposed to be a little bit more relaxed in what is moderated. But that doesn't mean one can hijack it and post completely off-topic posts. If you want to discuss your personal lives, there's private messages you can use. We definitely want the discussion to revolve around this case and theories related to it. Not what you ate for dinner the previous night.
  3. Just to give some input here and explain our approach. When we took Basejumper offline, we retained the complete database and server files. We knew we needed to take Basejumper offline, but also knew that we may want to make the site archived in some way or another going forward, once we had the resources to do so. Technically, the republication of the site content on other websites is in breach of the copyright (as was always outlined in the T&Cs of With that said, we're not going to go after anyone here. We can appreciate that the site was important to a lot of people and that the republication of the content, while technically not legal - was done with good intentions (it would be different if we saw that it was done with the intent to profit from it). We are, however, going to upload this archive to as well. As mentioned above - this was always something that we planned to do. Since we knew we owned the content, and knew that it was something that was desired by the community. The fact that you went through the effort to preserve it, makes it more viable for us to piggyback off that process and bring what you did across to Dropzone. We do realize that this initial archive, being the one grabbed in this discussion may not be fully complete. But knowing more about the process and the fact that there may be missing elements. I would be interested to (credit to @dmcoco84 for pushing the narrative) hear about what all is lost and perhaps even touch base with @platypii privately to see what we can do together to see if a full archive is able to be created. I can't make any promises - but it's something that I'll try and get a bit involved in and see what we can do. But again - this should be seen as something that we can't dedicate huge amounts of resources to - but something that we can investigate a little further to see what we can do.
  4. A lot of forum software that used to offer these types of views have moved away from it due to the adoption of a pagination based forum view. We did like a few of the bits and pieces the old software provided, but the new software doesn't support these view changes.
  5. Hey there - sorry for the delay. Please drop me a private message and we can look into this and refund you as required.
  6. Just to comment on this. We've backed up the entire site internally, both the site files and the database. So it is theoretically possible for us to work on this data at some point and try do something with it. We do want to have it archived in some manner, it's just the process to do so is a very costly and time-consuming one. So we've still got to get scope of what's realistically possible. The BASE forums are on the same software as the old Dropzone forums, which took us an unbelievable amount of time and investment in order to migrate due to the lack of automated migration tools for that forum software, everything needed to be manually programmed by a hired freelance developer. I did just want to reiterate that we do have the data, will be switched off in a few minutes, but the actual site data won't be completely lost in absolute. And we do hope to find a way forward for that data.
  7. We've made the decision to shut down - as it's no longer viable to maintain the website. In turn we've re-activated this BASE forum to allow future BASE related discussions to be had on again. We've also moved older posts to an archive subforum to clear way for new discussions. Initially, this forum was closed to allow for to be the primary source of BASE discussions.
  8. Thanks for reporting this. We ran some tests on our side and was always presented with the payment screen when choosing a feature, so I'm not sure what allowed you to bypass that - but we'll keep testing! Thanks!
  9. We've removed several posts from this thread. And while we can respect why the discussion took the route it did, please keep this forum tied to preserving the memory of the individual, instead of berating their choices - no matter how bad they may be to your eyes. You're welcome to take Covid/Anti-Vax related topics to the Speakers Corner - but this isn't the place for us to try use someone's life choices as a lesson, or to berate them.
  10. Hey Jeff, Off the bat, I notice that there is a special character in that filename. As a first step to remedy, I'd recommend removing the ' character from the filename. And attempting again... If it causes an error again drop me a DM and I'll send you an email address you can reach me at.
  11. Good day, We had an issue with system emails after our moving to a different host. The problem you encountered was that the emails were being sent to a spam quarantine section. After working through this with the host, they then released all the emails. So you may have gotten a bunch of emails that had been sitting in the quarantine. The 404 error may be related to expiration of the URL. Often, system generated emails that contain unique URLs (Like are sometimes used for passwords) may expire. I would suggest trying to do a password reset again from the site, now with the email fixed, you should get the reset email immediately. If you do still have issues then, please let me know so I can further investigate.
  12. Good day, Apologies for the delay on getting to this, to be honest there were a few issues that I was working on resolving due to the hosting (system emails and ability to review items). Those have been resolved now and allowed me to focus on this. Could you please attach any/some images that give the error to a post in this thread using the same filename. This will allow me to investigate further. My immediate suspicion would be something like a filename that contains special characters.
