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  1. fluffyduckie

    hard openings dome slider?

    Given that the canopy is that new, and giving you consistent hard openings, you should contact PD. Even though their manufacturing procedures are exceptionally consistent, some times a canopy simply doesn't perform to the correct standard. There is no reason to turn yourself into a test jumper. Contact the repairs department and explain the issue. If they can't resolve the issue with a repair, they will replace the canopy. If you ask nicely, they may even help you out with a demo while they are evaluating your main. PD prides themselves on their customer service. Take advantage of that fact.
  2. fluffyduckie

    Is my D bag too large?

    Have you tried contacting the manufacturer?
  3. fluffyduckie

    Chicago Area 30 Jun-3 July 18, Need Services!

    Rock Sky Market at Skydive Chicago, is their onsite rigging loft. Para Concepts is another rigging loft, located 1 mile from SDC. Rock Sky Market has a second location at Chicagoland Skydiving Center, in Rochelle. All are full service and offer rush service. Call ahead and they will accommodate you gladly.
  4. Send it back to PD, they will test jump it and either fix it or replace it. And they may provide a demo to tide you over, their customer service is on point. If they don't find an issue with the canopy or experience hard openings, they will work with you to determine the issue. They want you to be safe and happy. It is possible that pulling in a track or a balled up body position is causing your problem as well. But I would say start with PD.
  5. fluffyduckie

    Vector unusual (?) MLW

    The first number (17) is the length of the MLW. The +1 is the additional length added to the yoke from standard to compensate For how thick you are front to back. It allows the 3 ring to sit in the proper position on your shoulders. It is not uncommon to see a + 1 or +2. A reharness to an 18" MLW is not the same thing.
  6. fluffyduckie

    Vector3 - Placement of Reserve Repack card

    Look in the bottom center of your back pad. It is in the center behind the pad. Can be tough to fish out if your main is packed. But it is in there.
  7. fluffyduckie

    Skydiving with a cold

    Better to do a recurrency jump than to end up with a ruptured ear drum.
  8. fluffyduckie


  9. fluffyduckie

    Precision TM364

    PM sent
  10. fluffyduckie

    PD Reserve

    I have a customer with a black, silver, and orange PDR from sometime in the 90's. Freaky, but not totally unusual.
  11. fluffyduckie

    Burning Man - Burning Sky

    Take a rig that you don't like very much. The dust out there is pretty nasty. Plan on a rig wash when you get home.
  12. fluffyduckie

    Worth getting for rigging?

    I purchased one when I first started rigging. I don't use it very frequently any more as I have gotten proficient with loop lengths, but it does come in handy on certain containers (Wings) where the angle of the pin can be strange due to the reserve pin cover. The quality is sound, but you will need both style if you intend to use it for the Skyhook. I don't have the Skyhook version, but have wished for it in the past. The blunt tipped pins can be a beast to pin. I think if you are always using it every time you pack a reserve, your loops are probably too short, and you should see if the pull tension is going to be greater than 22 lbs. That said, I have a few tools that I only use once or twice a season, but I'm really happy I have them when I need them.
  13. fluffyduckie

    Skydive Chicago AFP Tandem Requirements?

    Hi, I work at SDC and went through the student program 2 years ago. The two tandems are required for the student program, not just the AFP in a week. As long as you can provide a record of your tandem, they will be accepted from another dropzone. Our tandems are incorporated in the student program, and if you chose to do your tandems at SDC there is more of a flow from your tandem jumps to your student jumps. I hope that answers your questions, please feel free to message me if you need anything else.