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  1. husslr187

    Riser design & toggle fires

    my toggle stows are tight and it has a fold at the bottom similar to the top that stows in a similar fashion. I’ll take a few pictures when I get home from work so you’ll see what I mean. Only time I had one unstow on me was my fault (didn’t pull cats eye through little ring) Nothing eventful happened and I now take another moment to check and make sure it’s right before I continue to pack.
  2. husslr187


    Is it possible to put in a wait time between posts to slow down spammers. All the post they put up are within 2 minutes of each other. Maybe just have that on new accounts and allow the mods to lift the restriction when it’s obvious their not a spammer Edit: it appears I missed the drop down menu with suggestions and feedback in it. If a mod can move this for me it’ll be appreciated.
  3. husslr187

    First time buying gear has a helmet, googles, and altimeter bundle. I bought that when I first started and added an audible
  4. I’ll agree with you there. There’s no set limit from the manufacturer on the pdr but there is limits set on AADs. Why anyone would want one that’s past due in their rig is beyond me. It’s your absolute last chance when all else failed. Yeah sure it probably would work a little longer just fine but I want my last chance to work as best as it can. Why bother with having it in the rig otherwise
  5. Neither. Stupid jumper, lawyers, judge, jury, and the press that covers it all put enough stupid together and we get court cases that go the wrong way. if you’re willing to put your certification against that, good for you. I don’t think I would take a chance in a society where it’s fashionable to be a victim just to get likes on Facebook.
  6. Never underestimate the power of stupid. Oh well your certification
  7. Every rigger I talked to wouldn’t pack a reserve if the aad was going to expire before the next repack. EDIT: they will pack without them in the container though
  8. husslr187

    Scrisc online gear store???

    Was this made known to them? I’m sure they would want to know that one of their riggers screwed up a reserve. That being said if I was to buy a brand new rig, I would prefer it to be shipped unassembled so I can see it all with my rigger.
  9. husslr187

    Is there a "Go-to" Micro SD card?

    I have that exact camera. I’m running a scandisk ultra 64 gb and it works just fine
  10. Any specific insurance requirements or does the USPA insurance cover it? Is there any medical test that has to be done before jumping there? I’m weighing the options on if I should go sometime in the summer.
  11. husslr187

    Great beginner canopy for new A license jumper?

    I have an exit weight of 200 and my first canopy was a sabre1 170 with a pocket slider. I probably put 120 jumps on it and I’m now on a sabre2 170 which I jumped about 80 or so times with it. The sabre1 flew very similar to my pdr176 reserve except it didn’t sink as much. ( found that out last year) the sabre2 is definitely much sportier and aggressive in all aspects but it has a much softer opening. Thats my experience so far. YMMV
  12. Damn. I made quite a few jumps with him last year at Delmarva. He had no problems allowing newer jumpers in his group. Fly free my friend.
  13. husslr187

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    In classified the text from the previous ad runs into the next one 5:30 pm EST 1-18-19 appears correctly if I turn the phone sideways screenshot attached
  14. husslr187

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    It’s under skydiving subforum as it always has been, everything is in a different order now though so you may have scrolled right past it
  15. husslr187

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Is there a way to exit mobile view? Most other sites I visit have that option but here even requesting desktop version does nothing