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  1. Like if I'm doing angles or even wingsuit jumps, I'd like to vocally hear the altitude every 1000 ft. If you can also make it to vocally say the glide ratio, that would be helpful too. Maybe give the user the option on which one they want to hear or even hear both? The glide ratio could also be helpful during canopy if you are trying to get back from a long spot. Could a screen button option to switch between altitude and glide ratio vocal warnings be added? I wouldnt make this change under freefall but it would be nice if I could change it to glide ratio while under canopy if I end up being too far.
  2. I'd say every 1000 ft so that it could also be used on non-wingsuit jumps.
  3. It would be nice if it could speak the altitudes via bluetooth to an earbud. Similar to a VOG, like every 500/1000 ft.
  4. Is anyone able to modify this code to announce altitudes every 500 or every 1k feet?
  5. How did you record the conversations?
  6. My buddies and I jump with Cardo intercoms. If works fine and it auto reconnects if people get too far. I prefer using in ear headphones over the speakers that it comes with. This is the one I have: Cardo PACKTALK Bold - Best Motorcycle Communication System (
  7. Here's a few pics lol. I don't believe anyone is jumping that.
  8. I'm using a magnetic slider keeper with my Vector (AAD is located on top of the rig behind the reserve flap) and I was wondering if the magnets could mess with the functionality of the AAD. Anybody knows? Thanks
  9. I heard on a Podcast that AON2 is developing a newer audible altimeter with bluetooth capabilities. This was you can set up the altitudes with your phone and no need to carry an extra cable. I have the Pebbles and really like it but since it's so cheap it doesnt hurt to have it as an extra once the new one comes out.
  10. What camera model did you fit in there and how did you get the finish? Just a whole bunch of stickers on top of the others?
  11. I use Boogie. You can set it up to start recording before getting on the plane and it will save all the freefall data (jump altitude, max freefall speed, max canopy speed, opening altitude, freefall time, etc). You can also export the data as a spreadsheet and it backs up on the cloud. It doesn't allow other people to sign though so I also use a physical log book.
  12. Contact Justin LaWarre
  13. If you're flying back you're leaning forward or your head is not all the way back. Have you tried holding the sit fly position while still standing on the net or barely touching it?