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  1. And What do you think about a pillow Inside the container? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your experience Anyone has an Icon i4 with a small canopy ?
  3. Hello Thanks for your reply But i think your information is wrong because currently I have a main 168 and 175 reserve. If i followed your excel , i couldnt have put the 168 main et 175 reserve Do you know some people with Icon I4 and a smaller canopy ? Thanks Xean
  4. Hi guys I bought few years ago an Icon I4 ( 210 Ultra LPV main - 140 ZP main ) and I would like to know if someone had tried to put a smaller canopy Inside ? ( for exemple 132 or 124 ? ) I know that normally I have to change my harness but if I can use it for somes months , it would be good ;) Thanks again for your reply Xean