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  1. Chromy passed away, with his family nearby, on 9/2/21. After a 3 week battle with Covid, it was decided by family that it was kinder to let him go.
  2. There is a Memorial page on Facebook. Open to all. Please join and share your stories and pics. https://www.facebook.com/groups/904814980296741/
  3. You can send the container to UPT and they can move the main closing loop to the bottom of the reserve tray.
  4. They are operating under the name Parachute Labs. http://plabsinc.com/1.html They still make the Racer. Google is magical. "I love when humans fly,"
  5. Call the canopy manufacturer. I would expect they have heard this question before. "I love when humans fly,"
  6. There is a stolen gear page on FB, I'd recommend posting there. While some people may still use the database here, I think you will get more exposure on social media. The for sale and rigging pages are also a good way to get many more eyes out there looking. Most of the people I know who have recovered stolen gear, have found it shortly after the break in (usually a car,) by searching nearby dumpsters, when the thieves realize a rig is not a fancy computer bag and dump it. Your situation sounds fairly targeted. Sale pages, Craigslist, and eBay may turn up something. Unfortunately you have a very wide net to cast to try to recover the gear. I'm sorry this happened and will keep ears and eyes open. "I love when humans fly,"
  7. Given that the canopy is that new, and giving you consistent hard openings, you should contact PD. Even though their manufacturing procedures are exceptionally consistent, some times a canopy simply doesn't perform to the correct standard. There is no reason to turn yourself into a test jumper. Contact the repairs department and explain the issue. If they can't resolve the issue with a repair, they will replace the canopy. If you ask nicely, they may even help you out with a demo while they are evaluating your main. PD prides themselves on their customer service. Take advantage of that fact. "I love when humans fly,"
  8. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? "I love when humans fly,"
  9. Rock Sky Market at Skydive Chicago, is their onsite rigging loft. Para Concepts is another rigging loft, located 1 mile from SDC. Rock Sky Market has a second location at Chicagoland Skydiving Center, in Rochelle. All are full service and offer rush service. Call ahead and they will accommodate you gladly. "I love when humans fly,"
  10. Talk to your instructors. They should have a good idea of what is appropriate for your skill level and ask them to introduce you to some of the local riggers that like to help young jumpers get into the air. Also a case of beer at the end of the day is a good way to break the ice. "I love when humans fly,"
  11. I would still recommend finding a large loft (Chuting Star, as an example) to act in escrow. Even though they are not local, large gear stores rely on their good reputation to stay in business and are not looking to scam the purchaser or the seller. Another good option, is to purchase off the many Facebook gear sale pages. It allows you to see the sellers profile, look at their friends (including common friends,) and where they jump, so you can actually call their dz and verify their character. Also, check your messages. You are unlikely to find a seller that is willing to ship you a full system, with no collateral. Plus, you really do need to send any gear you are purchasing to a rigger, PRIOR, to purchase for inspection, so that you can be certain that the gear is as described and airworthy. Even without a local dz connection, you can find a work around. Your bank is not interested in getting involved. I know that PayPal does offer some protection, but I don't know how complicated the process is to dispute a claim. There are some manufacturers that will accept gear for presale inspection, and will not release the gear until the invoice is paid, so perhaps that is an option. "I love when humans fly,"
  12. Send it back to PD, they will test jump it and either fix it or replace it. And they may provide a demo to tide you over, their customer service is on point. If they don't find an issue with the canopy or experience hard openings, they will work with you to determine the issue. They want you to be safe and happy. It is possible that pulling in a track or a balled up body position is causing your problem as well. But I would say start with PD. "I love when humans fly,"
  13. Chuting Star stopped doing maintenance a couple of years ago. Para Concepts in Ottawa IL is still doing service. "I love when humans fly,"
  14. Per Engineering at UPT, the +1 etc indicates the OSA, or over the shoulder adjustment of the yoke, not stabilizer adjustment or stagger. "I love when humans fly,"
  15. The first number (17) is the length of the MLW. The +1 is the additional length added to the yoke from standard to compensate For how thick you are front to back. It allows the 3 ring to sit in the proper position on your shoulders. It is not uncommon to see a + 1 or +2. A reharness to an 18" MLW is not the same thing. "I love when humans fly,"