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  1. Derek Thomas was in your left hand and Connie Simpson had his right foot. Jon That might be Tom Pirus on the point in the lower right. And MAYBE Claire Bear in his left hand? I'm almost positive that isn't Pirus because he was planning the two upcoming 60 ways. I remember Derek on the left. Dude across from me was a dentist-to-be who just graduated from U of Arizona. I was on a pickup team that competed against him at the '83 collegiate nationals in Marana. Dave
  2. I'm guessing mine was built in '82 because it was Dan O'Brian's Elmer and the Gluebags rig. I met him at Otay in '83 when he was training with Mirror Image and bought it off him after they got their new rigs. Two of my 3 reserve rides were on the SAC-22 in that caused by the goofy pullout getting knocked off. Now I'm jumping an ultra modern, 1992 Racer.
  3. C'mon - who are these people? It's only been 30 years!
  4. After building, the four 4-way diamonds tracked away leaving a big X. Then the 2-way stairsteps tracked away and the dude in the middle dumped in place. I'm center bottom, light blue and white Mirage (old style), white FliteSuit. Photo by Rick Snow. Recognize anybody else? Dave in Fargo
  5. Airt..: '83 I was going to school in Bozeman -- that is when it didn't interfere with my skydiving and skiing schedule. Who was your Fargo roomy? I don't remember talking to anybody from North Decoder on that trip other than Ardell in Perris. Howard: You did indeed post that somewhere else. I stumbled across it and that's what triggered my post. Thanks! Great memories.
  6. Sometime in 1983 Mirror Image was training at Otay out of the Arava. My pal Kim and I had roadtripped from Bozeman, MT to Perris - then continued on to Otay after hearing that they were looking for people to fill the plane during Mirror Image training loads. After we were there a day or two, the owner of the Arava pulled the plug on jumping and suddenly it was leaving the DZ...but not before one kick-ass flyby: After the pilot took off and was looping around to buzz us, all who'd been jumping, including most of Mirror Image, lined the runway and dropped trou'. To this day I can remember looking between my legs, seeing that twin turbined football low enough to kick up dust and bearing down on a row of moons (including mine). It took every thing I had to 'hold position' as the turbines screamed over us. I know there were people taking pictures of this great event. If you know of a copy floating around - please let me know!! - Dave S.