  13. Apologies for the downtime without much warning. We moved to a new host with some improved resources, we're hoping this can resolve some of the intermittent downtime that users have been experiencing for a while. While we've tested a number of pages, if you notice anything out of place since the server move - just drop me a DM.
  14. Unfortunately we're unable to do any individual MySQL work. The hosting company that we use are in the process of transitioning to another company, and they do not offer the ability to setup Crons, nor do they allow one to adjust the max_connections to the MySQL server. At this point the only way for us to resolve it is to move the entire site to a different hosting provided, which is a bit of a pain. But we're looking into this now, as we do want to ensure there is no downtime from MySQL timeouts on the server side.
  15. Para Gear is interested in photographic submissions that you may have for the 2021 - 2022 Para Gear Catalog #83. They have taken the time to briefly describe the format and certain criteria that they look for, in order to help you to see if you have something worth submitting. They have included examples of previous catalog covers for your reference. or Over the years Para Gear has used photos from all of skydiving's disciplines. They do not have a preference as far as what type of skydiving photo it is, rather they look for something that either is eye-catching or pleasing to the eye. In light of the digital age, They are also able to use photos that in one way or another may be less than perfect and enhance them, removing blemishes, flipping images, altering colors, etc. The following are preferences. However what they prefer and what they get, or choose, are not always the same. If however, they came down to a choice between two photos of equal quality, they would opt for the one that met more of our preferences. They typically prefer that the photo be brighter. In the past, they have used sunset photos and even a night jump photo, although by and large most of the photos are daytime. They like the subject of the image to have contrast with the background. Subjects that are wearing brighter more colorful clothing usually stand out more. They prefer to have the people in the photo wearing equipment since that is what they sell. Headgear, goggles, jumpsuits, altimeters, audible altimeters, and gloves are all good. They also prefer to see skydivers wearing head and foot protection. They do not print any BASE jumping nor any Tandem photographs. No submissions of these will be accepted. Para Gear are not interested in any photos of individual or groups of skydivers standing on the ground Our basic criteria are as follows: Vertical Format. The front and back covers of the catalog are both in a vertical format. They can use a horizontal (landscape) shot, as opposed to a vertical (portrait), and then crop it as long as the image lies within a vertical cropping. Photo Quality. The front and back cover shots will be printed as 8 ½ x 11 in 300 dpi format. Any film that can hold its quality up to this size and print dpi is fine. Digital format is preferred. In the event of a final cover choice, they prefer to be sent the original digital image or slide for getting the best quality out of the image. Back Cover Photo. The back cover photo is no different from the front except in one respect. They need to have room on the left side of the image for the thumb index. In the past, they have taken images and been able to horizontally flip them thereby creating this room. Originality. Anything that is original, eye-catching, or makes someone take more notice of the catalog covers is something Para Gear look for. It could be a photo from a unique camera position or angle, a scenic skydive, shots under canopy, landings, etc. Para Gear look for photos that have not been previously published and most likely would not accept them if they have, as they want a photo that no one else has seen yet. They also do not want any photos that are chosen as the front or back covers to be used for other non-Para Gear advertising for a period of one year. Para Gear offers $500.00 each for both the front and back covers they choose. Our current deadline for catalog cover submissions is March 1st 2021. Sending sample pictures by e-mail to [email protected], If you are sending sample digital pictures please note that they do not need to be in a very large format. If they like the sample picture they will then ask you to send the higher quality original. Please feel free to contact Curt directly with any questions.
