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  1. Well put. The thought was that anything less than a tiptoe soft landing would be feet touch down to absorb and then go to butt or PLF, depending on the situation(example: elevator rides=definite PLF, fast forward momentum from low wind=likely slide). I wore a brace, as suggested by my surgeon, because twisting the ankle was one of the big concerns since I had relearned to walk/run. While working up to getting my confidence back, I flew a larger canopy and really watched the winds. Would only go up on gentle winds and would watch and talk to the other jumpers for a few loads before going up. Slid in probably a solid 20-30 jumps after getting back. Got some canopy coaching as well with my usual canopy. After everything was said and done, I stood up over 150 consecutive landings this past season and have zero desire to downsize, despite that.
  2. Close. Singular ankle. You gain experience by doing. Sometimes you learn the most from utter failure. For me, returning to the sky was part of not being defeated. Not returning would have been defeat.
  3. Not sure if that's a dig at me suggesting I have multiple accounts, but I don't. I'm not the whoever person you folks think I am on some new account. Any of the mods should be able to track my IP and see that. Here's the thread. The best constructive feedback I received was to upsize, which was already part of the game plan. I did not jump until my surgeon said I was physically healed to do any and all physical activities I desire, including skydiving. He has a full understanding of what I did and my desire to fly again and cleared me when he saw fit to.
  4. You complain about drama, then you call this thread drama, so you then proceed to further incorporate yourself into what you perceive as drama. But but but, I'm the problem ? Surely if you weren't about what you perceive as drama, you wouldn't be in here yourself. You've only strengthened the sentiment in my OP. Thank you and have a better weekend.
  5. Whatever, flame suit on. I truly meant my have have a great weekend comment. If this is it, cool. I'm out for a bit. Just had this thought brewing for a bit and had a minute to get it out. Blue skies folks. Hope it ain't cold. #MakeDZ.comGreatAgain?
  6. It's not like there is a whole lot going on outside of that anyways. This isn't drama. This is wishful enlightenment posted in the free to talk section of the forum. I guess I could just log off and be one less user. Again, it's no wonder people don't come here much often...
  7. Well, we've kicked it off with villianizing the OP, and by a mod nonetheless. No surprises I guess. Not true. I have poured my heart and soul into communities only to have them trampled and run to the ground by it's members. I have been on BoDs for non-profits that were just hell bent on doing the opposite of their mission statement. So no, you don't always get back what you put in. In a perfect world, maybe. Wish I was wrong... As to the quotes you have of me, well way to cherry pick them with no context of what lead to them. I have also offered positive advice to others, but you don't dare post quotes from those...
  8. I found this place awhile back as a newer skydiver looking for an open arms community to chat, laugh, assist others, and frankly learn from. Unfortunately, is a bit slow moving and after hanging around for awhile, I can see why. While points have been brought up that forums are not all the rage anymore with the advent of the likes of Facebook groups, Reddit, and the likes; other forums do continue to thrive despite other newer social outlets. So let's dive into some things I've noticed... 1. The community here seems less than helpful more times than not. I once made a thread on here asking about butt padding since I was coming back from an injury and planned on sliding in some landings until I worked back some more confidence and mobility. This plan was inconjunction with Drs, instructors, and PTs along with an upsized canopy. Responses ranged from "butt hurt", to gag items, to learn to not suck because sliding in is unacceptable. Very little help and plenty of cockyness in that thread. Turns out, lots of people slide in every landing. I made a friend with someone who is 30% paralyzed in his legs. He can walk with braces but can't stand up a landing, so he commonly slides in. Yes, he's on a tuna boat canopy, but that doesn't change things enough to stand them up. Butt padding is a real thing for him cause he either PLFs or slides in based on winds and what not. Heck, even one of the big skydiving shops sells tailbone/hip padded shorts. sells padded shorts. I found those on my own... 2. It's a "Good Ol' Boys/Girls" Forum. Call Skydekker "Skydick" when he is being, well, a dick, and you get the wag of the finger by a moderator for a personal attack but if someone else with thousands of posts comes along and attacks you, the mods may just look the other way. Offer an alternative view that majority of seemingly disagrees with or can't coexist with, and it's now ok to make negative assumptions and label the user as scum. Whatever happened to disagreeing respectfully or at least understanding an alternative view? 3. It's very Elitist here. Which is no wonder why most posts are people that have been here for a looonng time. Look at point #1; if that was an AFF student posting it, I couldn't imagine why they'd have any desire to stick around here. Luckily, as I have traveled the lands visiting other DZs, the sentiments that I find on does not echo out into real world skydiving communities. Plenty of open views being accepted and plenty of community driven to help others rather than belittle them. Of course I have seen plenty of sentiments in the real world as well, but at least they've been few and far between thus far. So, the next time you are thinking about, perhaps think about how it could be a better place by simply being a more welcoming and helpful community. That alone could actually breathe some new life to this stagnant forum. In before the comments telling me: to leave, that I'm the problem, or just flat out flaming me. Have a safe weekend folks.
  9. I fail to see why my medical status is relevant. The point is that even the mfgs of these vaccines have a list of people they say should not take it...yet there are people who continue to think that ANYONE who does not get vax'd is scum of the earth. They fail to recognize any valid reasoning for not taking the vaccine, even though we now have mfgs saying some people maybe shouldn't take it. It's the same point I had, what, a year ago? It should remain a person's choice and some of those people have legitimate reasoning against taking it. Further more, the quantity present question seems irrelevant since even Pfizer says not to take it if: had a severe allergic reaction to any ingredient of this vaccine. Pfizer
  10. So allergic people SHOULD take the vaccine, despite being ALLERGIC? Cause that's what you seemed to have said. Please explain why wanting to avoid anaphylaxis is "more bs".
  11. It's pretty common sense that you shouldn't inject something you're highly allergic to into yourself. No need for the CDC to confirm that...but many of you think the CDC has done no harm or no foul, so I provided info from a source YOU might actually believe that counters the argument of many people in here that everyone should be vax'd. Even the "done no wrong" CDC says not everyone should be vax'd. We've already established that if I posted a write up from an actual Dr, I'd be told to gfm. So I had to use a source folks on here might actually find legitimate.
  12. So you wear a mask 24/7 then too? Because people still get and spread Covid after being vaccinated.... otherwise, by your own standards, you are screwing over the rest of us and nobody should have any respect for you. None. What about those of us that are extremely allergic to some of the ingredients? We are giant pieces of shit that you have no respect for because we don't care to go into anaphylaxis? The CDC says not to get the vaccines if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Click "What are the ingredients in Covid-19 vaccines?" and then click on the different vaccines to see who should NOT get them. That is a link directly to the website. This has gone full circle to what I said months ago, which is that not everyone is a candidate for the vaccines for legitimate reasons, like being highly allergic to some or any of the ingredients. Yet, just like months ago, nobody gives a shit about the minority of people...
  13. And if the second one agrees with the first, then I'm golden?
  14. You started out name calling me months ago. Now you doubt I can afford real medical care. Obvious troll is obvious. Don't you have a bridge to guard? Or is your bridge?
  15. Double tap... oops. You wouldn't believe the sources if I did, regardless if it were God themself saying it. So why waste the time? Google is a thing if you care to take a gander for yourself. So why cut off the US Gov part? You believe they've lied/misrepresented the truth to the people but never Fauci, WHO, or CDC?blockquote widget