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  1. Thought was that a plf would be stressing a bad ankle more than a slide to butt.
  2. Honestly, this is what I was planning on at least for a few jumps.
  3. Thought it was a reasonable question since in many sports athletes wear padding over areas that they know are likely to make hard contact. Thanks for the not serious replies. What a grand way to help someone get back in the air...
  4. I'm amazed that skydiving suits and pants are not offered with some sort of butt padding! Let's face it, you won't walk off every landing. Nothing wrong with sliding in, but a reality of sliding in is you risk your tailbone! I'm sure we've all whacked are butts a bit harder than we'd like. I know I have. Which leads me to ask if any of you wear butt padding(like baseball shorts)? I know a few people on here say they slide the majority of their landings due to physical limits. I might be in this category for awhile as I'm still re-abillitating from an ankle injury. TL;DR - Looking for suggestions on butt pads.
  5. Truth, even for AFF. 25 jumps minimum for an A license via AFF. Think I was at 34ish when I got mine. Seems most people repeat at least a few. OP, please post the results on here when available. I didn't want to give an email...
  6. This made my day! Lol I figured the article was going to take us into the science behind what we are doing to our bodies destructively, presumably, while in freefall and under canopy. That was what I hoped to read about.
  7. Can't wait! I thought jumping from 18k was a long freefall! Thanks for the quick and detailed replies. Seriously excited to do this with you guys this year.
  8. I was half way expecting my incident to end up in the last didn't. Not sure if an USPA incident report was filed. Also expected to hear of the animator from Bob's dice...maybe to soon to make it in an issue. Also noticed the lack of reports in the last issue. Fine if there were none, but not cool if there were and the article has been done away with.
  9. Thank you for the reply and explanation on the AADs. Great to know my rig is most likely acceptable. Gonna try and make it out there this year(which is why I asked)! Next question: License type and jump # requirements? Didn't see that mentioned here or the website.
  10. So Mars M.2 Multi is not an acceptable HALO AAD? Manual states it's good above 26k FT I thought. I'm not pretending to know anything...I know nothing. Legit question.
  11. Great advice above! $10k USD for an A-License and a complete rig/helmet/audible/altimeter/etc. is a good number to plan on. $3-5+k for the license alone on student gear. Again, don't worry about the budget route to your license. Worry about the track record of the DZ/instructors and the quality/maintenance to their equipment (your life literally depends on this stuff after all). Get some solid time in a wind tunnel if you have one within a doable distance. Explain to them that you want to learn to belly fly as you are looking to start actual skydiving. Get video, lots of it. Use the same coach, if at all possible. You will have a much better understanding of how to control yourself if you tunnel first. Granted, tunnel flying is not the same. Don't worry about redoing jumps as you work towards your license. Don't worry if you take more than 25 jumps to get your license. They all count, regardless. Be consistent in your training. The more down time between jump days, the harder you'll likely have picking up on the necessary skills. Don't be ashamed to jump on student gear for your first 50-100 jumps. You have thousands of jumps ahead of you to learn/master skydiving skills; unless you botch the parachuting part. Learning to fly your wing proficiently and safely is far more important than the actual skydive! Don't ever become complacent. That's how people commonly die.
  12. Keep in mind that not all stainless steel is created equally. There are many types of steel that fall under the stainless category. There are many other factors too, like the heat treating process. Same steel heat treated two different ways can produce vastly different results. Again, a nitride/melonite finish is not only be cosmetic, but also gives the hardware additional strengths, like far better corrosion resistantance, even on the metal under the black top coat.
  13. You should reach out to the manufacturer and ask what is the specific finish. If it's simply a black oxide finish, then the advantages are mostly cosmetic. If it is a nitride finish, then even after the black finish is worn away, the metal beneath will be far more rust resistant than the original metal before the nitride treatment. Might not all be cosmetic... depending what the finish really is.
  14. Thanks for the replies! They help! Ankle actually feels like I could walk on it. Very minimal pain. The top of my foot however is freaking excruciating still after 2wks. I'm REALLY hoping they didn't miss something that will set me back more so . You'd think they'd have x-ray'd my foot and shin since I didn't know my head from my butt after the first round of drugs...but I don't know. Haven't been able to check out the DVD of x-rays yet and my follow-up appointment should be within the next week. Fingers crossed. I want to be back in the sky so bad...I had JUST gotten comfy going from belly to back to belly and hanging out on my back without spinning out of control too!