  16. Performance Designs is beyond thrilled to announce the release of the long-awaited Sabre3. For nearly 40 years, their design team has worked tirelessly to refine what is possible in canopy design, and they've done it again, delivering yet another cutting-edge canopy to the skydiving community. The Sabre3 is not only worthy of the name, it redefines it. This new wing exemplifies PD's continued passion to build the next greatest all around 9-cell modern canopy, one which is sure to excite anyone who flies it, and truly amaze those new to the brand. One flight proves it: it's not just a new wing, it's a better wing. Though the Sabre3 shares a lineage with two historically popular Performance Designs canopies, the Sabre and Sabre2, the designers began with a clean slate with the goal of creating the world’s next most popular canopy. They enhanced the qualities people loved most about the Sabre2 but minimized or eliminated those some found less desirable. Already tested endlessly by PD Test Jumpers, and demoed by PD Athletes, the Sabre3 has been described as dynamic, powerful, and perfectly suited for today’s modern canopy pilot - delivering superb openings, crisp response, and amazing landings. “The Sabre3 definitely has the range to be a great straight in, no wind, standard landing type canopy for a lower experience jumper. Or you can really push it and get some amazing flight performance out of it. It’s pretty much for the world. What we want as skydivers is a reliable canopy that is predictable on opening all the way through landing. It really is a beautiful wing. ”- Brad Cole, PD Test Jumper The Sabre 3 is not just a new wing, it’s a better wing. You asked, they listened and delivered once again. Like all of their canopies, Performance Designs’ Sabre3 is available for demo before purchase. Those ready to own one should contact their local Authorized PD Dealer to discuss if the canopy is right for them. Additional specs and stats can be found on the Performance Designs website.
  17. The Sabre 3 was an extensive project which took Performance Designs decades to complete. It brings with it the most loved aspects of the Sabre 2, but enhances them to meet and exceed the expectations of today's canopies. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Sizes 89, 97, 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230 9-cell, w/advanced shaping All Zero Porosity fabric Tail Ribs 700 HMA Standard 89-210 1000 HMA Standard on 230 CHARACTERISTICS Long recovery arc Progressive &manageable front risers Steep glide Spectacular rear riser performance Powerful bottom-end flare Redesigned and refined openings GREAT FOR Advanced to Expert skydivers at moderate to heavier wing loads Novice to Intermediate skydivers at moderate wing loads Learning or perfecting high performance canopy piloting (under appropriate supervision)
  18. This is something we've looked into - perhaps we should again. We try to do a sweep of the forums each morning and remove any spammers, but occasionally it does seem to get out of hand. Your suggestion is a good one though, will have to see if there's a way to do this within the CMS we're using.
  19. Performance Designs donates masks to first responders and healthcare workers in their hometown. PD employs just shy of 200 folks in VolusiaCounty. In late March, when the Coronavirus concerns began to close in on the area, PD closed their production facility. After a couple of weeks of planning, they reopened, primarily for the manufacturing of Defense Industrial Base products, and with many new health and safety guidelines in place. Constant cleaning in the factory continues, in addition to other changes in the "new normal" work environment. Many folks working at PD wanted to help the community and do something for local first responders. Performance Designs reached out to another local Florida business that manufactures masks and partnered with them. The goal is to support local manufacturing, as well as to provide masks to first responders and healthcare professionals. For every mask sold, a mask is donated. It has been 2 weeks and more than 400 masks have already been donated. PD anticipates many more donations in the coming weeks. "Performance Designs is part of the skydiving community, and we're also part of the local community as well. The opportunity to bring those two communities together in this endeavor has been great. Every little bit helps, and we want to do our part." - Albert Berchtold/Marketing Manager This week they have shipments of masks going across the US as well as Great Britain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Mask donations were provided to AdventHealth Foundation (Deland Hospital), Deland Police Department, and Deland Fire Department, as well as local assisted living facilities.
