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  1. Thanks Lee for your detailed response. I have sent you a private message to continue discussion on some of your suggestions.
  2. Thank You Wendy and Jerry for your responses. I will start researching for a rigger course around me. I live in southern California. If you happen to know any good course that can help me learn skills of parachute manufacturing (all the components) then please recommend.
  3. Hello everyone. I want to start my own business of manufacturing parachutes. I do not have any skills or know how. Is there any training program or resources where I can get a training in parachute manufacturing? Are there any consultants that can help me set up parachute manufacturing business? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I want to purchase parachute manufacturing company in USA. They hold TSO C23b,c,d licenses for past 30 years. When I purchase the company how do I get the TSO transferred so that I can continue to make same parachutes and how long that generally takes and what is the success rate? I will NOT be changing name, location, address, manufacturing process, quality systems, employees, design, product etc. Only change will be that I replace the current owner.