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  1. I was told this info yesterday after my first slide in landing. I do not have much experience yet or had a chance to practice it. take it for what it is worth: 1 - finish your flare but make sure to keep your wrists pointed to your ankles and together over your knees. Keeping arms in like in a PLF 2 - rock slightly to one buttock so your tailbone does not take all the abuse. 3 - raise your feet so there is less chance of getting snagged
  2. I have been watching a whole lot of skydive videos. It appears that this rig might be fitting me better than I thought and that my student rig was the "bad example" to follow. It might just be new and i need to get used to it, but it looks like most other rigs that I see. The handles are definitely less obtrusive and more secure where they are now. I have a second question: In regards to the pull handle of the pilot chute. What are the reasons for different types. I trained with a hacky sack and this rig has a plastic pcv tube
  3. The reserve is a Precision Aerodynamics Raven 218. The main is a Performance Designs 9-cell 210
  4. I bought it long distance from reputable rigger. I still want a second opinion from my local rigger who is not biased from the sale of his rig though. The reserve was just repacked before shipping to me. The price was too good to pass up.
  5. First off I only have 37 jumps and don't know crap yet. I finally began getting affordable (read that as used) gear to call my own. The helmet, digital altimeter, audible, and jump suit all seem pretty good although the suit has some looong legs on it. My rig itself has a couple of things that concern me. It will be going to my rigger for a complete inspection before I ever even think about jumping it. The container feels like it is packed so tight that it is like a giant brick and not comfortable at all when on my back. It is a Javelin J4 with a 218 reserve and a 210 main. The chest strap does not cinch down as far as I am used to with the rental rigs and thus the handles are further back than I am used to also. The final concern I have is that it has quick disconnect snaps on the leg straps. This might be important for frequent jumps over water, but I do not have plans for that in my immediate future. I welcome all advice and input, even if you tell me to throw it away and start over.
  6. My instructor was the one who told me to move to a 200 if my initial landing on my next visit was a solid stand up one. That is kinda what I am using as a guideline here.
  7. I am newly licensed with only 37 jumps. I am 6' tall and weigh 155 pounds. I began on a 240 and after 16 jumps moved to a 220. the 220 instantly felt better, more stable, and easier to maneuver. I had a lot of trouble learning to land half decently and finally did a stand up landing on my 16th jump. I have been standing up pretty regularly now (or at least no longer having to PLF). My next trip to skydive, I plan to do my first jump with the 220 and if I stand it up I will move down to a 200 for the rest of the day. My real question is when and what size to get. I do not want to end up downsizing after just a few jumps but am not in any hurry to go fast either. I am almost 60 and that stuff is behind me now. swooping is not in my future. Renting is basically like throwing away money with nothing to show for it. I will be talking to my instructors and other divers at the DZ when i get there but wanted to hear some of your thoughts too.
  8. This weekend of AFF is over and I am back home. I jumped 3 times. First time was not to bad but I still needed to stop rotation quicker. Second time was even worse. Instructor thought I would benefit from tunnel time more than doing a 3rd jump. I wanted to jump just to get practice with exit and landing too. 3rd jump was with a different instructor and I told him that I had no intention of passing but just wanted to have fun and relax. He said I needed a more positive attitude and we jumped. I nailed it this time. I even had a couple thousand extra feet after the drills to relax and enjoy the freefall. After I pulled and looked up to verify the canopy I saw the left side had a line wrap. I cut away at 4000 and landed the reserve. I managed a decent landing too. They recovered my canopy from the trees and powerline this morning.
  9. tunnel went very well. the coach said my heading and turns were very good and only recommendation was to be more aggressive in my moves since I tend to be slow and cautious. side slide needs a bit of work still. We played a game of tag at his suggestion. Turns out I was almost perfect doing that because I was relaxed and just flying and not overthinking everything. I was either having a bad day or the sensory and task overload got me. I am ready to go try again this weekend.
  10. My E1 flow was meant to be 2 barrel rolls and 2 flips. It always takes me 5 seconds to stabilize on exit. Barrel roll left and stabilized, barrel roll right and stabilized, to low for more maneuvers. Pass to E2 E2 flow was meant to be front flip, back flip and repeat until altitude limit was reached. The usual 5 seconds to stabilize after exit but had hard time keeping my heading at first. front flip partial to flounder and recover but still rotating for a moment. back flip to flounder and recovery but still rotating for a moment. I never did a complete flip. maneuvers over. E2r same flow. worse exit, long long time to get heading locked, front flip ended up on back and recovered but still rotating a long time. By the time I was stable and had my heading locked it was eyes lock on altimeter time. I seem to be pretty effective at recovery and holding a heading, but stopping my slow rotation and getting locked to a heading initially is eating up a lot of my freefall time. Debriefing shows that my arch needs work and my exit form really just sucks regardless of method. I am almost 60 and not a flexible as I used to be. It was recommended to begin yoga and do stretches along with some tunnel time. My back and neck are so sore stiff and sore right now that I can barely move. Advise, tips, tricks?
  11. Hello everybody. I figured I way as well introduce myself. 2 days ago I began my AFF with ground school. Unfortunately the winds were too high to do any jumps that day, and the forecast was crap for the rest of my planned trip, so I just made the 4 hour drive home. Hopefully I can get back soon to continue my training.