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  1. here you go Jerry https://web.archive.org/web/20160731203150/http://flightconcepts.com/
  2. Hi at Mee Loft we have a number of used rigs that might suit or be adjusted to suit depending on your build as well as some new stock rigs here that could be viable again depending on your build. If you see something on FB that you like we can inspect it for you as well and assist with shipping. We have dealt with customers from China for some years now.
  3. I have asked Skyer if they have any relationship to the now defunct Alter. They say there is no similarity between the products or the brand and they are not associated. Perhpas it is the case but damn they sure look identical. Alter were around for a short while some years ago and made an average product at a low entry barrier price. You basically got something cheap that would last a while but unlikely to have longevity. Alter disappeared owing people money for orders that were unfulfilled.
  4. can you advise if this rig is equipped with either Skyhook or AeroMARD please
  5. long way away from you but have sent a pm
  6. Bollocks! How would you get Cypres back to the factory if that was the case! People send them via UPS and AUSPOST every week. Give me a shout via Mee Loft FB page and Ill help you through it
  7. possibly not so new. It might be a variation on those found on the Advance from Basik check pages 22 & 23 http://www.skytec.ind.br/pdf/seven_manual_02-09.pdf
  8. pretty sure I can put you in touch with someone who has it yes. I have jumped his Thunderbow a couple of times. His malfunction rate at the start when he first got his was 50;50
  9. Airtec will also replace cutters that have been cracked or damaged where the wires enter the cutter body. They provide a reinforcing stick on protector along with the replacement cutter. This could account for a reasonable number of replacement cutters as well.
  10. The BPA method has been my preferred method of sealing for many years now. It causes no extra pull force when pulling the ripcord unlike the common method found in Poynters etc BPA Reserve Sealing Method.pdf
  11. always worthwhile going to the manufacturers website for clarity when considering the answers to such questions rather than just following a link on a gear store (good that they have something though) It would help the OP to check the model of their rig and to confirm against the info in the appropriate manual. Nexgen IX-I4 Reserve 330in3. min - 360in3. max Main 380in3. min - 415in3. max https://www.flyaerodyne.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/IconManual052017_online.pdf Pre - Nexgen I4 Reserve 333in3. min-346in3. max Main 368in3. min-393in3. max https://www.flyaerodyne.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Icon-Manual-Pre-neXgen.pdf I like my canopy... ...it lets me down.
  12. Not for tandems - Australia is 12 months for Certificate Class B holders and above only. Students, Novices (Certificate Class A), Tandems and pilot rigs are 6 month repack cycles. well - as we are getting particular here.... Its ‘up to’ 6 or 12 Months depending on your Certificate etc as stated. I find this an important point as it is at the discretion of the packer / rigger to choose. for example, if they have a client who is jumping onto the beach daily in a tropical sun then perhaps a shorter repack cycle is a sensible decision (b) Student, Novice, Tandem reserve and Pilot emergency parachute equipment as well as tandem passenger harness, may be certified as airworthy for a period of up to six months by the holder of at least a Packer A signing the parachute packing record as required by OR 12.5.1. (c) Certificate Class B holders and above reserve parachute equipment, may be certified as airworthy for a period of up to 12 months by the holder of at least a Packer A signing the parachute packing record as required by OR 12.5.1. In this case, the use of a checklist (APF Form P3 or Certifier’s modified version) is recommended. I like my canopy... ...it lets me down.
  13. If it comes in lighter than those beasts then I would say yes! Ogio takes up about a third or your luggage weight allowance when travelling I like my canopy... ...it lets me down.