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  1. koppel

    Thunderbow manual needed

    pretty sure I can put you in touch with someone who has it yes. I have jumped his Thunderbow a couple of times. His malfunction rate at the start when he first got his was 50;50
  2. koppel

    AAD fires

    Airtec will also replace cutters that have been cracked or damaged where the wires enter the cutter body. They provide a reinforcing stick on protector along with the replacement cutter. This could account for a reasonable number of replacement cutters as well.
  3. koppel

    Proper way to seal reserve

    The BPA method has been my preferred method of sealing for many years now. It causes no extra pull force when pulling the ripcord unlike the common method found in Poynters etc BPA Reserve Sealing Method.pdf
  4. the damaged discs in my neck agree with you
  5. koppel

    Shortening laterals

    Rigger Lee has described well the process. Ask them for a new BOC while you are getting the work done. As the BOC is incorporated under the back pad as well when it comes from the factory you will end up with a mint looking piece of kit that fits you properly.
  6. koppel

    Vigil PSB-01-2018 Firmware Update

    clearly English is not your first language
  7. koppel

    Communication with NZ Aero

    I find them to be highly responsive to emails, except when the person you are emailing is at an event and then without fail they have an auto-response set up. What email address are you using or are you going through the link a the bottom of the page?
  8. koppel

    Parachute labs website down?

  9. koppel

    Looking for Untreated Spectra line

    Ask PD. They sell line by the foot
  10. koppel

    Line wear chart

    It sounds like the PD PowerPoint they gave at last PIA
  11. koppel

    crossfire 2 stabilizer!!!!!!!!

    is it an NZaero?
  12. koppel

    Video of reserve repack

    Best option. He will be able to explain the differences between your rig and others if the are any and give you detailed information specific to your experience and understand
  13. koppel

    '91 TSE Teardrop 1 pin

    Contact TSE and enquire about life time limits on their equipment. From memory I think it's around 15 plus 5 if recertified by factory.
  14. koppel

    Australian Jumpers

    I ship via the Post Office often enough... no problems and its generally around the 35-45 bucks for a rig for registered delivery
  15. koppel

    Anyone seen this before?

    Yup. Seen it a couple of times. On both occasions the problem lay with a non-stainless component that had pitted and / or rusted and during use the rough surface of the component has over time rubbed through the material