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  1. 06-12-2020, Had my first malfunction, it was a total on a Curv 2.0, My fault 100%. I am here to tell you that rig and reserve saved my life, and the ride down was comfy. I had a C license at the time.
  2. That's a good point, I guess I didn't realize back and waiting orders. Waiting for my Curv lol.
  3. Just curious, why does a new rig take between 12 and 30 weeks to build, as a modern car factory can build several vehicles in one day. Obvious I am not in the business of making skydiving gear, but it would be interesting and educational to know the in and outs of how our gear is actually made, and the fine folks who makes the gear that saves our lives, do they work full time, or as needed when orders come in ?, I'm just typing away, making conversation.
  4. I went to Marissa's page, WOW, what talent !!!!. I missed out.
  5. I have a Kiss helmet, Royal Blue, thinking about having it dipped or Airbrushed, has anyone done this with their skydiving helmets?
  6. I went with the Curv with a regular D bag through Chutingstar, Laura has been a great help, now it's sit and wait for 12 weeks.
  7. Wow, R U referring to the Mag Stow bag or the good ol fashion rubber band bag ? got me thinking now.
  8. I'm going with the Curv!, Now any insights on dealers? as I have never actually ordered through a dealer before.
  9. Was thinking about leaving the sport but changed my mind, so I now need a H/C, I'm in the military so I get a discount ( very appreciated) New Curv is about $2475.00 and a Wings is $2110.00, both have comparable options. Wings has a shorter build time and is apx $365.00 cheaper. I know both rigs are safe, but never jumped a Wings H/C before. Any input on the two rigs, including customer service which means a lot to me. Thanx Freefall-Fast
  10. C-License with about 250 jumps, On 06/12/2020 I made my first jump in 3 years, The check dive went well, upon pull time I lost my handle, fired my reserve a terminal, the opening was fast but painless. Flight was stable and I did a intentional butt slide on landing. IT SAVED MY LIFE!!!!
  11. Thank You, I agree. Im in the military and I see that manufactures are giving some good discounts on new gear, no need to cheap out on safety.
  12. Been out of the sport for about 7 years, C license. Sold my gear due to divorce type situation. I want to piece another rig together, I see a seller from Poland has a Raven 1 reserve manufactured from the mid 90s with few jumps and a good price. Any thoughts? His ad states age does not affect the canopy nor does FAA regulate the age.