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  1. I’ve done tandems so it’s not the actual free fall I’m afraid of it’s coming of the static line and having to pull for myself - which probably sounds ridiculous! That’s why I thought AFF might suit me? Physically having 2 instructors with me as I pull?
  2. I am on static line jump 6- now on DRP’s. I managed one but second attempt I didn’t manage to achieve a dummy pull. I feel I’ve maybe hit a bit of a brick wall (metaphorically haha). The thought of actual free fall (coming off static line) is terrifying me!! Not a good sign!? Any advice- should I switch to AFF??
  3. Hi, I’m new here- can I set country to UK on my profile?
  4. Hi- anyone know if you can buy a training harness/vest. The one used to practice EP’s - with cut away and reserve handles? I wanted one to wear and practice with when not at the dropzone!