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  1. husslr187

    Rig advice

    I’m flying a W14 wings right now and I think the 170 sabre2 in it right now fits kinda soft. I was thinking of trying a 150, can you shorten the closing loop enough to maintain decent pin pressure or would it be a belly only rig?
  2. husslr187

    Packing innovations

    You’ll get better over time. When you get your own rig you can practice anytime if you have the space
  3. Series of a canopy opening I took earlier this year edit it appears adobe likes it out of order
  4. husslr187

    Is a wing loading of 1:15 to high for beginner

    That wingloading was about where I was when I was at 50 jumps but I remained current up until that point. If you can get a 210 in there for a little while it would be in your best interest.
  5. husslr187

    Pack Monkey?

    That is a direct copy/paste from an amazon review and you’re only other post looks like it took a few key words from the post above it. There’s no way I’m clicking on your link.
  6. husslr187

    Traithlon 168 ?????

    Might have been custom made to that size. I would contact aerodyne directly with the serial number to know for sure. I’m assuming you’re looking for a line set
  7. husslr187

    Rig for new jumper

    I would say, get about 50 or so jumps in, take a canopy course, rent or borrow a few different canopies to try and then you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll want to fly. When I first tried a pilot 168 I really liked the opening, the light rear riser pressure and flat glide. Once I experience the toggle turns an flare power of the sabre2 170 I quickly forget about the pilot.
  8. husslr187

    Complete Rig

    The best people to ask is the instructors that are familiar with your flying abilities. Short answer will likely be it’s to small. With full gear, your wing load is around 1.3. Knowing nothing else about you or your abilities I would suggest a 210-220 range at the minimum. Again talk to your instructors not just random people on the internet. One other note the title of the post looks like and ad to sell a rig instead of being posted in the classifieds. It happens in this section often enough that this post might be ignored. I almost did anyway
  9. husslr187

    Anyone heard of

    So you Joined in 2014 just to reply to a 14 year old post 5 years later?
  10. Head down and aim for the graveyard near the dz. I’ll bury myself
  11. Is it just the grellfab that uses the rubberbands? All the ones I saw were either screwed or bolted. With that said it does make it a good option.
  12. If a line gets caught, there’s a good chance that it’s going to whip your chin up or to the side and up. I’m not saying a top mount snag won’t do the same but I can visualize a large amount of leverage from the chin. Imagine a line pulling straight up from either location quickly.
  13. Cookie has a roller mount on their website for the g3 Here . I’ve seen the chin mounts and most looked it would easily catch a line if it got anywhere near it although less likely to be there. I also didn’t like the idea of it being in my field of view or the leverage possibilities from that point. Invest in a cutaway as well and learn where it is and include it in your handle checks so you build the muscle memory. If you don’t have an audible, nows the time to get one. Talk with your local camera flyers, ST&A, DZO, ect about different scenarios that could come up just because you’re flying camera. Some could be different depending on what you’re planning to do.
  14. husslr187

    How much do you know about your gear?

    I’m not sure if a rigger is required for some of these tasks but. I changed my pilot chute and had a rigger check it afterwards. (Not too difficult) I also changed my main with a rigger as well. (Definitely requires attention to detail) Both times I was confident I could have done it myself but I would prefer to have a second set of eyes on it edit: I was the kid that took everything apart to see how it works so it didn’t take much for me to figure things out on my rig as it’s very easy for me to visualize how it works. YMMV
  15. husslr187

    Eye Glasses

    There are goggles that will go around your glasses. The dropzone will likely have a few to loan edit: I haven’t heard of any issues with them as long as the goggles are tight
  16. Ground speed has absolutely nothing to do with your opening, Air speed does. Just because the plane is only moving 40knots across the ground, doesn’t mean it isn’t pushing through the air at 110knots. One of the few things you need ground speed for is to figure out how much time you should wait between group so everyone can open up in their own airspace. Regardless you are independent from the ground And the only thing that effect your opening is the pack job, condition of the equipment, how fast the air is and how you fly your body through deployment.
  17. The way this question was worded is making me think my answer about packing to be wrong. All the factors I’m thinking of now is, 5 second delay, slow deployment due to lower air speed, low experience flying through deployment sequence (37 jumps but maybe not,I haven’t seen you jump so idk) and one side inflating first causing line twist. I can damn near visualize it happening.
  18. Most people would think a double mal as a malfunctioning main and a malfunctioning reserve following a chop regardless of how many different problems either have. I would suggest getting different shoes besides boots. Boots are made to grab which could break an ankle when you plane out on landing. I find basketball shoes work well. Doesn’t have to be special like Jordan's but I look for shallow narrow tread and decent cushion. Some like skateboarder shoes for that reason as well. as for the mal, sub terminal opening can do funky things sometimes. I’m not really qualified to speculate on how it happened but I would have a rigger watch you pack as I believe the problem is there. I could be wrong but it doesn’t hurt. Beer will likely be owed : I wanted to have this in my first post but I was working at the time:
  19. He talking about 1) the streamer that solved itself eventually and 2) the diving line twist that was caused by the streamer that he had to put in work to get out of.
  20. husslr187

    Return after hiatus logbook missinf

    USPA should still have your license number on file so you at least have proof of the first 25. Don’t know what you can do about the other 50
  21. husslr187

    Wind Tunnel

    Once you gain full control, flying with a strong arch is not absolutely necessary as long as you can stay stable. I did had a lot more typed out about this but I don’t want to overload you with information. Your instructors have much more experience than I and should be able to guide you in the right direction.
  22. husslr187

    Wind Tunnel

    Most tunnels will teach you to fly flat to create lift so they can keep the airspeed lower and safer in the tunnel. Your AFF instructors will likely want you to fly with a strong arch to help with stability. I would suggest the Jumping so you at least learn it the way you’re instructor want to learn first. After a few jumps you can find out what skills you need to work on and jump more or go to the tunnel.
  23. husslr187

    Packing Practice

    I assume you know how to recognize the A lines since it’s not mentioned here. If you follow the seams that the line is attached to, you can go from A-b, b-c, c-d. Another thing that helps if you have it on your shoulder is when you look down on the slider the a & b lines go through the two grommets closest to your body while the c, d, and steering lines go through the other two. (This is assuming you already set the brakes, checked line continuity, found the nose and have it tucked between your legs at this point) as mentioned above it is best to have a rigger around to watch over you while you practice.
  24. husslr187

    "long" WS containers - who makes them?

    Aerodyne has options for wingsuit mod and long rig on their Icon V
  25. husslr187

    Family and friends advice

    All death is certain. I would rather have fun the way I want to between now and then. Let them talk all they want. Certain people are just easier to cut out though if they bother you enough. No need to hang out with people that insult you without knowing or even trying to learn the subject. Even just a little bit, some people need to put down others just to feel elevated and I don’t have time for those people in my life. On the plus side you’ll have more time to hang with your new sky friends. I could be completely wrong and there is something seriously wrong with us though. I mean we are jumping out of a plane. All the other voices in my head don’t seem to think there is anything wrong with it.