  20. If you're wanting audio on your jump a frustrating issue you may face is the matter of achieving clear and loud quality (via headphones or speakers) inside your helmet during freefall. The loud noise and intense conditions both inside the plane and during freefall require a certain volume, clarity, and portability that many audio setups simply won’t provide. In this article we will walk you through some different audio setups that can keep the music or communications flowing while in freefall. The audio setup for you is going to depend on how you spend your time in the sky, so keep that in mind when looking for the right audio gear for you! What if I want to listen to music while skydiving or parachuting? Firstly, we'd like to make it clear that when it comes to skydiving with music we realize that there are contrasting opinions on whether it is safe or not. We'd suggest that anyone who wishes to jump with earphones in are aware of potential safety risks. We asked the guys over at to make some recommendations on what one should look for when buying earphones to jump in. Ask yourself, what is it I want to hear while skydiving? If it is music, most wireless Bluetooth headphones will work when connected to your music playing device or cell phone. There's a few styles of headphones that can fit in your helmet, but in-ear headphones will typically fit a wider range of helmets. The quality of the earphones will change between both make and model, and taking a look at an audio review website will usually make you more confident in your purchase. Many skydivers complain about the hassle of a headphone wire, and you should know that Bluetooth headphones may encounter connection difficulties under the conditions experienced when jumping, so be aware of that ahead of time and look for products which are reputed for their bluetooth connection quality. You should also be careful if you intend to use AirPods or true wireless headphones that aren’t connected to one another as they will be prone to falling out of your ears! The best way to mitigate this is by using fitness/ergonomic fit earbuds that cling to your ears. Hearing any audio in general during freefall can be quite difficult. Between the high speeds and loud noise, you will need to either have a high volume or a really well fitting earphone which isolates outside noise well, you may even want to look into a cheap headphone amplifier if you find that you're unable to get the volume that you want from the default setup. We recommend a cheap one because headphone amps can be quite expensive, and the intense conditions you are in while skydiving may lead to you losing your amp or breaking it. If you do opt to use an amplifier, you should consider housing it away from the waist, or anywhere that is likely to have impact from an imperfect landing. Another option for listening to music in the air while skydiving is motorcycle helmet speakers. These speakers are designed to fit inside most varieties of motorcycle helmets, so they may or may not fit your particular helmet. That being said, these speakers are created with discrete designs so that they can slip tightly inside a typical helmet. In addition to their small and thin shape, these speakers usually come with adhesive and mounting hardware so that the speakers stay snugly attached to your helmet for extended periods of time. When looking at options, here's a few manufacturers which you can consider: JBL Sony Sennheiser Panasonic Philips Bose What about In-Air Communication? The above example audio set up will work just fine for audible GPS interfacing, I recommend wired earbuds because there is simply less of a chance that your very important audio signal is lost mid-air compared to Bluetooth headphones. Using Bluetooth headphones is still a possibility of course. If you are using a device like a FlySight or another audio GPS system, a headphone amplifier may be your new best friend if you find the signal to be too quiet during noisy conditions. Many skydivers manually attach their headphones to the inside of their helmets for added stability during their descent, this could be a possibility for you as well! And it's pretty easy to create a quick DIY solution. Canopy Relative Work relies heavily on communication. Audio signals cutting out or becoming disconnected during a jump will make this sport impossible to do because of its heavy reliance on constant communication. CRW will require very high quality in-helmet communication equipment that goes beyond your average pair of headphones and you should consult with an experienced jumper for recommendations regarding this type of communication heavy gear. What’s the best solution for you? Depending on your specific needs you will probably choose a different setup for your audio source in the air. Look at your current gear and what you already own and ask yourself, what you will be doing after you successfully bring your audio rig with you up into the sky? In many cases it may be as simple as buying a high quality set of bluetooth earphones that can work with your mobile device. In other cases you may want to do a little DIY work inside of your helmet to set up an audio situation where you have the best possible quality, with the most comfort possible. Do you use any earphones or speakers inside of your helmet? Whether you're an experienced CRW jumper or just a music fanatic, leave a comment below and let us know what you use inside your helmet.
  21. With Covid-19 shutting down cities and even countries around the world, it's not just skydivers who have been affected by the limitations put on both movement and the ability for businesses to operate. We've seen a number of music artists and even actors coming out and offering online forms of entertainment for those stuck under quarantine or even lockdowns. Well now New Zealand Aerosports have decided to offer a little something for the skydiving community. You're likely to be out of luck finding an operating boogie in the current situation, but that doesn't mean you can't still create a bit of a skydiving vibe from the comfort of your computer. It may not quite be the same as partying with all your friends, but it's still cool to see something that can lighten the mood in these otherwise uncertain times. Below is the information on this "Woogie" event as sent out by NZ Aerosports:
  22. We recently realized that despite our hundreds of articles on the website, we're really lacking on anything comprehensive on swooping. If you or someone you know are interesting in writing something for the website, please drop me a DM and we can discuss further. We're going to be looking for something that covers everything from the fundamentals through to the risks, the competitive scene etc.
  23. Here is a short video I put together of the event in Sebastian Florida that took place Dec. 27th 2019 - Jan 1st 2020. I hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to share.
  24. This is sorted out, thanks for letting us know.
  25. Thank you for this! It's definitely a bug, we're looking into it now to resolve.